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THE STORY OF IBONG ADARNA and random stuff

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About Ibong Adarna.

Ibong Adarna is a mythical story, formed in narrative song and poetry called corrido and considered a big part of the Philippine literature, usually studied as part of the secondary curriculum in the country. The author of this fantastic story still remains unknown and uncertain. Some said that the author was Spanish because it has been written when the Spaniards ruled the Philippines. During those times, Ibong Adarna was known as Corrido at Buhay na Pinagdaanan nang Tatlong Principeng Magcacapatid na Anac nang Haring Fernando at nang Reina Valeriana sa Cahariang Berbania. Other critiques said that it has been written by Jose dela Cruz, a great poet here also known as Huseng Sisiw. This amazing folklore is about love, sacrifice and fantasy. Ibong Adarna literally means Adarna Bird. The story centers about catching the mythical bird that possesses magical powers. The Adarna bird is so beautiful and could change in a lot of stunning forms. It is very much hard to catch. It knows a total of seven songs which could either enchant anyone to sleep, turn into stone or heal a deadly sickness. Which is why the almost dying King Fernando of Berbania tasked his three sons to catch the magical bird. That’s where the story begins…

Ibong Adarna and Don Juan

Ibong Adarna Summary

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named, Berbania. It was ruled by King Fernando and Queen Valeriana who had three sons – Don Pedro (first born), Don Diego (second) and Don Juan (the youngest).

One night, King Fernando had a bad dream. He saw that his youngest Prince and his favorite, Don Juan was thrown away in a creepy deep well. The King started to get weak for some unknown reasons. It seemed that nothing could bring back his healthy condition. His medical advisors told him that the only cure to his unexplained sickness is a lullaby sung by the Adarna bird.

So King Fernando tasked his three sons to hunt the magical bird. Don Pedro went first but he wasn’t successful. He may have reached Mount Tabor and the tree of Piedras Platas where the Adarna bird nested but the prince fell asleep after hearing the bird’s song. Worse he turned into a stone when the lovely bird pooped on him. The second prince, Don Diego went to hunt next. Unfortunately, he had the same bitter chance like his older brother. The kingdom was counting on Don Juan, so he went next.

The youngest prince has climbed through Mount Tabor. He met a very old sick man who gave him tips about the magical tree of Piedras Platas and catching the Adarna bird. Don Juan successfully caught the bird and helped his two brothers to be human again. Because of envy and greed of power, the two joined forces to beat Don Juan to death and throw him in a deep well. The two then returned home with the Adarna. However, the king’s illness went worse because the bird never sang a single song.

Luckily, Don Juan’s strength returned. He has been healed by the poor old man he helped in the mountain. He came back to the Kingdom of Berbania. King Fernando has known the truth when the bird started singing after seeing Don Juan. The King went well and stronger than ever. He wanted to punish his two sons but Don Juan asked his father to just forgive them. The King granted his request and asked the three princes to guard the Adarna bird. Because of Don Pedro, the bird flew away and escaped. Don Juan went away from the kingdom so the king won’t punish his brother.

King Fernando asked the two princes to look for Don Juan. They found him in the kingdom of Armenia. They decided to live there. One day they found an interesting well. Only Don Juan went down inside successfuly. He found two lovely princesses, Donya Juana and Donya Leonora captive by a giant serpent. Because of his skills in fighting, the mighty prince has killed the serpent and saved the two princesses. Don Pedro envied the young prince. He cut the rope when the prince went down inside the well to get the ring Donya Leonora has forgotten. Anyway, it was easy for Don Diego to make Donya Juana to fall in love with him. So when they came back to Berbania, they married. On the other hand, Don Pedro did everything to pursue Donya Leonora but he failed.

An enchanted fox helped Don Juan and he was quickly healed. The Adarna bird appeared suddenly and told him about the princess of Reyno delos Cristales, his love destiny. He immediately searched for the princess and found out about the cruel King Salermo. In spite of the obstacles the cruel king has given him, he faced them all and succeeded with the help of Maria Blanca, daughter of King Salermo. Because of the selfish king, the two tried to escape. Maria Blanca was cursed to be crawling like a snail and be forgotten by the prince Don Juan.

Don Juan has returned to Berbania where he was welcomed by his mother, Queen Valeriana and Princess Leonora. He has forgotten about Maria Blanca because of Princess Leonora. Don Juan and Princess Leonora were scheduled to wed. At the day of the wedding, Maria Blanca visited wearing the emperatris. She tried to bring back all the memories and remind Don Juan about their love. Finally, Don Juan and Princess Maria Blanca got married while Princess Leonora married Don Pedro. In the end, Don Pedro became the new king of Berbania while Don Juan became the king of Reyno delos Cristales.

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Harana, also known as Habanera Filipina, is an old Filipino courtship tradition of serenading women. It is mostly practiced in rural areas and small towns. The man, usually accompanied by his close friends, goes to the house of the woman he is courting and plays music and sings love songs to her.

The harana shows strong Spanish influences, as the rhythm of the songs usually performed for the serenade are derived from the Spanish tango or habanera, albeit the tempo for harana songs are much slower, romantic, and lyrical.

A variation of the harana is called tapat, which is practiced in small towns in Ilocos. This variant involves the usual serenading by the man, but the lady also answers in song. The reply usually hints that the man has to court her for a long time. The man counters with an even more passionate song, and the exchange continues until the pair come to an understanding. Similar to this is the Maranao tubad-tubad, where the repartee is in verse rather than in song.

The most famous song used in harana is O Ilaw.

Village on stilts in Tongkil, Samales Islands, Philippines. The southern Philippines, and in particular the Sulu Archipelago is home to the Badjaos. The Badjaos belong to a Muslim minority who make up 5 percent of the Philippine population and are concentrated mostly in the south of the country. Known as “sea gypsies”, they fish and harvest shellfish and pearl oysters, and they live in villages on stilts. A channel carved out of the coral reef allows them to reach the open sea.

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