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[AMP] A Must See Interview!

2,101 jour, 19:08 Published in USA États-Unis de Dio Salaar

Hello there everyone!

Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with the AMP’s very own Evry. Evry, for those of you who don’t know him, is a former POTUS, active congress critter, and current Chief of Staff of the American Military Party.

So we sat down in a little coffee shop, and chatted for a bit.

There he is, our very own Evry!

So here is the full interview! Bold is me, Italics is Evry.

1. What was it about the AMP that made you join?

I knew some people in the RT when I was PotUS, and I was pissed at my current party due to some silly stuff that happened, so, I sat in AMP for the month, as PotUS, and then became active in the party after my term.

2. You are currently an AMP Senator. What does this job consist of?

Being an AMP senator means a lot of different things to different people. To me, it means that I represent the party on the national stage and in the government. I am responsible for ensuring that AMP's voice is heard in congress and that responsible legislation is considered, drafted, and passed within the halls of congress.

3. What made you want to be an AMP Senator?

I enjoy having the ability to guide the country's policy. It is an extremely important task and I feel excessively qualified to do it. Additionally, I enjoy mentoring the newer AMP Senators in the do's and don'ts of congress. Being a member of our congressional delegation gives me the best opportunity to do so.

4. In addition to being an AMP Senator, what else have you done politically?

I have been President, Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Speaker of the House, AMP Chief of Staff, AMP Political Action Committee Director, Economic Council Chairman, and various other executive and party positions.

5. You were once POTUS... How did that go?

I thought my term as PotUS went well. I completed nearly all of my goals that I set for myself at the start of my term. I may not have gone about doing them in the most ideal ways, but, by the end of my term, the country was shaken out of it's extended coma, we had a better defined foreign affairs direction, and, we still had all of our regions. However, the media criticized my administration focusing on incorrect information, and the spinning of events.

6. You have been referred to as "the only sexually ambiguous president the US ever had". Where did the confusion regarding your gender start?

A while ago (like.... 3 years ago?) Cerb posted something in the Economic Council sub-forum to the effect of "Hello there gentlemen and Evry....". Then people began calling me a woman due to that, as well as the fact that I didn't gold train and as such "hit like a girl" despite being a fairly old player.

7. Do you ever plan on running for POTUS again?

While I can not pretend to predict the future, I can say that nothing is off the table quite yet. (insert winky face here)

8. What do you say to people who are considering joining the AMP?

PM a few AMPers, find out what their views are, and see if you like the atmosphere within the party. After you have done some solid "research" and "recon", join up, get involved, and get your name out there.

9. Would you say that the AMP is a good place for political newbies to start out?

Definitely. AMP has a mentoring program, has many involvement opportunities, and active folks who love to help out newer folks.

10. Is there a special eGirl in your eLife, or are you "eSingle and ready to eMingle"?

My lips are sealed. I don't kiss and tell. (insert winky face here).

Now that last response was quite ambiguous if you ask me. So if anyone out there spots Evry hanging around with a pretty eGirl (or an ugly one for that matter), make sure to alert the AMPaparazzi, AKA, Me.

I assume Evry’s love interest would look something like this lady

In other news, the American Military Party is proud of our program designed to feed the masses:

...of bread. Buns of bread. Get your mind out of the gutter

The idea behind this program is simple:
-Be a member of the American Military Party in game.
-Join our Forum
-Post Military themed pictures on a forum thread.
-Get 600 wellness worth of food!

Those are the only requirements. No level restrictions, no Military Unit restrictions. Just join the American Military Party, post pictures and get food.

Guns 4 Buns Forum Thread
Go get some food!

There is still some time left in the AMP Congressional Elections. As is AMP tradition, the top six have been chosen by the PP. However, the rest is up to YOU, our loyal Party Members. Just Click Here and follow the instructions to cast your vote!

Also, if you are a new player trying to get involved, an old player who has never been a politician, or a foreign player who has not ever been involved in American Politics, come to the AMP! The AMP has many opportunities for players young and old, if they are willing to look! Please contact someone in AMP Leadership, preferably Israel Stevens, Evry, or Myself, and we will get you heading in the right direction. (A good first step however, before contacting us, is to register on our forums if you are not already. Click Here

That is all for now people, I hope you enjoyed it!
Feel free to Vote, Subscribe, or Shout my article if you are feeling like it.
Until Next Time,
You’ve just been Swaggified



Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar 2,101 jour, 19:10

First reserved for *Feeling the AMPs!*

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens 2,101 jour, 19:14

Evry is the best female Senator we've ever had!

Syz2 2,101 jour, 20:14

AMP is bringing quality senators democratically!

CaseyJ 2,101 jour, 21:04

AMP is the best party! Final!

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius 2,102 jour, 02:45

Evry as an M&M. I chuckled.

emdoublegee 2,102 jour, 03:22

Hell yeah Evry!

Good interview Swagg!

Feel dem AMPs!!!!

SilentSurfer 2,102 jour, 04:04

Feel the AMPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arith seneviratne
arith seneviratne 2,102 jour, 09:29

lol feel sorry for evry

Lorenzo VonMatterhorn
Lorenzo VonMatterhorn 2,102 jour, 09:33

You had the or one of the worst potus term imo ..

Ace Ninja
Ace Ninja 2,102 jour, 09:53

* * * Feel the AMPs!!! * * *

TheWhiteFlame 2,102 jour, 13:32

Get some AMPers!

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke 2,102 jour, 15:47

Great job Evry! You are one of the bright female players today! 😛

hipokraft 2,102 jour, 16:06

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Lady Silver
Lady Silver 2,102 jour, 17:44

Feel the AMPs!

Uschmidt 2,103 jour, 00:19

300 voters bought for this bullshit ...

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