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Some questions about training grounds Q3

Día 1,736, 13:29 Publicado en Ireland Irlanda por Duarte Goncalves

Hi everybody!
As everyone knows there are a new promotion regarding the training grounds upgrade. But, I ask, is it good to upgrade the 2nd camp to Q3?

I already have the free and the others 2 at Q3. And my strategy is to earn 5 gold from Super Soldier to spend the gold earned everyday on training.

Is it smart to invest on a camp Q3 spending 1,49 and gain 15 strength?

Right now, 5 gold give me 2 days training 52,5 strength.

My rustic math says that if I maintain the same strategy I will earn the same amount of strength in 2 days and the same amount of gold.

But what chance if I include 5 gold earned from Hard worker medal?

So I ask, if a good soul could present a nice, clear and simple study about the training grounds.

Duarte Gonçalves



castaneda Día 1,736, 14:40

I was asking myself the same question , decided i should buy the q3 option on the 2nd camp . Then realised i had nowhere near the gold needed , my broke ass is broke .

olaf iverstone
olaf iverstone Día 1,736, 16:58

You wont gain money with the one you are talking about, you will lose money, as it takes more gold than you would earn.

Lexone Día 1,736, 18:13

First,second, and fourth q3 and with hw,tp, and ss medals you should be ok. Third training ground is for rich

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Día 1,737, 07:46


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