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The Truth about Chile being kicked from TERRA

Día 1,895, 23:00 Publicado en Australia Australia por Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen

If I may beg your indulgence. During my CP terms last year an incident occurred which I felt needed to clarify. Below is a copy/paste of the article I released at the time.

About the Training War with New Zealand.

I am announcing today that eAustralia is pulling out of the Training War in New Zealand. It was always our intention to help defend them from Argentina aggression and while I was always calling the shots in the battles I knew that the safety of our nation was always paramount.

How quickly things change, with New Zealand now involved in a ‘fake war’ with Chile and Argentina still knocking on their door I have decided to remove our presence from NZ. While we were simply blocking and hoping to force Argentina to the negotiation table I felt justified in our actions. With a third party involved and control of the operation removed from me I can no longer with clear conscience justify a continuation of the training war.

I have immediately opened this topic in senate for a 24hour discussion period before I bring the Training War to an end. I believe our nation has benefitted well from the arrangement. I wish New Zealand well in their future endeavours and hope they remember just how much help this little pro TEDEN nation gave them in their moment of need.

About Chile.

When I first read the logs of the super secret meeting you held with New Zealand I simply could not bring myself to believe what you were planning. Then as days passed and neither NZ or Chile made contact with Aus I began to see the truth of the matter.

The actions of your government has not only seen Chile removed from Terra but also cast the future of New Zealand in grave doubt. As I said above, while Aus was in the right we were always going to be there to block Argentina. The moment it turned from, simply blocking manouvers to outright games of deception against TEDEN is the moment the situation crossed the line.

I have said many times that Aus has been walking a fine line over the past few months. Our allies trusted us and indulged us in our actions against the bully nation Argentina, in fact many were siding with us and while there were two pro TEDEN nations involved in the stand against Argentina we were safe.

Chile’s and NZ’s decision to take a separate route and throw Aus in front of a bus is not something that has impressed me at all.


What I didn't include back then was a link to the actual log I had sent to Terra, which is our only actual involvement in what happened. Due to the fact that it seems eChile citizens have been lied to for almost a year I felt the time was now to make the log viewable to the public.

This is the log that got Chile kicked out of Terra. This is the 'great betrayal' that eAus did to Chile... I passed on a log of a meeting they had with NZ to TERRA. That is my crime and I admit to it.



Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Día 1,895, 23:14

E( )o( )3

EddieJoe Día 1,895, 23:14

I remember it.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Día 1,895, 23:15

I was there when it happened.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Día 1,895, 23:24

I was a MoFA during the later part of the Kaddlestorm administration and this was a wise move. Larni and I still to this day have differences of opinion but getting out before being sandwiched in the middle of eChile and eArgentina was a no-brainer. Nice blast from the past.

II SKYNET II Día 1,895, 23:27

Larni, you have opened my eyes O.O 😘***********

Tabithi Día 1,895, 23:41

Aussie admitting to screwing Chile over interesting.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Día 1,895, 23:49

All eAus did was wipe our hands of it. We were protecting our neighbour against our allies for three months and once that meeting happened (did you read the log) it was clear that our assistance was no longer required..

Tabithi Día 1,895, 23:57

I was there Larni remmeber. 😉
Handing private logs over to Teden is crossing the line, just as much as the talks themselves.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Día 1,895, 00:07

well I didn't know 'who' you were when I replied Ronell. Why would handing logs of a uber secret meeting over to allies be crossing the line? I would have thought that it would be expected when they expose what is really going on. Remember eAus had spent 3 months with its neck on the line for this to happen. I was not exactly impressed at the time, apparently neither were TERRA.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Día 1,895, 00:21

I wasn't aware logs were handed over but this is something government does every day. This month logs have been exchanged dozens of times alone. It's called intelligence gathering.

Now to let loose on something I've wanted to say for months. You're really not one to talk about allegiance Ronell considering you were CP when I was eAus dCP and you went behind our backs in the TW.

I still smack Binda for her pigheadedness then, but don't think for a moment that dilutes your share of the responsibility in what led to the eChile situation eAustralia is in today.

You dogged us champ when you were pretending to be eAustralia's friend. The pages of history will never be erased.

Tabithi Día 1,895, 00:32

Hmmm ignore an allies request for help. Not something we do.

Sir_c0nstant Día 1,895, 00:34

I not sure what the reason is for bringing this all out into the world again now????

Tabithi Día 1,895, 00:35

Probably your position with chile right now Sir_c0nstant.

Binda33 Día 1,895, 00:36

"Handing private logs over to Teden is crossing the line, just as much as the talks themselves. "

Ronell, that's pot calling kettle black there, as you'll remember all the *secret* Indo logs you handed to me to gain my trust before inviting Chile to screw us over, despite our own written agreement.

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Día 1,895, 01:00

I can't believe people trusted Ronell at any stage, especially with what went on in South Africa!

A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

BOUD1CCA Día 1,895, 01:07

eRep whore - how sad : (
I guess it is a way NZ can sort of exist

Fibonacci Día 1,895, 03:31

Aussies trying to clean up their mess

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Día 1,895, 03:42

Actually its Aussies trying to clean up Chile's mess. The Chilean people have been mislead. Its time they knew the truth. Before this Chile and Australia were strong allies, the actions of Chile destroyed their country, had them kicked out of TERRA and it was used against us.

The question is, does Chile still want our help or do they want to fight Argentina alone?

Iscay Día 1,895, 05:05

this is funny, a few days ago roboz and other treated argies for being treacherous, they even fought with chile against argentina in tasmania, MoD urged aAussies to help you ally chile against yourself.

now, you enjoy the fact.

you are funny people.

you are welcome!

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Día 1,895, 05:50


LocoCaverna Día 1,895, 06:08

Time to see the eChilean Plan to erase eAustralia

Dio Vigon
Dio Vigon Día 1,895, 06:52

Aus CP knows more then TERRA members about the case? weird...

Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Día 1,895, 06:54

Thank you for this log... maybe some chileneans can learn the truth about their country and why Argentina and Chile are now enemies. Chilenean government has always been a treacherous backstabber against its own allies and are not worthy of anyone´s consideration... sooner rather than later CoT will wake up to that reality.

mistiko_1972 Día 1,895, 07:12


Teufel Día 1,895, 07:15

Chile was a traitor, and once a traitor, always a traitor. And our vengeance will come upon those who put their faith on them.

Ash J. Williams
Ash J. Williams Día 1,895, 07:28

Get ready Australia... now Chile is coming for you

Francisco Wilkinson
Francisco Wilkinson Día 1,895, 07:51

Aussies trying to clean up their mess +1

Iscay Día 1,895, 08:03

Daenerys.... I can´t believe you had this info and yet treated me as a treacherous eargie when I asked for support on the SA, Tas rws. Have you no honor?

Now you have the dogs knocking, and they are not eArgies.

You people need wiser leaders.

D R A G O N Día 1,895, 08:53

Daenerys, thanks for publicizing this log and expose how they behave normally Chileans, they usually deny this behavior.
Betrayal is the currency they use


attitt0 Día 1,895, 09:13

Is that true?

Tenshou Día 1,895, 09:36

Solo tiene comentarios de argentinos?


Romper Día 1,895, 09:44

To make it simple - you were played by Chile and NZ to get your relationship with TEDEN damaged, like many others. They succeeded and you are now left to hang. Or is that not the summa summarum of this article?

JANGEL2719 Día 1,895, 09:46


chile is traitor

Javier M Anastasia
Javier M Anastasia Día 1,895, 10:04

Now I understand our problems with chile.
Thank you Daenerys.

caribo Día 1,895, 10:07

So Argentina didnt force Chile out of TERRA, i have a feeling that a lot of Chileans players are not people to trust.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Día 1,895, 10:37

Best TL;DR all day from eAustralia-only perspective (Disclaimer: Does NOT apply if looking at it from your own country)

eChile got sold a bag of used goods by eNZ.
eArgentina was being shady as usual and took advantage of the situation under cover of being a TEDEN ally.
eNew Zealand's CP at the time was playing three sides - eNZ's, eChile's and her own - eAus got sold up the creek when her problems became too hard to fix.
Binda should have listened to her deputy about a great many things.

But now it's all gone. All gone! There is no point fighting about what can be - that ship sailed terms ago. Now it's a case of watching and waiting for the iceberg to hit.

Manrod78 Día 1,895, 10:49


I not sure what the reason is for bringing this all out into the world again now???? "

You ask, because your feeling and natural decency does NOT betray you: The reason why Daenerys comes up with this artificial case NOW, is because she's having a bad conscience about actively breaching the current treaty with eChile. eAus was never part of Terra, it wasn't even an EDEN member anymore at this point, so there is no big story or moral issue about it. But she's trying to find an excuse not to feel that dirty now (because she does, this text is a testimony of it). This and only this is the reason why she writes this...
We have docilely not taken the Tazmania incident as an offense (and we would have easily been able to let you pay the 200k), but as an eArgentine machiavellic intent to seperate us. Naively we thought eAus would now stick to It's word of honour and really had interest to prove honesty and will to join our alliance and eAus was voluntarily been given territorry after territory by us. We even had declared that we were against the intent of invasion of our ally Indonesia, acting in favour to protect you! But no... perfidious acting is spreading in eAustralia again.

And then many eAus have the guts to talk about "traition", while the widely recognized masters of treacherous acting (eArg, no other country broke appart more alliances than them) is applauding it. This is really repugnant...

Icetek Día 1,895, 11:16

Here comes the ARP already tossing the blame around. The fun is just getting started.

Icetek Día 1,895, 11:21


Please understand Daenerys party is (ARP) Australian Revolutionary Party. Our current CP is with her, who is a joke and a clown. We where fooled and our country is currently under PTO by these "elitist" who think they know it all.

Our CP whole term was done behind closed doors from the public. Our CP DID NOT TRY to stop eArgentina from wagging RW's against you.

Our current CP (xg) is running again for 2nd term, if he wins......feel free to wipe us. We deserve it at that point.

BOUD1CCA Día 1,895, 13:46

When are you going back to the US Icetek?
Whoever let an embarrassment like you into Australia in the first place?

Iscay Día 1,895, 13:48

And I thought Manrod was Australian........ I was dissapointed about he treasoning his own country. Now I find he is chilote... and now it all makes sense.

See you at the battlefield weon

LanyIsLost Día 1,895, 13:53

This is going to get interesting real soon.

lancer450 Día 1,895, 14:51

"Our CP DID NOT TRY to stop eArgentina from wagging RW's against you."

First, you can't actually prevent eArgentina from beginning RWs. Second, eAustralia can only do so much to help fight against the eArgentines in the RWs. What is XG supposed to do exactly? The reason eChile is losing the RWs is because eArgentina is kicking their a$$ and CoT basically doesn't give a sh*t and they aren't sending any help to help them keep the regions specified in the treaty.

Icetek Día 1,895, 15:49

Louise i did not know Australia belonged to you, this planet is for all man kind to get specific. I envy you that its so easy to judge peoples races. Once again you prove me right on what a racist pig you are. Americans might be ignorant, but then again at least we see everyone as equal no matter where there from.

lancer450, XG "has freinds" remember? He is a old player who has ties and skills to everything. He said it himself. And he could have done something. But regardless he was telling Binda33, etc how.....Them waging RWs is in the best interest of eAUS and they turned there back while our new allies was being crushed.

XG played both sides of the fence, hence why he is corrupting eAUS even more. He only looks our for himself to have something to brag about. Its only a matter of time till they start saying how "XG got back eAustralia"

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Día 1,895, 16:33

The only reason the log was released is because I was getting a little sick and tired of being told Aus betrayed Chile when that is simply not happened. They have used 'Aus betrayal' as justification for way too long so I simply took that excuse away from them.

Arfman Día 1,895, 16:49

Good intention, bad timing?

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Día 1,895, 17:03

Just saw a few shouts from Chileans the day before calling us traitors and demanding their nation NE us. They were going on about how we had them kicked out from TERRA and betray them every step of the way. Its simply not true and its about time both the new players and the older Chile players were actually aware of what really happened.

I am a full blood Aussie, betraying friends and allies is simply not within our genetic makeup. At least with this log out there the truth becomes apparent.

I do not blame Chile as a nation, clearly the log is just some bad apples who happen to get control of the nation. Now that the Chile people are aware they may decide to remove these people from power and start with a fresh slate.

The fact is that they now know what really happened and its up to their nation as a whole to decide what (if anything) to do about it.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Día 1,895, 17:17

This is why we can't have nice things ...

And we are in the same alliance, so why can't we have our states back? ...

Chile is getting wiped and doing EXACTLY what they did 6 months ago ..... taking over the small country before they get wiped, pretty dog act if you ask me, but as usual Chile will make up some bogus argument to justify it ...

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Día 1,895, 17:36

Chile also made the mistake of engaging in recent talks with unsavory elements and those logs are (I believe) in the hands of CoT officials.

Guess we just wait and see what happens.

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