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Quitting, sharing the goldzz

Día 1,921, 01:17 Publicado en Netherlands Países Bajos por Kixtart
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As you could read in my last article I'm quitting after 5 years of playing ( The last remaining question for many: Where does the gold go to?!! Can I have some gold??!! 🙂

I've donated this around:
Aries Prime: 10500 NLG & 6165 food raw - He was lucky 🙂 Wanted to donate the raw, but he mentioned he didn't have much room. The money is enough for some storage upgrades.
Rikw: about 350gold in NLG to be able to donate it all without the 10g max - Most of the gold I gained in this game came from him, so donating some to him after discussing the amount 🙂

eNL state: 300gold & 5000 nlg - Because eNL rocks! Still pending to donate through monetary market. Don't waste it 🙂

The only thing left to say, Duck!


james janeway
james janeway Día 1,921, 02:58

O, o, o, o..

RikW Día 1,921, 03:17

Sad to see you go 🙁

djirtsdew Día 1,921, 04:41

Indeed, we'll miss you...

Master Goku
Master Goku Día 1,921, 06:17

You was a great player 🙂 , Good Bye 😨

Master Goku
Master Goku Día 1,921, 06:17

D :

Vlam Día 1,921, 08:12


Aries Prime
Aries Prime Día 1,921, 08:26



FikkieHo Día 1,921, 10:03

Hmm.. then your old account should have crap load of gold from my account too. Anyways, bye bye!

Shibitah Día 1,921, 10:29

Goodbye bro!

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Día 1,921, 11:31

Maybe you can give your account to a promissing newby? Would be a shame to lose a GoW for eNL!

odan Día 1,921, 14:41

that would be illegal.

SKYJACKED Día 1,921, 11:55

veel geluk en t blijft jammer dat je er genoeg van hebt ......maar veel geluk en gezondheid in RL

Gepard007 Día 1,921, 13:03

Hm I had someone who played from my link but I never got even close to that gold 😃 Omg 😃

Kordak Día 1,921, 13:25

Quack goodluck in rl

Djoks Día 1,922, 10:59


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