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[AMP] Swagg4PP

2,122 jour, 13:16 Published in USA États-Unis de Dio Salaar

Good Day AMP.

If you have been keeping yourself updated on our Forums, then you will already know the big news. If you haven’t, here it is; I am running for Party President of the American Military Party

Now, for all our sakes, I hope that the announcement alone is not enough to convince you to vote for me. But I will give you several solid reasons that make me your best choice.

If people want to let me know what they think, I am 100% supportive of that. If someone wants to tell me I blow at being PP, I would hope that they come forward and tell me! If there is a problem, it won’t be fixed unless Party Leadership is aware of it. I have always been approachable; as a politician, as a military officer, and as a PP Candidate. I have set up a thread on the AMP Forums for anything you wish to ask me. Just click Here, and ask away!

#2. I am neither an Elitist, nor a Populist
The reason for this is simple. BOTH SUCK. Elitism sucks, because if it is always the same people in power, ALL the damn time, how are new ideas supposed to find their way in? Also, why should new players stick around, if they are constantly being muscled out of the way by the people who have been here for several years? On the other side of the coin, Populism sucks, because more often than not, you try so hard to fill every gap with a newer player, that you get someone who either doesn’t have the time, or doesn’t have the interest to perform the job you gave to them.

I believe in somewhat of a middle ground. All of us were new at some point, except maybe those old-as-dirt players (hey Max, hey Pub 😉 ) To be completely honest, the only thing that stopped me from quitting this game (back in my 2-clicker days), was the fact that I saw an advertisement for the AMP Internship program, and started as a Security Intern. I believe in getting new players involved. This does not however, mean that I will be freely handing out positions on the Round Table. Those positions take work to get. However, I would like the Majority of Round Table Deputies, the guys that assist their Department Director, to be Newbies. This way, they can get involved in something productive, and learn the ropes at the same time!

#3. I am Experienced
I may not be as eOld as my esteemed opponent, Evry. However, I would have to say I’ve done a solid job in the political realm for my time here. I was once Secretary of Education, and have served as a Staff member of EVERY other department of National Government. I am also a 8 time ambassador to several nations. Inside the AMP, I have held nearly every position short of Party President, though I hope to change that soon.

#4. I am a Military guy
Now, I love the political aspect of the game and metagame, I really do. However, I also love the military aspect as well. I have served in many different MU’s in my time, as an officer in some, and a plain old soldier in others. I have been a Staff Officer in Rogue Squadron, SWAT, the eUS Training Corps, and now in the Ultramarines. I have also served brief periods as a Junior Officer in the Airforce, and a soldier in the US Army, Easy Company, and a couple other MUs. In short, I know how MUs work! I think I have a broad enough range of experience in different MUs to know how most major MU’s do their business. Currently, I am the Staff Officer of the Ultramarines, and do a lot of little odd jobs around the MU.

This one really speaks for itself now, doesn’t it?

So to cast your vote, just click HERE, and Swagg up the AMP! If you would like to be a part of my Round Table, I Encourage you to fill out This Form

Thats all for now, until next time, Keep It Swaggin AMP!
Mr. Swagg, AMP Party President Candidate



Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar 2,122 jour, 13:31

First for the AMP!

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar 2,122 jour, 14:16

Also if any link are broken, please reply here so i get an alert 🙂

Malarkey83 2,122 jour, 14:04

Voted...looking forward to hearing more

emdoublegee 2,122 jour, 17:11

Got my vote! Good to see you running again Swaggy!

Swagg 4 PP!

Mister Y
Mister Y 2,122 jour, 17:23

Ohh, finally. We waited about 2 years this moment. Hoping you're not like Free Area, I'll vote for you this time!

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius 2,123 jour, 02:38

Needs more article bars.

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