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To wich side should Ireland jump into?

Día 1,794, 18:28 Publicado en Ireland Irlanda por Duarte Goncalves

Cheers everybody!

I'm not a very active player on the newspapers. I actually don't like to talk much, I prefer to use my fists, but this term has being marked, in my opinion, by the lack of communication of the presidency, the inactivity of the MoD due to the robbery (shameful), the MoF on bankruptcy and some others departments that I never saw during this term.

The world is desolate by chaos. The EDEN, CoT, CTRL, ABC, Asgard, and some others alliances trying to coexist.

My doubt is if the presidents are doing enough to stimulate the players to stay in Ireland, and follow the EDEN priorities?

I really don't understand the treaty between Ireland and United Kingdom. I mean, can we coexist without hostilities? If yes, why? They are ex-ONE and we are EDEN, in simple words, enemies. Sure that some stability for now, until we recover our economy is good. But why not rent the Northern Ireland to gain another food bonus?

Another thing is the amount of people that have access to the orgs. How can a little country with few hundreds citizens have so much people on the Gov and orgs? Either choose the ministers with time to do their jobs or find another ones.

The case Argentina with some Irish military units. I really don't know what happened in the past between those two, but denying an ally of help its a case of treason.

The voice of Ireland in the world. The weight that Ireland detains on world incidents is scarce, we need to intercommunicate with countries more influent so that Ireland could have a bigger paper on the discussion of treaties regarding others countries, like in measures of war and peace, trade embargoes and even the sign of naps.

I have a lot more to talk about, but the essential is that.

Sincere and friendly greetings from this warrior,
Duarte Goncalves.



Irasian Día 1,794, 19:51

To be fair Rikian is actually more media active than many of the presidents we have had over the past 2 years.
I can't say anything about following EDEN prios.
We had a treaty with the UK as we are tired of having to fight them constantly, alternately wiping each other depending on which alliance was in power at the time. It wasn't very productive and was pretty much a black hole for gold and influence with not much to gain.

Irasian Día 1,794, 19:54

The way I see it only people who should have access to the orgs are the ones who have something to do with it and this term I believe the only people who had access to the orgs were the ones who had something to do it notably the current MoF Nogin, the person who has kept a secure server for our orgs emails for the past 2 years without any incidents Marcus and potentially Rikian.
That really isn't very many people with access to the orgs I believe.

Irasian Día 1,794, 19:55

With the Argentina situation they are not the only ones requesting Irish aid. We do have other allies who require aid as well.

I can't really comment on the last paragraph.

HAUGH HAS A BIG COCK Día 1,795, 10:47

In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's sovereign or nation.

So by definition not at all treason.

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