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[AMP] Chief of Awesome Address - Programs

1,892 jour, 05:15 Published in USA États-Unis de Crimsonninja

Nine days into the new term! Lets push to improve ourselves as a party! We got a few programs making a return and a few completely new ones!

Shout Squad
Do you like to GET LOUD and SHOUT? Do you want to help out your party? Do you want advertise AMP events and articles? Join the AMP Shout Squad! Feel the AMPs and shout to your heart’s content! If you’re looking to join, look out for the shouts and echo what they’re saying!

Writers’ Guild
If you’re a writer looking to help advertise your party, the Writer’s Guild is where you should be! Write a variety of pro-AMP articles, ranging from “Why I am AMP” articles to interviews of Round Table members or long time AMPers.
Note: All Writers’ Guild articles will be advertised by the AMP Shout Squad!
If you want to join the Writers’ Guild, send a message to

Battle Buddies
To help the AMP get more members, Battle Buddies was established! Battle Buddies is a program within the AMP that by rewards people and their friends for joining the AMP. For each friend that you refer to the AMP, you both get Q7 tanks! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get free Q7 tanks! Invite your friends now!

Battle Buddies Article

Congressional Elections
With the Congressional elections just around the corner, some of you may be wondering, “Who’s running for congress this month?” Our primary ended to day and the votes have been counted! Below is the list of AMPers running for congress tomorrow in order of priority.

1st: mikeypenny1
2nd: Black Baroness
3rd: John Largo
4th: MrSwagg
5th: George S Patton Jr
6th: Rushaun
7th: Dr Luis Sentieiro
8th: Free Area
9th: Jason Stratham Jr
10th: Beach Bunny
11th: Chucky Norris
12th: batata134
13th: Libertas
14th: Crimsonninja
15th: Chase Mason Mikeals
16th: Evry
17th: silentsurfer
18th: Dczip
19th: Franck
20th: don hrleone
21st: Gannonus
23rd: James B. Burke
24th: Lemon Vodka
25th: Soliden

AMP Charity Drive
Various AMP programs rely on supplies in order for them to function. To keep them function, donate to the AMP Charity Drive! These donations will help the AMP’s programs strive and continue to grow! To donate to the Charity Drive, send your donations to Haliman, Rushaun, or myself!

Remember to check out the forums and vote for the AMP tomorrow during the Congressional Election!

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Black Baroness
Black Baroness 1,892 jour, 05:23

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Haliman 1,892 jour, 05:39

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Syz2 1,892 jour, 06:07

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emdoublegee 1,892 jour, 09:04

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TTi09 1,892 jour, 10:48

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Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar 1,892 jour, 11:09

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SilentSurfer 1,892 jour, 11:58

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John Largo
John Largo 1,892 jour, 15:21

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Anwnimos 1,892 jour, 15:23

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