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Vileskont for CP? Maybe?!

Día 1,902, 14:31 Publicado en Norway Noruega por Vileskont

Dear eNorwegians,

Most of you should be familiar with my name (I hope) by now. My name in the game is Vileskont and I am (and have been for quite a while) the PP of TeK for the last few months. Another fact of my life is that I am not a RL Norwegian. A fact that was never a problem for me so far. I am very thankful for the cheerful acceptance! I have arrived in the country....before many months. To be quite honest it is difficult to remember already! I came as a volunteer from Bulgaria (that was then part of EDEN) in order to try to help eNorway to get rid of the Serbian PTOers led by LavBoris who ruled the country back then. I was welcomed warmly in a typical Norwegian manner!🙂 With the help of some great people such as Tommy, taulen, Ursidae, fredrikz, Stakerauo and many more (Please accept my apologies for anyone I might have missed) we not only got rid of the PTOers but I also found my "promised land", my heaven on eEarth, my new home 🙂 And when I asked whether I can stay and received your- the people of eNorway's blessing, I was that happy! So this is how I came here!

And ever since I am trying to give my best for you and for eNorway, because this is exactly what you deserve! I have been in the Congress several times, served as ambassador, helped TeK win several elections 🙂 In my political carrier, my main goal was always helping young players because I believe that they are the future of eNorway (thank you Stakerauo:)) Therefore in my Cabinet, I want to have experienced players for Ministers with young and ambitious ones for vice-Ministers. So without further ado, let me introduce my pride- the Cabinet:

Vice President and Minister of Inner Affairs: Stakerauo

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tommy Skaue
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: Jochen Lutz

Minister of Defense: taulen
Vice Minister of Defense: Back from Valhala

Minister of Finance: fredrikz
Vice Minister of Finance: Mimkata6666

Minister of Immigration: Kristoph Woldskji
Vice Minister of Immigration: Lombaxine

Minister of Young Player's Development: Che Kukaken

Commander of the Barracks : Indigodavo95

Now let me explain a bit about the last two positions, because they are new to the country. The Ministry of Young Player's Development is mine and Che's brainchild and should do what the "kick start" program once did. In other words it should provide young players with material help in the form of weapons and food as well as expert advice. The Minister will also attempt to organize baby booms. And because of the low population we have, I believe we are in desperate need of this Ministry!

And here comes the role of the Barracks Commander who will lead the war efforts of the young players (divisions one and two). We tend to fail in our fights in exactly these two divisions. It is part due to the fact that we don't have many players in them. However though, with better organization, we can not only improve our performance there but also educate "better and more disciplined warriors". Therefore Indigodavo95 will work with the MoD in order to gather our youngsters in the "Barracks" and lead them to victory 🙂

As for the President term itself, I think if elected I will be facing three main challenges- first the future of EDEN and eNorway as part or not of it and we possibly joining Asgard. Second- freeing our regions from the UK. And third- a possible PTO.

In order to tackle the first problem I plan to gather a team and this team should "go" and address both EDEN and Asgard in order to find out what the two unions have to offer and what do they demand in return. After knowing the "costs and gains", I will write an article that will present them to you, the people of eNorway. And because I believe that this decision is not mine to take, I will let you vote in a public referendum what do you want us to do. The referendum will be done either through an article here or in the forum.

Second problem should be dealt with by the combined effort of our MoD who is probably the best in the world, the MoFA who rocks 24/7 and the young players' mentors Che and Indigodavo95 who are also awesome! Not to forget Fridrikz who is to pay for all the fun 😃
Now seriously- we have to carefully plan and organize the war effort- probably use the time in our advantage (late hour, UK overstretched because of several active wars etc.) plus strong international support in order to compensate for our relative weakness in comparison to the enemy.

For solving the third problem I can completely trust Stakerauo and fridrikz! The two combined have more than enough expertise and suspiciousness to keep eNorway free from any PTOers. Stakerauo, as Minister of Inner Affairs, will coordinate our efforts in order to have PTO-free Congress for eNorway and to frustrate these guys ambitions to get hold of our gold 😛

Well this is about it, dear countrymen! I am sorry for the long and probably boring article! I had to do it, so don't hate me! I want to wish good luck to my political opponents! Akashaton is great and eNorway will not go wrong if chooses him.

I would like to finish by telling you how great it is for me to work, fight and play shoulder to shoulder with you, fellows! Every time I made a mistake - you were there for me (it was only last month that I screw up with the CP proposal deadline (blush))! Every success- you shared with me (I will never forget how a hand full of us- stayed awake all night in order to win us a region so we can have Congress this month)! Thank you!

(Bulgarian by birth, eNorwegian by heart)



John Sebastian Wang
John Sebastian Wang Día 1,902, 14:39

You will get my vote o7

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Día 1,902, 14:40

Supported! o7

Indigodavo95 Día 1,902, 15:08

seeing forward working with you and your cabinet!
o7 VoTe Vileskont.

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Día 1,902, 15:18

you have my vote too : )

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Día 1,903, 07:03


Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Día 1,903, 19:25

Good luck!

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