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ROLO for CP - The Cabinet - YOLO!

Día 1,904, 23:00 Publicado en Canada Canadá por Rolo Tahmasee

This Article will be Short and Sweet

eCanada and the War will carry on. Circumstances aside, The main players over the last term will remain in place and work with me as CP of eCanada to ensure we continue to move forward in the right direction

Here is the Operational Cabinet of a Rolo Presidency

VP - Mary Chan
Minister of WAR - Rylde
Minister of Multies - Venoms III

Circle of Trust - MDP Military Council

Together we will work for the best interests of eCanada

We can do this

Vote Rolo 4 CP




Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Día 1,904, 01:37

good luck

Shere Richard Parker
Shere Richard Parker Día 1,904, 03:02

Dibs on Minister of Silly Walks!

Venerable Día 1,904, 04:37

All CPs should probably put the MC on their platform. Just saying.

Dozzer_x Día 1,904, 04:52

Piei Satano.

Rylde Día 1,904, 06:07

#1 remove circle of trus MDP council from this farce or my whole team quits by no means does MDP affiliate itself with you.

#2 i'll take a 5000 tank donation from yourself to show your committed to CP and the war effort. once you have done so I'll throw 100% support behind you and advise my team to do as well also.

If you don't comply take me off your cabinet all the same to me except my endorsement comes with some votes.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Día 1,904, 06:26

Not enough Quimbie.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Día 1,904, 07:22


Oinyo Día 1,904, 09:35

...... Wow Rolo....
your "Working in the best interest of eCan" is to cut off everyone except the MDP and have them as a "circle of trust"?

What a horrid country splitting idea..
Why not just draw the lines in the sand already and we can destroy eCan with a nice massive domestic war...
Not to be rude but I want to see someone in the big chair that will unite eCan. Not break it even more.

Oinyo Día 1,904, 09:36

I honestly and upset that Rylde is not in the running.. i wont go into details but I honest to god did want to see him have a second term to see what he could do.. Especially after reading the forums in detail yesterday.

yes that is me giving respect to Rylde.

nima2012 Día 1,904, 09:42

iran peoples love you and fight for you
please vote for help to iran

John Stuart Mill
John Stuart Mill Día 1,904, 15:11

Minister of Multies?

Verzus Día 1,904, 17:23


Xichael Día 1,905, 10:06

Did we ever get our gold back?

Yeah, I remember.

Xvidian Día 1,905, 19:48

The right direction of eCanada?
Where do you see us in a month from now?

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