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!!!Artificial Brain!!!

1,914 jour, 08:39 Published in India Inde de Sibeesh

Artificial Brain

Hi all,
“Oh He is just a brainless fellow!!!”…have you ever fired these at someone???Or is there anyone who said the same about you???If so, I am dedicating this article to you...

What happens if you simulate a human brain, with the same moral equilibrium, emotions and reactions we possess?
It's not that far-fetched: Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain Project, claims that scientists will most likely perfect the artificial human brain in the next decade. They've already got the first elements of an artificial rat brain nailed down which, incidentally, might explain why the Internet keeps hissing at us and scurrying into the corner.

How This Will Change The World:

At his presentation at the TED Global Conference, Markram spoke of such virtues as the ability to solve philosophical questions that have been plaguing mankind (or at least former psychology majors who couldn't hack the bio requirements) for centuries, a greater understanding of how to treat mental impairments and even the elimination of pharmaceutical drug experimentation on humans. It makes sense, doesn't it? If there's an accurate simulacrum of a human brain on your laptop that's perfectly capable of telling you that these virtual blue pills cause it to see screaming and have trapped it in a shame cube, why bother putting actual test subjects through the same torture?

How This Will End The World:

People are emotional, unpredictable and capable of great cruelty. Now take away all physical pleasure and/or consequences and find out how it reacts.
If you can't imagine such horrors, don't worry because we've already started doing that: It's called the Internet.
Thanks to the web, we don't connect with each other physically as often as we used to and, as a side effect, we've seen an increase in rage, frustration and loneliness. Apparently, physical proximity is the only thing keeping empathy alive. Of course, this version of a virtual brain wouldn't possess the same worrying super-intelligence that we've been worrying about in our sci-fi, but really, is that comforting? After all, it's rarely the learned scholars who kill you for a hot dog and act surprised when they get the death penalty.

Thank You



Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector 1,914 jour, 10:48


Sibeesh 1,915 jour, 21:47

Thank you

Zordacz 1,914 jour, 11:05

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Stolch 1,914 jour, 19:41

Actually "values" have the function to limit cruelty, but they can be used to expand it to no end in rare circumstances.

Thus a "cold", calculating unemotional and rational based AI would be less likely to be the culprit of atrocities, then an emotional, "values" based brain which construes legitimization for them. Hence why in all depictions of the "evil" AI, it has been given a certain "preconvieved" from our stance "value" sustem or interpretation of values, which inevitably leads to the attempted anihilation or subjugation of the inherently, (apparently to us subconsciously), guilty human race.

Sibeesh 1,915 jour, 21:49

Well said lol

Nagaraj Suraj
Nagaraj Suraj 1,915 jour, 07:55

o7 😃

Sibeesh 1,915 jour, 21:48

Tank youuuuuuuuu

HullkZilla 1,916 jour, 23:10

Good one bhai... Voted and Subed... 😃

Sibeesh 1,917 jour, 00:48

Thank You Lol 🙂

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