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Should Ireland join Cot

2,051, 11:42 روز منتشر شده در Ireland بلغارستان به وسیله Lord Scego

(current map of CoT)

CoT the alliance which holds many of eIrelands bests allies yet the alliance has faced a total meltdown against TWO offenses they have lost both New Zealand and Lithuania to Act a.k.a Two's puppets. The question is should Ireland join an alliance which may collapse at any given moment ?

(Flag of CoT)

* I think we shouldn't first of all our say in the CoT HQ I say would be very minor as we are a small nation which is in decline and we will be a new member in CoT.

* Also Chile a co-founder of CoT has recently been suspicious of us due to us supporting the Argies back in 'CUA' so having a co-founder suspicious of us in not good at all

* We actually don't have a lot of good allies in there par from USA and Bulgaria
our good allies Croatia haven't yet joined CoT although are pro CoT like ourselves so I say wait till other good allies like Croatia, the Netherlands and Canada join CoT before making a decision

Would we get priority over larger nations such as Chile USA and so on ?

I really doubt we will get priority

* At the moment CoT are being whacked by the Stronger Two forces and what difference will Ireland make at this stage ? Not much Spain or Poland will wipe and occupy us another nation lost to CoT's war effort

What we should Do

We should hold for the time being try to stay active and hope another alliance is formed or CoT get their Act together then join CoT if neither happen well I wouldn't like joining Two so neutrality will be only answer in WW6.


Domagojvu II
Domagojvu II 2,051, 12:12 روز

r a MPP with Bulgaria is enough as sign of cooperation between as and Bulgaria(cot), maybe in future we wil join cot but now is not time yet.

ChrisJF 2,051, 23:37 روز

I say why not. It's not like we have much to lose. If any TWO country wanted to, they would invade, regardless of our alliance. The US and Bulgaria are in CoT, and our allies Croatia and Canada are pro-CoT. Canada even suggested we try to join soon, so we will have more of a say.

So why not?

Lord Scego
Lord Scego 2,052, 00:31 روز

good point but do you not think Spain who are bored might go wipe us because we joined CoT many reasons for this

Spain are bored, They have to show they are pro Two, They didn't invade USA and Two didn't like that good way to show faith by beating up Cot members

ChrisJF 2,052, 03:33 روز

That is a good point. But if Spain wanted to attack us, they would, regardless of alliances. Same with Poland. I just don't see a reason why not to.

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:05 روز

Spain won't attack us. Wolf has a point, if they wanted our regions they'd take them anyway. It's not hard for country of that size to beat us...

Bohemond4 2,052, 15:10 روز

Don't the UK still control the shield wall?

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:12 روز

Even if they don't, I don't believe Spain would come over...

irishbhoy1967 2,052, 07:49 روز

We could have been founding members of the alliance if we had wanted. Almost everything we have done since has damaged our chances of being admitted to the alliance and the level of our standing and influence in it even if we were granted entry.

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:05 روز

Looking on the map. Good thing we didn't join CoT

irishbhoy1967 2,052, 15:14 روز

the map changes all the time. doing stupid things has a longer lasting affect.

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:15 روز

True that. But CoT won't be the one who will change the current map. That's for sure...

irishbhoy1967 2,052, 15:23 روز

Ireland performs at it's best when in an alliance. Being a founding member of a major alliance is also something we rarely get a chance to do. We're good at making friends, and had we joined CoT we would have been working on making new ones instead of existing from day to day doing absolutely nothing for the past year. The map is irrelevant, we barely have half a country on the map and have spent a number of months wiped anyway.

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:27 روز

And why we never became a founding member?

Also, we'd lose too much friends if we joined CoT, unfortunatly those friends lost us anyway on the way to this day. Who knows what would be. But yeah, if we have joined a year ago the last year would probably be a bit more productive, but joining CoT now would be pretty much stupid.

irishbhoy1967 2,052, 15:32 روز

My original comment was making the very same argument

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:34 روز

But you still think we should join CoT now?

irishbhoy1967 2,052, 15:42 روز

No, if you read my first comment I am arguing against it because our chance has long since passed.

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:57 روز

Ah true..you're right..

Cairpre 2,052, 12:47 روز

That would be my choice promise!

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence 2,052, 14:12 روز


Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien 2,053, 04:34 روز

I like Asgard, but I think they are still there mostly because TWO is busy elsewhere.

Bohemond4 2,052, 14:56 روز

CoT will be dead in a couple of months...

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:06 روز

Exactly. They are already pretty much dead.

Bohemond4 2,052, 15:09 روز

new alliances will form, new allies will rise, Ireland needs to look for new friends.

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:11 روز

+1 once again

Maybe not new friends, we have plenty of them already, but new alliance certainly!

Bohemond4 2,052, 15:42 روز

I like new friends, as not changing anything ever results in perma wars that turn bitter and twisted..

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:58 روز

New friends as Argentina?

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 15:03 روز

MPP with Bulgaria - Yes

But joining the dead alliance would be a really stupid thing..
Let's hold for couple of months until something happens, bipolar world must stay bipolar no matter what 😉)

orangejuicemmm 2,052, 18:04 روز

Join Atlantis

Just a habit
Just a habit 2,052, 19:06 روز

That'd be nice..

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho 2,052, 19:15 روز

I really wouldn't count CoT out just yet. If the war were to rage on like it is now, sure, but it's only this badly because CoT's organization sucks and a bunch of pansies jumped the US because as it was proven with Serbia, none of them could beat the US alone.

Waiting a while to decide may be smart, but CoT has plenty enough experienced leaders in its nations to get the alliance back on track. The problem is they never needed to be defensive because they always had TWO backing them up. Give them time.

On another note, Greece, Argentina, Turkey... Spoland never learned its lesson in CTRL that it doesn't work well with other "ambitious" nations. I'd see TWO becoming THREE before CoT collapses.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock 2,053, 02:05 روز

That's largely the problem. CoT are disorganised and TWO are very organised, certainly in comparison, so TWO are attractive to those like the Argies who just play the game to win. As I've said elsewhere, it's really a waiting game now until TWO start bitching and implode. How long that'll take is another matter.

Bhane 2,052, 22:27 روز

Who's multi is Habit?
He is clearly familiar with our political situation, and history.

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien 2,053, 04:36 روز

If he has a good grasp on the political situation, I'd vote for a multi of Kurgan, as sobriety would be a hindrance.

Bigmike727 2,053, 07:55 روز

Tbh I get the sense its MUFC's, the grammatical structure of the sentences are extremely similar.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan 2,053, 08:32 روز

Join The Word of Heavens!


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan 2,053, 08:33 روز


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