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WHPR 2086 - August POTUS Election Roundup

Día 2,086, 10:27 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por James S. Brady Press Room
WHPR 2086 - August POTUS Election Roundup

Oblige has been elected President to an unprecedented (unconsecutive) fifth term of office.

Dateline: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 (Day 2,086)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s Bigass WHPR:
: 1: Election: Op-Ed and New President
: 2: New Cabinet List (edited, complete)
: 3: Media Dept. Hits the Ground Running
: 4: eNPR Tonight Thursday at 18oo hours (tentative)
Video: Gene Autry, Back in the Saddle Again

Editor: George Armstrong Custer (aka Chief White Bull)

President Oblige is Back in the Saddle Again
Promises wide sweeping overhauls, fine tuning of Government

First of all, the election itself:
America enjoyed its first truly free and open Presidential election in.. well, a long, long time. The candidates were New Azazel, Oblige, HeapSeppo, the PTO candidate Dr. Walter Bishop (chickensguys), and rounding out the ballot Derphoof who displayed a Blocker avatar.
We must, however, remain ever vigilant, and continue to beat down Ajay/RGR's AFA Party in every election-- Party President, Congressional, and Country President. We'll be reading plenty about that in the coming weeks as the Party elections approach.
Only we, the American voters, can put an end to the long-distained Unity election process.
Only we can re-redefine the word "unity" to once again represent the picture of all Americans moving forward together.

Now, about our new President:
Although Oblige has served as President of our nation four consecutive terms, America is a different place now, well over a year later. Today's President Oblige faces a nation that has been wiped clean off the map, and is on the slow crawl back to sovereignty. A national military might which is not meeting its potential. A seemingly rudderless leadership, its components not communicating and coordinating efforts.
America needs to be rebuilt, in every sense, from the ground up.

No President can accomplish everything on their agenda with a great sweep of their magic wand. Oblige stated in his campaign that he'll start out slow but deliberate, and that repairing communications is a key first step. Communications between Cabinet members who are responsible for getting battles started on time has been a problem. Communications between USAF leaders; between the War Department and leaders of Military Units-- both USAF and Militias; between War and State and Alliance leaders. We cannot deliver on the battlefield, we cannot advance on the domestic front, without clear and direct communication between these key people. This this the absolute first item on the agenda of your new President.

America can look forward to direct communication with President Oblige. He's a fairly decent writer (uses punctuation and everything!) and will publish frequently in his own newspaper. He has a face for radio-- he'll be on eNPR at least one of its two broadcasts each week. And... I'm pretty sure.. he plans to do a couple of "Ask the President" sessions on IRC.

Now, if you really think about it... resolving communication issues, and opening the lines of communication between the President and the American people... just that alone can lead to resolving a lot of other issues, and work wonders for rebuilding America and moving us forward.

To learn more about what Oblige intends to do, see the last few editions of his newspaper leading up to the election:
Yet Another Presidential Article
Why do we play this game? A Presidential Cabinet
Victory through Strength. Strength through Unity. UNITY THROUGH OBLIGE!

August 2013 Cabinet
List culled from The President's newspaper, Savior

EDITED 1130 HOURS: Updated complete Cabinet List

President: Oblige
Vice President: Vanek26
Chief of Staff: Israel Stevens
Deputy Chief of Staff: Ludonarr
National Security Council Chairman: nose
National Security Council: MMike, HeapSeppo, TTi09, Libertas, irule777
Secretary of State: New Azazel
Deputy Secretary of State: derphoof
Director of Ambassador Affairs: rainy sunday
Secreatry of Defense: Darkmantle
Deputy Secretaries of Defense: CaseyJ, dmjohnston
Secretary of Treasury: Kemal Ergenekon
Secretary of Media: Custer
Deputy Secretary of Media: Tyler Buublar
eNPR Director: Cerb[/b]
Secretary of Interior: irule777
Deputy Secretaries of Interior: Arrden, Kody5, Samdoo
Secretary of Education: Tanisq
Department of Home Security: Josh Frost (not confirmed)
Secretary of Swag: Tenshibo
Bureau of Germans: ilphen, dermont

Advisors: Artela, Colin Lantrip, Dr Luis Sentierio, MaxMcFarland 3

Party Presidents: Derphoof, Greene12, Hale26, Israel Stevens, WildOwl

Some Cabinet Departments are always looking for more help, and provide an opportunity to get your foot in the door to a future in Government work.
Contact these Department heads directly via game mail, and ask what you can do for your country.
Interior: irule777
Education: Tanishq
State/Ambassadors: rainy sunday
Media: Chief White Bull (Custer)

Media Department to be Overhauled, Expanded
eNPR and Pony Express will return

The White House Press Report is the print media voice of the White House, representing the President and his Administration to America and the world.
It will be published very early every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plus any occasion a Special Edition may be called for such as a National Mobilization, etc.
WHPR Staff is (currently, to start):
Secretary of Media George Armstrong Custer
DepSecMedia Tyler Buublar
Staff Writers Ludonarr, Irule777, Hale26

eNPR is the live radio show, also representing the White House, et al.
eNPR will again be a paid regular show with a consistent URL and hopefully more consistent service at BlogTalkRadio.
It is tentatively scheduled to air on BlogTalkRadio every Tuesday and Thursday at 18oo hours, for one hour live plus a bit of an afterparty.
Live listeners are urged to join us at #eNPR, type in any questions or comments, and may be invited to call in. On Demand listeners will hear the live show and the afterparty, made available shortly after the show ends.
eNPR Staff are (tentatively):
Director and Host: Cerb
Co-Hosts: Civil Anarchy, Custer, Oblige
and yes, there will be a Bigass POTUS Debate Show on Tuesday September 3rd.

The Pony Express newspaper is to be rechristened as "Recommended Reading" and will serve as a direct extension of the White House Press Report.
What has been a set of standard links in this newspaper-- the Departments of Interior and Education, and the Department of Defense-- will now be found at the Recommended Reading newspaper.
Recommended Reading will also include links to any articles posted by any other Cabinet Department, as well as by any Cabinet member. You'll also find the full list of Military and Militia Application links.
And, just as the Pony Express has done for somewhere around four years, Recommended Reading will spotlight the best of US media, and occasionally foreign media.. if there's any "best" to be had.
Tasked with this daunting assignment will be the lovely and talented Melissa Rose.
Her first edition of Recommended Reading may be published this evening.

Cosmetics: WHPR will present a mix of retro features (the silly top pics are back!) and new graphics-- note the grouping of mini-banners at the very bottom of the page. Those are "quick links" to Recommended Reading as well as other Government newspapers.
Returning are the ready-to-rock Shout, and the little subscript number at the very bottom of each edition (used for tracking subscriptions).



Not able to pull it together for a Tuesday night eNPR.
Tentatively shooting for Thursday night, with Hosts Cerb and Civil Anarchy, and Guests Oblige and Custer.
Check the Topic line at #eNPR for confirmation and details.

"The Oblige Plan to improve the American Community is to start with small changes to improve communication amongst the player leadership. That's it. Start small, and then incrementally improve."

Read more from our President in his own newspaper: Savior

George Armstrong Custer (aka Chief White Bull) -|- Tyler Buublar
"I would be willing, yes glad, to see a battle every day during my life."

Ludonarr, Irule777, Cerb (no image), Civil Anarchy, Melissa Rose, Hale26

WHPR 2086: POTUS Election Roundup
Media Department Update

Recommended Reading Day 2086
All The News You Need To Know

[DoI] BU2SU, Moving Limit Removed and More!
Your Dept of Interior Just Keeps Getting Better!

August 2013: A New Way Forward
Department of Education Update




James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Día 2,086, 10:28

Only we can re-redefine the word "unity" to once again represent the picture of all Americans moving forward together.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Día 2,086, 10:37

Voted o7!

Ludonarr Día 2,086, 10:39

Voted for progress!

O Bass
O Bass Día 2,086, 11:10

Voted o7

irule777 Día 2,086, 11:11


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Día 2,086, 11:16

"America enjoyed its first truly free and open Presidential election in.. well, a long, long time."

Good to know your definition of truly free and open.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Día 2,086, 11:24

what's the beef? Parties held Primaries, and the Elites who have been orchestrating the Unity elections threw up their hands and let 'er rip as the cards fell on their own.. there was no need to interfere with the election, it ran quite naturally without meta-game screwing.

Ludonarr Día 2,086, 11:31

CWB, obviously they will not be free until all the meta folks go and die and the meek can inherit the Earth.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Día 2,086, 11:52

Ludo, what was again your former account and why were you banned?

Ludonarr Día 2,086, 12:14

Nice try Valiant Thor, never banned though. Just let the old guy drift off to sleep, then smothered him with a pillow.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Día 2,086, 12:47

Day 1: Registered on eRep and eUS Forum
Day 2: Joins USWP, has his first newspaper article published mentioning Vanek
Day 29: Makes it into congress on USWP ticket
You move pretty fast for a newbie, or is it just the American dream?

Ludonarr Día 2,086, 12:53

See, you know so much about me, I feel like I hardly know you 😉
Never said I didn't play before, just wasn't banned.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Día 2,086, 13:05

If you don't have anything to hide, then why the secrecy about your former eLife?

Ludonarr Día 2,086, 13:06

No secrecy, most everyone I work with knows who I was (though most wouldn't remember me) I was a no one then, i'm still mostly a no one now.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Día 2,086, 13:15

Well, for a no-one you certainly made quite an effort to start all over again. But I could also assume you are still playing your other account in another country, right?

Ludonarr Día 2,086, 13:45

Meh, couldn't remember the log in info. You could assume that, but a quick check of the fact that that citizen is dead would prove your assumption wrong.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Día 2,086, 14:11

Of course you've forgotten the email address as well.

Dalan Di Celes
Dalan Di Celes Día 2,086, 16:27

This is fun. Let me ask inane questions too. Why did your grandfather emigrate? Why did you vote for Douglas? Who do you think you are?

nick.bergman Día 2,086, 19:16

Will there ever be a time that you're content, or are you just doomed to be an eternal troll?

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Día 2,086, 11:24

Look forward to serving.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Día 2,086, 11:42

Silver Spoon.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Día 2,086, 13:45

Better than a Golden Buttplug.

Tanishq Día 2,086, 11:42

Congratulations to Oblige & cabinet. Looking forward to serving our country as SoE.

eCenk Uygur
eCenk Uygur Día 2,086, 13:15


Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Día 2,086, 13:19

Congratulations to Oblige on a fifth term. I truly hope that his goal in fostering a more open communication pans out.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Día 2,086, 13:23

Free elections! Yay!

Iamnameless Día 2,086, 13:31

Voted. Some strong picks for Cabinet.

don hrleone
don hrleone Día 2,086, 13:38


Thedillpickl Día 2,086, 14:19

Oblige and Vanek together again.
"Hello? Poland? United States calling..."

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Día 2,086, 15:02

I've got the lawn chair concession.

Animis Día 2,086, 19:46

As PP of THE SEED we Congratulate President Oblige for his Political Victory and look forward to joining him in a month full of Battlefield Victories!


Hale26 Día 2,086, 21:27

Voted hard o7

Congrats again Oblege o/

Diggs Día 2,087, 09:43

I don't see unity as the problem our country faces, more like our alliance isn't strong enough to stand alone. We need better alliances, unfortunately we haven't been the most reliable partners in the past. Will take some real diplomacy to improve our tarnished rep I fear.

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