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Spain "loses" 16k gold to PEACE!! Accident or hoax?

Día 629, 13:09 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por Jozh84

I find the story hard to believe that Spain would "accidentally" invest 16K gold into a company that (oops!) was up for sale. If you think about it, this is all too coincidental. Almost too easy to be true for PEACE, I'd assume. What did mom always teach you growing up? If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.



RomanEmpire Día 629, 13:15

they should have pics for it. Spain and PEACE both.

xsanctusx Día 629, 13:15

You believe what you will... like USA will prevail and so on... Spanish government officially confirmed it so no one cares if you believe it or not.

Jozh84 Día 629, 13:17

Awfully defensive there, Hungary, pretty quickly too. Doesn't do well for you.

xsanctusx Día 629, 13:18

I just came up and read the news, and like usual, I checked the articles in some countries - yours was the first in line in the USA. And as I said, nobody cares if you think it doesn't do well for me 🙂

James Skyrider
James Skyrider Día 629, 13:28

Yeah the Spanish government confirmed that they were hacked and the money moved to that wood company, which was up for sale. Is that the confirmation you are talking about?

Jozh84 Día 629, 13:28

Call it what you will, xsanctusx. But let's be honest for one moment, PEACE isn't exactly known for it's chivalry. You are the eWorld playground bullies, and it's already been proven by your quest for eWorld domination. What next? We see a peace treaty being signed with Spain? Much like they wanted the eUSA to do? Pay em thousands of gold to leave us alone? SOUNDS SIMILAR!!!

Sam Brusca
Sam Brusca Día 629, 13:31

I'd heard admins already froze all the accounts and are going to be giving it back

xsanctusx Día 629, 13:31

James Skyrider: they had an official article that they put the gold in the company for STRATEGIC REASONS. After questions came about their sanity, they've quickly deleted the article and posted another one about hacking. Check the comments if you like (google translate, if you don't speak spanish) the first comments of that article is from a spanish guy saying : "so it wasn't for stragetic reasons?" proving that the article existed.

Jozh: you wasn't here when Hungary just had 2 of its original territories against the great Romanian empire who were backed up by... lets see.. USA?
That's just enough of big bullies, I think. You didn't care back then, I don't care now.

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dwight D. Eisenhower Día 629, 13:34

P.S. did you notic who wrote the article about Spain giving away gold? ZOLI, a known PEACE troll who loves to write misinformation, and clog the media with PEACE propaganda and lies.

xsanctusx Día 629, 13:34

BTW giving back the gold is just OK for me, I miss epic battles like Ontario, and without gold on spains side its just a walk in the park... but an EPIC fail is an EPIC fail, and since 5 hours left and Fehérló is still active, not banned, it just looks like the admins didn't find anything.

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dwight D. Eisenhower Día 629, 13:36

Also, that comment "So it wasn't for strtegic Reasons" was probably SARCASM, a JOKE, if you haven't heard of them before.

clawy Día 629, 13:36

- the money was gone from the org for about 3 days, yet donations rolled out from it; take a guess where the money was for that period
- the Spanish government first issued a declaration that contained the part "the money was put in the company for safe keeping". after many questions, they deleted the article, and reposted it without that part
- if somebody hacks an account and steels money, do you believe they do it by buying a company, so the owner can see where the money goes?
- after you hacked an account, do you believe that somebody would be so stupid to post this in the whole world?
- if you hack an account, do you only take part of the money, and leave some of it there?

About being the "playground bullies", since the formation of PEACE there was a total of 1 war that we started without being attacked. There are at least 15 on your side. You attacked each time, we only counterattacked.

Jozh84 Día 629, 13:37

Im just saying, this wouldn't be the first back-alley treaty made in history. So I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the Spanish government took the easy way out. Look at how the eUK became cowards at PEACE's feet. Just saying it could happen to anyone, and I'm not totally sold on the (Oops!) story.

Jozh84 Día 629, 13:40

You only counter attacked by what? Trying to totally and completely annihilate all that aren't with you? Your actions say exactly what you're about. "Stand with us, or against us! Either way, you'll belong to us!" Is your exact approach to it all. So to try to feed me into this "Anti-Imperialism" bull crap that PEACE tries to sell, spare me. You're anti-imperialist by becoming imperialists yourselves? Ironic? Hypocritical? Enough said.

Jozh84 Día 629, 13:41

@ Clawy

-I never said anyone hacked the accounts.

-Still never claimed anyone hacked any accounts.

-Did I mention I never said anything about hacking?

xsanctusx Día 629, 13:45

Jozh the word you're looking for is: statutory. It's a cycle. One day PEACE forces will be sent back where they came from, and then it's your turn to justify yourself.

BTW, its just a game...

clawy Día 629, 13:47

@Jozh84: we never said we were anti-imperialistic. I personally don't support wars just for the LULZ, and PEACE never did something like this.
Fact is that your alliance attacked us over and over, rejected any peace treaties, so your leaders are to blame for all of this.

I adressed the message about hacking to you, because you said we "were awfull defensive". James Skyrider was the one who actually used the word hack, it was an answer for him too.

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dwight D. Eisenhower Día 629, 13:51

Also, see this article, all profits from this lottery go to u.s. military: <a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dwight D. Eisenhower Día 629, 13:51

Also, see this article, all profits from this lottery go to u.s. military: <a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

James Skyrider
James Skyrider Día 629, 14:00

Yes I did say "hack". But I was repeating what the Spanish government said in their article. Plus I was asking a question.

And @xsanctusx...I have been saying the same thing since shortly after I started playing. PEACE will be knocked off their high horse soon enough, then it will our, or someone elses, turn to step on your ethroat. And on and on it will go. Because this always has and always will reamin true - "Absolute power, corrupts absolutely."

xsanctusx Día 629, 14:03

That's why we are playing war games, to step on each others throat virtually 😃 Much better than IRL... some people should just ease up a little but, this game would be much better.

Jozh84 Día 629, 14:24

xsanctusx - How about easing up and it being just a game? Then why does PEACE tend to bring in matters of United States IRL, in reflection to this game ALL the time? But then wanna cry "ease up it's just a game"?

Medicine needs to be given on both sides.

clawy Día 629, 14:35

@Jozh84: i have seen next to no articles involving RL, except those made by Russians and jokes.

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