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The eBe political landscape: the numbers

Día 1,907, 15:28 Publicado en Belgium Egipto por A Vegan

Current situation:

Members in each Party:

Congress Members in each Party:

Party / Number of Members / Congress members / PP

Res Belgica / 43 / 8 / Kiyonori Dragnier
HOPE / 43 / 8 / Zangetsu-osan
Babyboom / 38 / 4 / SwaqqCoryn
All TOgethers / 29 / 6 / Tony Clifford
Yes We Can / 21 / 2 / Olv007
Belgium for Belgians / 13 / 0 / Manekemaan
Netherlands BE Back / 8 / 0 / Yannis de Leeuw
Belgian Beer Party / 6 / 0 / FreddeLeGrand
Belgian Liberal Democrat Party / 5 / 1 / Kaad
Belgian Labour Party / 2 / 0 / Jens Leupe

I would like to update and expand this in the future. Could each PP send me the goals and program of their party? Links to articles would also be appreciated.



A Vegan
A Vegan Día 1,907, 15:44

If I look at the numbers I have only one question: Why is a party that has 20,67% of all party members and 27,5% of all congress members completely ignored. Or to ask it different why do some parties and our gov refuse to work together with a party that represents more than 25% of our citizens?

boer jan
boer jan Día 1,907, 16:30

depends how you look at it, why does a party that represent 27,5% of congress refuses to work together with the other 72,5% ?
a door to door salesman knows he have to enter to sale, staying outside does not pay.

I like your idea to get the party programs together, hope that the response will be positive.

A Vegan
A Vegan Día 1,907, 16:38

When did HOPE ever say that it doesn't want to work together with other parties? I haven't asked anything else since I created HOPE. Hell that was why I created HOPE. A lot of you are putting it up side down. We do not refuse to work together with others (actually we already work together with more than you would think). It is only a small part of the eBe community who doesn't want to work together with HOPE. But sadly they are among the most active in our community. And because of this others get the impression nobody wants to work together with HOPE or that HOPE doesn't want to work together with anyone (what is a load of crap, we have asked many times to work together).

boer jan
boer jan Día 1,907, 17:19

I still remember the start of HOPE, we where even glad for it, but it got mixed up with an other party, and some of them are still there, think that that is the main reason why everything went wrong.
Some of us thought it would change the day you returned to HOPE, trouble is that you started to defend those who turned everything upside down (right or wrong I do not know) and that was not accepted.

Kylero Día 1,907, 19:17

HOPE are not Multis. HOPE just doesn't have forum participants. So what are they doing? Are we supposed to move everything to ingame? Will they be active then? Doubt it.

The difference between RB, ATO, etc. is that quite a number of their members are at least kind of active on the forum. HOPE is not. HOPE just needs to show they are active and care, and just try to be not so god-damned suspicious. A Vegan, it just looks like they are here to vote and that's it. If that's not the case...prove it.

Stijn Puttemans
Stijn Puttemans Día 1,908, 00:20

Look at Belgian politics IRL, and wonder why NVA isn't part of the federal government. Same thing happened with HOPE

tommot Día 1,908, 02:20

Your article looks great, really nice.
Regardless, you should have added that this information was based on the situation after(i stress on "after") the country-president elections.
And you should have added the following note to clarify the difference(to avoid misunderstandings):

* The Belgian Liberal Democrat Party did not had any elected congress members in the last congress-election. It's congress member originally comes from the Yes We Can party(who had 3 elected congress members).

On the matter of you feeling left out of congress activity:
Maybe you should try a less rigid approach. Maybe work more in the manner that Babyboom does.
Just a general tip(not that it applies for this moment): There are many different media's out there, do not fixate on 1 thing only.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Día 1,908, 07:04

+1 Stijn.

Ely.nea Día 1,908, 10:08

nice article.

JdlF Día 1,908, 17:01

I would like to hear more HOPE voices than A Vegan or Vincent Pain... Seems you are two with a lot of followers. Which is quite a good thing for you two indeed.


lin0leum Día 1,908, 19:05

there r no followers in hope jdlf don't u get it?

shadowukcs Día 1,909, 03:08

JdIF, I'm HOPE too. But the media module makes me so angry I stick to posting on the forum

JdlF Día 1,909, 04:36

Agree, the media module is quite annoying

Kaad Día 1,909, 05:53

Very nice article and graphs!

But the BLDP has not congressman as tommot said!

tommot Día 1,909, 06:18

When he made this article there was a CM in your party, but shortly after that left again.

Kaad Día 1,909, 12:40

Ah? Didn't realised...

A Vegan
A Vegan Día 1,909, 13:51

Nice to see ZERO PPs reacted. I checked my PM but got NOTHING..

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Día 1,909, 15:26

I hope you know that the game does not revolve around you A Vegan. What you want does not mean you get. Base on your comments above, it is evident that you view democracy is you getting what you want and people listening to you. You have 27 percent and all must listen while what about the other 73 percent? Zero PP reply maybe some did not read your article or want to reply. So I really do not understand why you are whining here. Maybe you should write them a PM and even if they ignore it, it is their right. Maybe you can see the other PP's interest and perspectives etc if you try to be a part of the contributing community and be in the forum and debate things and not shout and cry in comments and articles about things are not fair. Life is not fair and it is not fair for 73 percent to bend over backwards to 27 percent. eBE is a loving place and if you play nice, there is no problems at all. Please play nice A Vegan and rejoin the community...

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Día 1,909, 15:29

And I did not have time to reply to your last article's comment. Here is the SC link where they view you as a threat and working with Vincent Pain.

Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Día 1,918, 02:56

God job! voted and sub

Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Día 1,918, 02:57

good i means 😁)

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