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Día 1,846, 05:13 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por Obama.Putin

Please listen to this, while you are reading this short article.

I came to eUSA couple of months ago. Reason was I was bored to death in my ecountry. Nothing was happening. So I packed my bags and come here to great eUSA.

First what I saw were this two preaty girls

Then I said to myself, why not to try in politics. But eUSA elites didn`t want to hear me. They said I am from country, hated from eUSA and they don`t like me in eUSA. On the second hand I saw how Turks are gething in eUSA and in congress. So there are two sides of politics, in this what I thik it is or it was a great nation.

But now I`m marked as a PTO member, because I joined party called AFA.
I have just one thing to say about that.

And one more thing gujs and girls. Did you know Pepsi is trying to PTO the Coca Cola!!
Here are the proofs


And please don`t forget to vote and sub. It cost you only 2 clicks.

signing out


Arlana Día 1,846, 05:19

Three clicks

HladenSpricar Día 1,846, 05:21

Pepsi & Coca Cola?

Fuj tajfl!

No Vote! ; ) : D

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 05:23

@HladenSpricar it is bether to drink white wine with fanta 😉

K1tho Día 1,846, 05:25


Exclusive Día 1,846, 05:27

Probably they dont like you because you don't know how to write ;😉) guj;😉)

Vlada 505
Vlada 505 Día 1,846, 05:27

Pepsi FTW

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 05:28

@Exclusive like I care lol

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Día 1,846, 05:31

ahahahahah 😃 Big vote & shout, sub from before

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 05:35

I like you. Why don't you support me in opposing the AFA elitists in your party (RGR, hanibal, etc) who repress voters rights and free speech? As a loyal American you will surely oppose these elitist policies with me.

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 05:36

@LordRahl2 what is in for me 😉 OK next month I will try to be PP just for you

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 05:40

Gregor1980 Day 1,846, 05:36
"what is in for me"

Well, as part of being an American you should not ask what is in it for you but what you can do for America. Obviously opposing the current AFA regime would be the patriotic thing to do. You are AGAINST voter suppression and the suppression of free speech right?

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 05:45

LordRahl2 I speak what I want and do what I want
I don`t care about any elites no mather what is their name

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 05:50

Great news Gregor. So you firmly reject the AFA elitists RGR, Hanibal LA, etc? You will open your party forums and IRC channel to American AFA members? You will allow free democratic voting?

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 05:51

like I told you before next month I will try to become PP of AFA if you agree with me

HladenSpricar Día 1,846, 05:54

Get a room you two!

This is a thread about cola's... : D

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Día 1,846, 05:55

LR2 problem is in u, not in "AFA elitists". why guy like Candor, supporter of our enemies have moderator status on forums?! because he's kows how to behave, and he's good oponent...but u r not..simple...

and Gregor biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig vote \o/

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 05:56

sory HladenSpricar. I totaly forgot about you.
and it is time Pepsi PTO the Coca Cola

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 05:58

thanks Hanibal

dkivi Día 1,846, 06:02

cockta...all you need is cockta : P

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 06:05

@gregor You have not answered my questions so I will have to assume that you are in league with those like hanibal and RGR who subvert democracy. That might be the answer to why you have not been welcomed. It should be easy for you to clearly define this position if you were for American values.

@Hanibal - Nice try. Candor has been fooled into openly supporting the voices opposed to democracy. Why Candor has chosen to pretend to reject elitism yet openly accepts it is not the issue here.

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 06:06

Gregor's decision about if he want to clearly support or reject AFA elitism is the issue.

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 06:09

@LordRahl2are you blind or what. Did I or did I not saied I will try to run for PP next month? stop fooling yourself

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 06:12

I do not care if you run for PP or not. I am asking what policies you will pursue if you win. Are you for or against democracy?

This is not that hard of a question.

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 06:14

I am for democracy not like you

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 06:17

Again, this is great. So again:
Do you reject the AFA elitist strategy of RGR and Hanibal which is against democracy? Specifically, will you open your voting system on the forums and IRC to Americans or not?

These are follow up, but simple, questions.

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Día 1,846, 06:18

LordRahl2Day 1,846, 05:40
31m ago

" You are AGAINST voter suppression and the suppression of free speech right?"

Of course he is against it, as a member of the AFA. He does not want to be forced to vote for one candidate, regardless of their personal opinion or political affiliation.

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 06:20

LR2 you are booring and I don`t want to tell you what is your Intelligence quotient.
But you can read about it here:

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 06:21

Well no dalibor, you have been lied to. The AFA is the party that requires their voters to vote for only one candidate. If you have a difference of opinion with the AFA they block you from participation in their party. This is the definition of elitism.

Americans, unlike RGR and Hanibal LA, are for open democracy.

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 06:22

So obviously Gregor you support the AFA elitists and can no longer argue your point so you resort to lame insults. This is also typical of the AFA antidemocratic elitists.

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 06:32

LR2 check the AFA forum please and then comment

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Día 1,846, 06:36

LordRahl2Day 1,846, 06:21
" The AFA is the party that requires their voters to vote for only one candidate."

And how much choice have members of other parties in top5?

They have also one of the candidate allowed to vote?

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 06:36

"Sorry LordRahl2, you are banned from using this forum!"

Oh snap. Yes the AFA DOES suppress votes and opinions.

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 06:53

That comment did not make any sense dali.

The other parties vote unless you missed it.

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 07:00

LR2 you should behave and not beeing such a jerk

Binky Rudich
Binky Rudich Día 1,846, 07:03

Nice pictures at the end there!

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 07:11

How is calling for freedom and democracy 'being a jerk'? Sounds like someone is afraid of the truth.

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 07:22

LordRahl I AM CALLIG YOU A JERK! But anyway you make me laugh 24/7

Mystela Día 1,846, 07:23

ExclusiveDay, "Probably they dont like you because you don't know how to write 😉 guj;) "

😉 I like his accent! And I really like his patience & sense of humour. \o/

btw, in Quebec we drink Pepsi so... yeah! Okay, so we drink a lot of beer BUT when we're not drinking beer, we drink Pepsi all the wayyyyy! 😛:P

Good luck. o7

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 07:27

You have to tell me how I am a jerk bro. I believe in the fundamental principles of America. Your article implies that Americans do not like you. It seems possible we have deduced why some freedom loving Americans do not like you. Basically you support the undemocratic illegitimate elitist rule of RGR and Hanibal.

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 07:30

My point is in two sides and some stupid thing calle PTO

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 07:40

I am calling the AFA elitists Ajay and Hanibal undemocratic. I call them illegitimate. I accuse them of the suppression of free speech. My arguments are supported by facts. So what is your point?

Norbengo Día 1,846, 08:02

hahah great article, I love your style, keep it up.

PS Just ignore this elites PTOer, LR2. Don't feed the troll. Anyway, no one cares what that jerk has to say, at least until he learns how to behave :😁

HladenSpricar Día 1,846, 08:06

There is no PTO only ПТО... xD

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 08:10

Learn to 'behave' huh? Yet another elitist AFA method to squash free and open debate and democracy.

Norbengo, also unable to disagree with the substance of my argument, also resorts to name calling.

Again I give you, the people, a chart showing who has the better argument:

LordRahl2 Día 1,846, 08:11

Looks like facts that dispute the central AFA elitist argument can only be met with name calling. Sorry that you are losing this debate Norbengo.

naturaIMystic Día 1,846, 08:35

and again!

mufekk Día 1,846, 08:39

whenever i see you, you don't have a kind word for me! i wonder why should i like you???-loll

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Día 1,846, 08:39

AFA r fgts and so are you Gregor

Obama.Putin Día 1,846, 08:47

@mufekk but I still love you

Solinar Día 1,846, 09:07


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