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[AMP] eAmerican Writing Contest

2,162 jour, 20:07 Published in USA États-Unis de Dio Salaar

Hello everyone! Today here is a big day in the AMP. It is the start of the AMP writing contest!

This contest is meant to be a fun way to increase the quality of eUSA Media at the moment. It is open to ALL eAmericans, not just members of the AMP. We are simply sponsoring this event. This contest is considered open at the time this article is published. Entries will close at 11:59 PST on Friday, and Final results will be released by Tuesday morning at the latest.

The prompt for the contest articles is as follows: Why I am proud to be eAmerican. Articles will be scored on a 10 point scale, with three criteria taken into consideration; Writing Style (is this article an enjoyable article to read?), Content (do I, as the reader, feel like I got something out of this?), and Addressing the Prompt (does this article show eAmerican pride?)

There will be a panel of five judges, with the average of the top three scores being the final article score. In other words, the bottom two scores will be dropped. Judges will be Myself (Swaggy), Malarkey83, and three yet-to-be-determined judges not from the AMP (to avoid bias). If you are interested in being a judge, let me know!

Now by now you are probably wondering;
Swagg, why on earth would I do this? How does it benefit ME?

Well, here is why & how. There will be PRIZES. In particular, TANKS! The third prize winner will win 20 Q7 tanks, the second prize will win 60 Q7 tanks, and the first prize winner...


/Caps Lock Off

So yeah, i would say we are handsomely rewarding these article writers. So get out there and write those articles! We just request that you post them Here, on our forums. If you have an account, you should be all set. If not, you can create one and request either party member access (for AMPers) or General member access (for non-AMPers), and our admins shall hook you up A$AP.

So get out there and write, all you eJournalists!

Mr. Swagg
AMP Director of Miscellaneous crap Tasks and Affairs



Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar 2,162 jour, 20:07

First for TANKS... And writing i guess

Malarkey83 2,162 jour, 20:16

Voted...get your tanks people!

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock 2,163 jour, 05:06


Free Area
Free Area 2,163 jour, 11:20


Anominan 2,163 jour, 12:03

Commentaire supprimé

Syz2 2,163 jour, 12:19

Yay media module! Show your eAmerican pride!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness 2,163 jour, 13:00


Hale26 2,163 jour, 13:20

I'm down for 120 tanks ^_~

DylanBAS 2,163 jour, 16:27

definetely entering

BeachBunny 2,164 jour, 16:09

Time to get my writing hat out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mister Y
Mister Y 2,166 jour, 10:39


Makedonpehcevo 2,166 jour, 11:29


Pawardjow 2,166 jour, 22:35

Voted, but I am too reluctant for writing.

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