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Why i am not a PTOer...

Día 1,902, 04:56 Publicado en Pakistan Grecia por marios captain

The purpose of the following article, is to pressent you, why i am not a PTOer.
After a "constructive conversation" i had with Dio maximus on irc, i concluded that many of you
believe that i came to Pakistan for PTO...

At the "constructive conversation" (with Dio maximus) many thing were heard...
From that i have multies, up to other things, which for the prosperity of my account i am not going to write for.
Top of that and because i came here from greece, my "good friend" Dio maximus, was reffered to the regions that greece has
lost by the FYROM , and he was continually asking me - "jokingly" - how much i like this situation...
I could had reciprocated in the same way but I didn't because I have the will to reconquer the areas
that Pakistan has lost..
(contrary i don't think that my "good friend" has a will to reconquer any of the regions that
greece has lost).

But, let's return to the main topic.
Many Pakistanis believe (as i had already reffered), that i came here for PTO.
The reasons which led many of you to have doubts about my wills, are the following.

1) The fact that several months ago I was in Pakistan and left. Many theories are heard about the reason why i did it,
so I decided to write the real reason why I left Pakistan...

I had already been a party president named "Stone Ocean" (whose name i had changed),
absolutely legally. As the days went by, the Pakistan lost all its regions.
So, due to the small production bonus, but basically because i had had enough game,i went back to Greece, where i stayed.
For the next 3-4 months, i loged-in the game 6-7 times at total(so as not to die).

Several week ago, i decided to start playing erep again. So i came
to e-Pakistan where i decided to enter politics. So, i decided to put candidacy for country's president.

2) Secondly, the fact that I came from a country of eden upsets many citizens(I do not understand why) and raises great suspicion.And how they treat Me
(that i came here to help)? Τhey "ask me" rudely to leave e-pakistan and all related.
But I do not care for what they say because somewhen they will realize that my only goal is to help e-Pakistan.

Many may wonder:"Why do you want to help a country which is not even in eden?"
The answer is simple enough...
e-Pakistan (unfortunately) is one of the weakest countries in the game.
So, think that: How valuable my presence and my political contribution in
a rich country could be
? How valuable could i be, in a country with strong economy and thousands
of active people every day, who contribute to it?

(Even if e-Greece now, it is not like this, there were many times in the game that had characterized superpower)

And what my contribution to a country with 450 citizens (where neither 100 are active)could be?

If i could increase the economy and improve the country militarily by 3% in e-Greece,
just think, what i can do for e-Pakistan... Without wanting to exaggerate,
i can (with continuous effort and hard work)icrease the rates of the upper sectors up to 40%....
Αnd if you think that i am saying is bunkums, wait and see...

I have no multies, i didn't came here for PTO... So, ultimately, what's your problem with me?

Are you in fear of me?
Do you think that i can be politacally more capable than you are?
If it is not that, then what's your problem?

P.S(1) I will accept with pleasure all your comments. What i will not accept is insulting characterizations (especially by players of a much lower lvl than mine and with less experience in the game).

P.S(2) To those of you (they are few) who asked me to withdraw my candidacy for Country's

marios captain



Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Día 1,902, 05:07


Exorcism363 Día 1,902, 05:07

ePakistan ! He is not a PTOer ! He just wants to help you !

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Día 1,902, 05:18

Go back to Greece and take your hobo friends with you.

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Día 1,902, 05:21

< killermanGR > ok
< killermanGR > have a nice day
< killermanGR > and you country is going to hell
< killermanGR > loveee

That's why you and your hobo friends are PTO'ers.

Waruda Día 1,902, 05:26

3% you say, wut

marios captain
marios captain Día 1,902, 06:08

3% at e-greece = 40% at e-pakistan
That's what i said...

kami4u11 Día 1,902, 06:15

Voted. Marios. with no offense if you believe that the political group of ePakistan dont want to see you having a separate party, would you come up as a senior player and be the first one to get ahead by helping other political parties and help them with growth, production, WRMs, and the baby boom?

That would as far as i think help ePakistan very much. However i am not agaisnt you, if you want to have a separate party that is also a choice for you but just think for the better future of ePakistan in any way you feel better

DANl1640 Día 1,902, 06:22


what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let me to be CP now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

go greeks o/ he is not pto-ter.eden doesnt

Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Día 1,902, 08:29


marios we don,t need u....thx for ur care

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Día 1,902, 09:20

Marios, I appreciate your concern and your generosity towards the "weak". However, your actions speak louder than these words.

a.) The AFA is attempting to PTO eUSA, eUSA is one of our dear allies, yet you spam the ePakistani media with recruitment articles for the AFA? You claim your intent was to help a friend, so I ask you this, If you have such a genuine love for Pakistan why do you want to harm one of its sincerest allies by supporting a PTO?

b.) ePakistan is politically stable and there is political harmony among its citizens, our weakness is linked with our strength, instead of genuinely trying to help ePakistan by fighting for her, you choose to weaken the political infrastructure by creating havoc? Why have you chosen a political career in a "weak" country? you claim to be patriotic yet your damage for Pakistan has been nil. You have done 0 influence for Pakistan since you have become a citizen.

c.) You don't even belong to a Pakistani Military Unit, you fight for Greece yet you wish to rule ePakistan? What hypocrisy is this?

d.) Your article clearly claims that a party president should be trusted, active and knowledgeable, how many people of the ePakistani Community trust you? How many can vouch for you?

e.) You had taken over a Political Party in the past, yet you run for Party President & Country President yet again, how are you strengthening Pakistan?

f.) You tell us that we should not fear you simply because you don't have multies, yet the other PTO party which no longer exists endorsed you as their candidate. This simply proves that both parties had a common goal and agenda.

g.) Please enlighten us with your plans of improving ePakistan, just writing a bunch of nonsense doesn't satisfy me or the others. Please share with us your vision and point out the logic behind it.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Día 1,902, 09:22

If you can simply answer all of my concerns in detail with satisfactory answers, I will resign as DPP Party President and vote for you and help you succeed. If you can't GTFO of Pakistan and help another weak country with your brilliant ideas.

IntrovertArim Día 1,902, 13:48

This is spokesperson from "The Equalist". It is to announce that under current circumstances The Equalist is not in any way a part of political stirr in country. You are notified that The Equalist has some problems to sort out before going all out. Don't vote or support any candidate from this party untill official statement come out.

TheJakal Día 1,902, 14:52

How exactly did you improve the eGreek economy by 3%?

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Día 1,902, 18:57

I would say that I think you say what is bunkums but first I say what is bunkums

PigInZen Día 1,903, 16:04

Hey wait - this article wasn't titled this yesterday. Classic move, write article about something else, change title day before election. If anything this should disqualify you right now.

Last Son of Krypton
Last Son of Krypton Día 1,903, 16:39

you want to become ePakistan CP. do couple of things.

1) tell greece community to shift their communes into newly found love ( turkey )
2) give ultimatum to china that greece will attack you.
3) apply for CP post

happy medal hunting. \o/

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