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The future of the eUK

Día 1,871, 12:25 Publicado en United Kingdom Australia por Send love to Plato

On January 5th the country goes to the polls to elect a new Country president for the eUK. Currently there are two main stand out candidates. Representing ESO is Betafoxtrot who has the support of to other parties - TUP and UKRP. Then we have our current CP Big Ant who had the backing of 5 parties - UKPP, WRP, One Vision, Zulu Empire and Dharma Initiative.

So who is New Era throwing our weight behind in this months general election?

Yes, New Era is delighted to be the 6th party in the eUK who will be pushing to see our current President continue on for another month. We are aware that mistakes had been made in the previous month but we believe that to err is human, we all have made mistakes. New Era is built upon allowing people chances. One of our most senior figures was once guilty of making mistakes and has now progressed into a very respectable figure in the eUK Government and has earned much respect.
So yes, while Big Ant has had one or two tiny bumps we do believe he is the best man to take the eUK forward. We have been impressed with the way the eUK has taken a different path under Big Ant leadership which resulted in lower taxes and the attack upon Portugal as well as a peace summit that ended on better terms than the previous one.
New Era also noted the work Big Ant played in the reform of the national forums as well as the removal of the ban upon Sage Goku, who we note has made a great return to the forums with some very mature postings despite a small amount of (hopefully) lighthearted teasing.

With this in mind we wish all those Candidates running in the general elections all the best, we hope it will be a positive and friendly campaign but we do urge all the citizens of the eUK and New Era members to vote and support Big Ant who we believe is the man to lead our country to success.

You can find Big Ant's latest article here and we hope you follow the link and have a read of what he has to say.

To join the revolution of the eUK you can join New Era by clicking this link and get involved. Or you can now visit our brand new website here. Support New Era by signing up to the forums and helping us create our own party section there, you can do so by going to -


Carlini8 Día 1,871, 12:51

I think BigAnts work on the forums is probably what will pull this election for him.

BoatsandHoes Día 1,871, 12:55

voted and will vote on 5th

Madacaion Día 1,871, 13:03

I just hope BA has the same cabinet as the final iteration of this term...

Absolute stars: Even Goku - and despite all the attacks he still did his job well.

AdmiralNelson Día 1,871, 13:18

voted hugh. good article o7

lancer450 Día 1,871, 13:43

Voted! : )

BigAnt Día 1,871, 13:55

voted and thank you for the continued support guys!


Alphabethis Día 1,871, 14:33

great article and supported, and voted ofc.

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Día 1,871, 15:11


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Día 1,871, 16:03

Yes BigAnt should get a 2nd term !

Voted !

Bardokva Día 1,871, 16:42

Big Ant-President!

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Día 1,871, 20:21


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Día 1,871, 20:35 If you didn't follow the link in the article then there it is...Big Ant's latest article. Vote it up people \o/

Sambo112 Día 1,872, 03:56

Voted...glad to see people notice when the eUK is moving in the right direction

cenodekaMKD Día 1,872, 04:09

nice nice

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