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True Dignity

Día 1,913, 13:52 Publicado en South Africa Brasil por Walther PPK

This is my first article on my brand new newspaper, and I want dedicate it to discuss a little Issue: the humiliation of have our territory taken by eBrazil.

I know that eBrazil is bigger and stronger than eSA. This is a fact.

However, we have a unique opportunity: Brazil is beginning a war against Argentina (which is also a strong ecountry). This will distract very much the ebrazilian guys.
If we propose some MPP´s with the enemies of Brazil, this enterprise will be easier end faster.

Freedom is the only real DIGNITY
For a full eSA




Léon Reno
Léon Reno Día 1,913, 15:22

Nice to see you are getting more active player. Brazil is our friend currently. And believe me, you cannot trust Argentina.

Walther PPK
Walther PPK Día 1,913, 15:51

Thanks Léon! You have the pole;)

I don´t trust Argentina, but they can be usefuls to kick off Brazil out of eSA.
Friends doesn´t occupy friends countries...
But this is the point of view of a beginner.

colour haze
colour haze Día 1,913, 16:09

Brazil is renting eSA regions for a long time, but they could be more cooperative when it comes to returning the agreed regions after their precious bonuses get chopped off in their battles.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Día 1,913, 19:43

voted and subbed for a new paper!

Badger06 Día 1,913, 20:02

Just so u know Brazil pays us more than what our regions are actually worth to us

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Día 1,914, 01:01

You get an A for effort Walther.
Keep it up!

As you may have gathered from comments this issue is a little more complicated than us being occupied by Brazil.

Voted and subbed!

Walther PPK
Walther PPK Día 1,914, 10:29

Thanks you all for your comments...

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