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[BoG 11] The End

1,904 jour, 00:37 Published in Mexico Mexique de Boletin oficial del Gobierno

[BoG 11] The End
Original article here … This is a summary, not the full translation

1. Where is Mexico
2. How I see Mexico on the future
3. Thanks and the future of seascifi

1. Where is Mexico

After 2 months of hard austerity of my government, we keep the bank afloat; without spending or big income, we have been able to delete Colombia and occupy all their territory, without stopping from helping our allies.

• Didn’t spend or save much money
• Didn’t leave Colombia any region
• My cabinet was not always liked, but hard working
• Our military capacity is now respected and feared, we helped a lot of allies on important battles, we have not lost a single campaign since Day 1860
• Our population is stable, in fact we lost some citizens (many visiting other allied countries, many died), but we are closely the same number of active citizens, and definitely stronger and more experienced in average
• Our international relations are amazing, we are doing great in this front
• Even with our enemies (except for a little healthy trolling), we enjoy a relationship of respect
• Long term planning is starting to yield results, eMexico is an emerging power
• Most important, we are having a lot of fun playing in eMexico

I have been called “sick and hungry of power” by my political adversaries, not to say how much I have grown a reputation of penny pincher. So I am now looking to export these successful, penny-pinching strategies:

Colombia has suffered the most my focus on power:

December the 5th

January the 5th

February the 5th

2. How I see Mexico on the future

No matter who wins the next Presidential Elections, there seems to be a consensus in Mexico to keep Colombia deleted and finally get them out of a Congress, all by ourselves. But they are electing among strong players, so we expect them to give a good fight.
We are doing good following Chile’s model to grow into a power in the game; we also need to be careful learning from their experience.
The two major challenges I am asking my compatriots to be careful about are:
a) Not falling in the comfort zone; we are doing good, we should not stop improving if we want to keep our success
The economy, which is hard for everybody in eRepublik. Mexico is doing better than other countries, but we cannot say we are doing really good.

3. Thanks and the future of seascifi

Music for reading (VP selection)

Thanks to all my team, without you there could not be a successful government.

Thanks to all our Allies, particularly:

• USA: Fingerguns, Tenshibo, Israel Stevens, Vanek26 and your team, you all rock!
• Brasil: And-Galo, Guilpas, nW0lf, BigBoss77, obrigado!
• All of CoT: chukcha, AlexFran, Ko3aTa, Uncle Sociopath, Lotus Black, BrunoCND, AdMiRaL TrEnCh and so many others, is a pleasure to work with all of you on the best alliance
• Chile, Venezuela, Perú, Paraguay: gracias por todas las muestras de hermandad latinoamericana que hemos visto
• Macedonia, Bulgaria, Indonesia: As always, fighting together, thanks!
• Lithuania, New Zealand, Belgium, South Korea, Japan, Moldova, Switzerland: growing our friendship every day!

And to all eMexicans particularly:
• Electors, which trusted me to lead the team
• Warriors, with so many victories
For having growth eMexico to be a better country in so many respects.


I planned to start eVacations; I only will keep my promise of not going for popular elections in Mexico. inGame, my plan is 2 clicks, training and increasing strength, to enjoy level 36 and win some BHs before getting to Div 4.

Note I said “in Mexico”, as I have been named PR for CoT February the 2nd; I had already written the previous article and hope to get back to my eJournalist career with this, and keep working to improve CoT.

I will have a party sometime as I will be 1 year old in the game the next February the 12th… Will post details soon

And most probably will work in my next mercenary medal, ideally from CoT countries, enjoying their natural beauty, like the following samples:

Mi eFriend adssy, miss eBulgaria finalist, who I look forward to visit on my eVacations

Cristina Aranguis, model representing Chile

And RBonacieux, who as miss eChile was my selection for Miss CoT

My only friend from New Zealand. So as far as I know, 100% of their women are beautiful

No soccer fan doesn’t know about Paraguay team cheerleaders like Larissa Riquelme

Of course Japan should be represented by CosPlay models, like Aya Kiguchi… A killer combination, beauty and gaming

A Mexican eRepublik player and model… One of eMexico best kept secrets

Couldn’t find the full name of Jullie, “Miss Belgian Beauty” contestant, but who would argue with a girl like this in a motorcycle?

I don’t know much about Indonesia, this girl name seems to be Vanya Pranashinta and has a lovely mix of sophistication and sensuality …

MissPaunova, who represented Macedonia in Miss CoT

Kristina Tuckute, from Lituania

Maju Mantilla, from Perú

Lee-Hyori from Corea del Sur

[/i] Xenia Tchoumitcheva, representing Switzerland[/i]

From eUSA, President fingerguns, chatting with me on our mutual collaboration… Not to mention a great journalist with a similar style to mine

Thanks for reading and the support these two months

President of eMexico, December 2012-February 2013

Links importantes del gobierno de México

Periódicos del Gobierno:


Gaceta del Congreso - Periódico del Congreso de eMéxico, generalmente publicado por el Presidente del Congreso o en su ausencia el VP del Congreso, electos por los congresistas al inicio del período.


El Presidente Informa - Periódico del Boletín Oficial del Gobierno, utilizada por el Presidente para los comunicados, o el Vice Presidente en su ausencia.

Ejército de eMéxico - Periódico de la Armada de México, las órdenes militares emitidas por el MoD se publican aquí para el conocimiento de la población en general.

Boletín SAC - Periódico del Sistema de Atención Ciudadana, enfocado principalmente en apoyar a los nuevos, con programas como asignación de padrinos, #etaquiza y canasta de bienvenida.

OBM Media Services - Periódico de la Organización Bancaria Mexicana, atendida por el MoEF para la publicación de informes y balances.

MoFA Mexico, periódica de la Secretaría de Exterior, que se asocia al MoFA (SRE) para difundir la política internacional del país.

Diario Oficial CIE, órgano de difusión de la Comisión de Integridad Electoral, que vela porque los candidatos a elecciones populares no sean enemigos o violadores de la ley.

Canales de IRC atendidos por el Gobierno:

Acceso a IRC#SAC[/url] – Apoyo al ciudadano con sus dudas del juego y en particular para nuevos ciudadanos, con los programas de asignación de padrino y canastas de bienvenida .
#eTaquiza – Apoyo en comida para ciudadanos de División 1 y 2
#Mex1 – Coordinación sólo para mexicanos de guerra cuando sea llevada por México y no en apoyo a un aliado
#VeneMex – Coordinación conjunta con nuestros hermanos venezolanos, abierta al reparto internacional en su caso

Agradecimiento por el uso del banner oficial a James Ramz



Smells 1,904 jour, 00:42


Smells 1,904 jour, 00:42


Smells 1,904 jour, 00:42

y cierro podio!

t150 1,904 jour, 00:47


Linkfoblasto 1,904 jour, 00:52


Smells 1,904 jour, 00:54

Muy buena gestion Seascifi durante estos dos meses. Sin duda alguna hubieron pequenos sobresaltos, pero sin duda alguna mucha estabilidad militar. Disfruta de tus evacaciones, que bien merecidas las tienes!

arxaios 1,904 jour, 01:04


DNoktis 1,904 jour, 01:13

El mejor bog que se haya visto. : D

Digno de una gran gestión, seascifi, gracias por tu tiempo y por tu enorme dedicación.

No todo puede ser perfecto, pero para nuestro tiempos ha sido de lo más acertado tu mandato. o7

Ojalá haya cierta continuidad

Nirvana Gonzalez
Nirvana Gonzalez 1,904 jour, 02:03

Que te puedo decir? Se que mi silencio te dira mas que un millon de palabras, pero si creo necesario decir solo 2. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS !!!!!! 😘

TarenR 1,904 jour, 06:45


DanielEsp 1,904 jour, 08:52

Leido y votado, buenos 2 meses seascifi, no cualquiera puede con el cargo y menos 2 veces seguidas. Que disfrutes tus vacaciones. Por cierto creo que te falto una e al final de la frase "From eUSA, President fingerguns, chatting with me on our mutual collaboration… Not to mention a great journalist with a similar style to min"

Oso Wallabie
Oso Wallabie 1,904 jour, 11:03

felicidades presi!!!!!!, ¿ahora a donde vas a eHarvard?, jajaja

Joshuarr 1,904 jour, 21:48

Excelente gestión Seascifi!! Que disfrutes tus eVacaciones!

Emmanuelisimo XVII
Emmanuelisimo XVII 1,904 jour, 21:54

Sois libres de chuparsela a seas 😃

fingerguns 1,905 jour, 08:19

Loved working with you and getting to know you better!


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