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Repelgeusje / Rumpelgeuskin

Día 1,900, 09:14 Publicado en Netherlands Polonia por PariahDog

Many will agree with the notion that our last president performed poorly. What many do not realize or want to realize is that to every government there is an opposing force. A force so vile that mere mention of its name sends shivers down the spines of innocent children. Be wary, for it sneaks up on you unnoticed. It offers guidance and support, but with it comes a price. A price many are not prepared to pay. That price is not your firstborn, as in the famous fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin, but your allegiance. If you are not prepared to give it, you will be faced with accusations and swift dagger punctures to your backside.

There is only one way to face such evil, and that is with openness. Just like the miller's daughter did to Rumpelstiltskin, I will now call this evil by its name. For may it stomp its vile foot so deep into the ground, the earth beneath it will crumble, and with a mighty roar swallow this useless cyst back into the twisted nether whence it came.

But first, a story. We have time, do we not? Have a seat, warm your feet at the fireplace and drench your thirst with ale.

'Twas not too long ago, my friends... No, in fact, 'twas only last week when my trusty friend and party mate Kamp Amersfoort was readily fulfilling his duties as the esteemed Minister of Defense. He is a peculiar fellow, in that he is devoted and willing to learn in any situation. Lacking experience, as many of us do, mistakes may occur. But by learning from mistakes, my dear friends, we improve. We gain experience, if you will, and with that experience our actions will only increase in effectiveness. Besides, any mistakes he may have made were negligible.

Unfortunately the great and vile evil was lurking below. Poor Kamp Amersfoort had no idea what awaited him, until the very moment he received a letter. A letter sent by them-whom-I-will-not-speak-of. With his hands trembling he opened the envelope and was greeted with what I shall refer to as pure ungratefulness. This pure ungratefulness, one of the many sins of evil, came in the form of a Motion of No Confidence.

Now this motion, my dear friends, comes with a history. As do many things, but I digress. When the Dutch People's Party was just a young fledgling in the mighty world of Dutch ePolitics, this vile evil already attempted to kidnap our metaphorical princess. They tried to snatch our members, nay our very children away from us. A despicable and cowardly act indeed. Luckily our children professed loyalty, bringing light to this backhanded behavior.

Alas, we were forgiving. We spoke to the intrepid leader of evil and promises were made. We would be assisted in learning the tricks of the trade. We were to become good politicians, they promised, and we did. But not thanks to them. To them, 'twas just another promise unfulfilled.

However, relations were set and our future was looking bright. We never mentioned their name in relation to this act, because we honor ourselves to be gentlemen. Now, however, I broke my cane, spit out my pipe, and put on my boxing gloves. They, however, expected to have won our allegiance. When the Dutch People's Party communally decided to back Kimberly instead of her opposition, the vile evil was angered. In fact, it was so angered it decided to do what it does best.

And now we are back to Kamp Amersfoort, motion of no confidence in hand. Before this motion could be accepted, however, our president fell. Not literally, mind you. That might've been funny, rather than dramatic. But again, I digress. She fell, and rightfully so, but not without issue. The next president in line had to decide whom to grant the illustrious position of Minister of Defense. Unfortunately it was not Kamp Amersfoort, for the new president claimed he was bribed. Bribed by Kimberly to vote her into presidency, receiving the minister title in return. Such vile accusations, without evidence!

Yes, my friends. You may have guessed, but I shall state it regardless. Our new president was the very unmajestic evil, the relentless and dark leader of them-whose-name-I-shall-not-mention (just yet. Hey, I need to create tension!). Agitated by his loss at the previous elections by our hands he had come for vengeance. Vengeance coated in cheap lies and excuses. He was mad for we had not chosen him, but his opponent. Had it been him we chose, we would have foregone these accusations (and perhaps be stabbed in the back at some later point in time).

Listen well, for this knowledge may serve you some day. If you do not play along with evil, it will turn its back on you. And only when you have turned your back to where you can no longer see it, it will stab you. It will stab you relentlessly and not let go. I, however, shall not bow to evil. I will fight it no matter how many knives are firmly lodged in or near my vertebrae, and call it by the name it wants none of us to hear.

Hear me, vile evil, I know thy name! For thou art Rumpelgeuskin, betrayer and representative of incompetence. May you sink into the ground as your predecessor, Rumpelstiltskin, did! And to you, my listener, I hope this story serves you well, so you may never fall for the trickery that Rumpelgeuskin and its leadership has in store for you.

They promise fun, but believe me.. their perception of fun is not what we are waiting for.

Be well.

~ Signed, PariahDog.



Dave Brinkman
Dave Brinkman Día 1,900, 09:22


Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Día 1,900, 09:36


Cubby Día 1,900, 09:48


Bautista Diego Reyes
Bautista Diego Reyes Día 1,900, 10:08


Zeeuwsmeisje Día 1,900, 11:04

Great imagination and story telling skills. Too bad you don't use it to create unity in our already divided country.

PariahDog Día 1,900, 11:38

No no, Zeeuwsmeisje, you misunderstand. The story may be dressed as a fairy tale, but unfortunately none of it is imaginary.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Día 1,900, 12:06

So because one member of Congress files a MoNC, the whole party is bad? I was president of this country for 6 months in a row, people of all parties where in my cabinets. Even your own member Kamp amersfoort!
So please think again bofore you go any further with this hetze against de Geuzen.

Tijl Uilenspiegel
Tijl Uilenspiegel Día 1,900, 12:20

well JM did falsely accuse KA of taking a bribe and he is PP of GPN.
As a pp you are the spokesperson for your party, so criticising GPN is not totally uncalled for.
Maybe he should choose his words more carefully next time and only accuse ppl if he has the proof

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Día 1,900, 12:25

Fear not, for I shall keep my minions in line as the great leader of lies and darkness.

As my first act I dragged down Kamp Amersfoort from the light and into the darkness where I reinstated him under my corrupt ministry. Now he is a full fledgeling of darkness and cannot be tainted by the pure way of the light. Be warned good doer!

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Día 1,900, 12:28

You guys forgot to put the rest of what your quoting me for. You only quoted half a sentence. Please read everything next time!

Viglius Día 1,900, 12:34

V+S A little bit of an overreaction in my opinion, but fairy tales are allowed to be dramatic. Great writing skills, though, keep writing please! ^^

PariahDog Día 1,900, 12:59

Dear Joshua,

Lets look at your comment then, by looking at it from a different point of view: "As I fearlessly walked through the dark alley GPN calls their home, I saw Joshua Morriseau ruthlessly slaughtering a puppy, yet my eyes deceived me. What I first believed to be a heap of trash, turned out to be a heap of dead puppies, all ruthlessly butchered by the one most vile! But there is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion". See where I'm going? I can just tack "There is nothing wrong with that, imo" behind everything I type, but it will still be perceived as something bad.

Besides, you're mixing up causality. Kimberly did not receive our votes because of Kamp's position, but we decided to back Kimberly and approached her for a position. We would have done the same had we decided to back you instead. After all, without experiencing government positions how is he to ever perform well as a president? We do not strive presidency through incompetence, otherwise Kamp would have run for president himself.

These decisions are mine, as I advised them to Kamp. Are you saying I am wrong? The Gods be forgiven if you are, for I am at this very moment wielding my verbal boxing gloves, and do you realize how difficult it is to retrieve my pipe with these things on?

I would furthermore like to stress that this is not about your decision to remove Kamp as MoD. You are in your full right to do so as president. However, you would have fared better had you not blamed him for bribery. Even if you don't think bribery is bad, many will disagree.

Which brings me to my next point. Would we really want someone representing us who doesn't mind bribery? Shame on you, Joshua, shame on you. Then again, I would have expected nothing less from an adversary so vile he'd brutally maim puppies!

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Día 1,900, 14:52

Dog, I just had a talk with kamp amersfoort, and I don't think he supports your hate campaign and the lies about Joshua. For the love of our country, stop your blind hate. Aim it at the pink bastards that occupy our beloved country.

PariahDog Día 1,900, 15:15

Reinier, I am afraid you must have misunderstood a few things. For one, this is not a hate campaign. Hate is a rather strong word, which, if I may add, I have never once mentioned in my entire article. It is also hard to call my one article a campaign, but you're free to think that if you'd like. As you may (or may not) have noticed, the article is written in a fairy tale-like fashion, so the words "vile evil" and the later mentioned "puppy slaughtering" are all works of fiction, yet the message behind the article is not. Perhaps you also think I am really wearing boxing gloves while typing this? Although I am, admittedly, pretty awesome, I am not capable of typing with gloves on.

That said, if you have a problem with my article, you should perhaps discuss it with me rather than with Kamp Amersfoort. Although he is the primary protagonist of my story, the opinion behind it is my own. He is, of course, free to share that opinion with me, as is anyone else. I am fairly certain that he supports my point of view, however, but that should not be an argument against my own view.

Last but not least, if you would be so kind as to point out the lies you so carefully mentioned I may address your argument. If you do not, I consider it an unimportant point lacking contribution to this discussion.

RV93 Día 1,900, 15:26

Great writing PariahDog.

Now, on topic, I believe, your blind hatred against a democratic instrument, I may have used badly, I acknowledge, is as bad as the choice I made.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth... I guess. Well, I acknowledge it was not the best choice and action, but then again, please don't let hatred consume you.

nutty fox
nutty fox Día 1,901, 03:12

v +s great skills in writing and the way it was implemented as a story wow ! ! ! of course not commenting the political side since know nothing about that.

Dutchys Día 1,901, 03:25

speaking as a newb: eNL is 3/4 in the hands of polish people, there are only few dutch players and the few that are playing the game are fighting amongst themselves? Why are there 5 different parties? Why not create 1 (or perhaps 2, for a left and a right wing). Power in unity or something like that? For I like to live in another part of the NL then Friesland or Groningen...

Kordak Día 1,901, 03:31


PariahDog Día 1,901, 03:37

@Dutchys As much as I'd like to see that, I unfortunately don't think even a unified Netherlands can accomplish that. I think we need to drop the whole patriotism act (as much as I like it), and just crawl in the dirt for a while in order to rebuild ourselves. The pink void swallows all in its path, and with our size and allies there is not much we can do.

Although not everyone would agree with me. If another solution works, though, I'm fine with that too.

Thank you for the compliments, nutty fox.

Tijl Uilenspiegel
Tijl Uilenspiegel Día 1,901, 04:38

Pariahdog is right in his last comment. we might be politicaly divided, we always stand united against Poland. I don't think being politicaly united will have any influance in our lands being occupied.
The only thing that has is sheer numbers of civilians. Which leads us back to the start of this discussion

Gwom Día 1,901, 04:48

I think that it was a bit suspicious that there were 2 Motions of No Confidence running against the CP and the VP at the same time, both started by a GPN member...

Dutchys Día 1,901, 04:49

well, as a new player, the game seems a little les playable if there is so much strive within the ranks of my own nation. Seems to me that all this energy should be directed elsewere. Not nesseseraly (difficult word) with the goal of freeing all other regions but to have fun together.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Día 1,901, 05:11


The MoNC against Kim was not started by a GPN member. The MoNC started against Kim was done by I&W and Odan. The MoNC against Kamp was done by RV93 in which he stopped and released an apology for.

RV93 Día 1,901, 05:57

@Gwom: The MoNC against Kimberly was started by Odan from Iron and Wine, but I was the one who 'delivered' and 'revealed' the truth about Kimberly McCullough, yes. And I think you should thank me for it.

About the MoNC against Kamp; it was a MoNC on Kamp on his Minister of Defense position, not as Prime Minister, and yes, I have apologized for the action.

Kazziman Día 1,901, 06:34


You got a point there. We are just having great hatered politics here, and yes we all want the pink monster be gone, but hey, who is actually doing something about it?

We are all typing about nonsens and we have still just 1 region.

What if we had put all that energy into contacting other countries who suffer under the tirany of ePoland?

I garantee you that we will get our regions much sooner back if we do that instead of typing nonsens about actually nonsens.

Nice, politics, but about what do we have to talk? We only just have 1 region... 😑...

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Día 1,901, 11:42

#Kazziman; I'm still making those contacts, now as MoFA, and anyone willing to help me is welcome, I don't care from wich party you are, I never did. Although this rabbies dog keeps on accusing me of the oposite.

ElGorro Día 1,901, 12:01

Nice example mister MoFA you making, check

FrankieVB Día 1,901, 12:34

As i commented elsewhere earlier: I'm sick and tired of the continuous generalisations on ALL sides. If you have issues with a certain person or with the actions of a certain person then take it up with them and don't turn it into a full-blown war between political or other parties.

@ Van Speijk & ElGorro: there is clearly bad blood between the two of you... very bad blood. I suggest you take it outside and solve it between yourselves and stop bothering the rest of us with your continuous bickering.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Día 1,901, 15:27

@ Van Speijk & ElGorro: there is clearly bad blood between the two of you... very bad blood. I suggest you take it outside and solve it between yourselves and stop bothering the rest of us with your continuous bickering


Tijl Uilenspiegel
Tijl Uilenspiegel Día 1,901, 17:18

as long as the law isn't changed, these conflicts will return in the future, chasing ppl away from eNL

DimlightHero Día 1,902, 06:30

This article made me poop pennies,

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