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Día 1,895, 05:41 Publicado en United Kingdom Reino Unido por Department for Education

I am stepping down as MoLA so that someone new can take over for the new Congress. I would like to explain the current systems for the person who takes over.
Having tried being neutral for two months, I just feel bored by the relentless attacks when I’m trying to do the right thing so I want to step back into a more political role to fight these people once more.

We have a fairly simple but increasingly effective Citizenship System. The more Congressmen become aware of it and are educated about it, the better it will get.

Citizens wanting eUK Citizenship fill this in:

Congressmen wanting advice on who to accept read this:

That's it!

Citizens and Groups who want to give Citizenship advice can apply to the Government to have space on the spreadsheet to place their advice. Anyone can get involved and take part if they want to, from interested individuals to the Government and legislation committees. Everyone has an equal say.

Because it is advice Congressmen are not forced to follow it unless their PPs choose to make them, but why wouldn't they look at all of the information offered to them? Making citizenship advice useful and not authoritarian is the way to get everyone on board.

Everything is public so if a Congressman does accept someone they have been advised not to, you can see exactly what the advice was and who they accepted. If they make a bad call them their PPs can deselect them next month, if they make a good call then they are not flamed and punished.

The MoLA needs to friend every Government and Congress member to set up in game group PMs for quick and visible Government announcements. This can also be used for sensitive discussion when needed.

There is also a private Congress IRC channel which every Congressman and Government members needs access to.

Weekly MoLA reports help to inform everyone what has been happening and what will happen next.

More work is needed to get more Congressmen active and informed about issues; this is the responsibility of the MoLA, Party Presidents and Congressmen themselves. The MoLA needs to get into the game and help Congressmen where they choose to play rather than the past where everyone was forced onto a forum or ignored.

It is up to the MoLA to manage how to deal with changes proposed by UK Citizens. A smoothly running system has not been found so far, but whatever changes happen here they must be accessible to all players and not just a minority.

Normally Congressmen are given at least 48 Hours to discuss a change and 20 Sponsors seems a good amount to filter out unsupported proposals and make people work for support on their policies. Then there is a vote for usually another 48 hours.

Current Status
As of 27/01/2012 / Day 1895 this is where I feel that the MoLA is for the next Minister to make improvements:

Citizenship: Good.
Has good feedback, is being updated regularly by vMoLA Sven Goran and is mostly being followed. A Citizenship Blacklist has been recently added so it's versatile too!

It can only be improved by getting even more people using it and making it our stable Citizenship System long term. I am worried that some want to go back to just having a forum thread with "Yes" and "No" in it and hope that there is a fight to keep this.

This is a huge improvement on the previous systems which were very heavy handed causing many Congressmen to not use it at all.

Communication: Satisfactory.
Information is getting through to Congressmen and some of them even read it!

This needs to be improved by having more effort put in from the Congress/Party President side. This is one of the reasons why I am stepping down as MoLA, I will be working on this from the Party/Congress side.

Some past MoLAs had the same system which had the same problems so no improvement there. Some had no system and just sat on a forum waiting for things to happen, so improvement over that has definitely been achieved.

Proposals: Poor.
While we have been getting significantly more proposals, many people didn't understand the concept of advisory votes and some Ministers didn't inform congress enough to get their point of view heard.

The drama and arguing has to be removed from this somehow, but it's been like this for years. I think that just leaving things up to Ministers is the right thing to do and just not have a proposals system at all. This will mean that players have to get more involved in Ministries to get their ideas implemented, which can only be a good thing!

Improvement has been matched with new problems so I am very unhappy with this area of MoLA. Some will now try to bring back fake legal document insanity which will only be followed by very few, so watch out for that.

- Sage Goku, Minister of Legislative Affairs



Sambo112 Día 1,895, 05:44

You've done a great job and taken a lot of stick for it. Sad to you go for now but hope you come back stronger

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,895, 05:47

Thank you!

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Día 1,895, 05:54

You done a great job !

Spygon Día 1,895, 05:56

How can you say "Citizenship: Good" when PPs are ignoring you repeatably.

Alphabethis Día 1,895, 06:11

voted, excellent job. you have proved you can do great services to eUK. and lots of innovation and great activity level have been achieved. You have set a benchmark here.

alexg737 Día 1,895, 06:13

You done a great job ! x2

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Día 1,895, 06:32

Given that you said there was no debate outside of article comments and the forums last month on IRC, I'd say communication is poor at best. Look at the current raft of proposals - how many of them have been debated? We're also missing the previous two MoLA reports, the last one was 13 days ago.

Since you removed the forum system you seem to have abandoned the in game stuff, and the UK is poorer for it.

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Día 1,895, 06:34

Best MoLA in my 3 years playing this game.

Sexagenarian Día 1,895, 08:11

Illegitimi non carborundum

Joku Gones
Joku Gones Día 1,895, 08:42

I like the sponsorship raise, actually feels like there's some degree of challenge to amass the sponsors now, whereas any old idea that wasn't too daft could get ten. Have to see fi it has any effect though

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,895, 09:03

Well Danie I basically quit the job 2 weeks ago and couldn't bring myself to log in after several weeks of sustained attacks from your group, all because I tried to integrate the stuff you guys wanted back into MoLA. Yes, January term has been a MoLA disaster.

Hopefully with a new Congress and new MoLA the improvements I made after the fantastic term in December can continue. I don't want to do it anymore because dealing with certain players is just so unrelentingly awful - they are always right and you always wrong.

I hope you can see that I am handing over improvements to my succsessor and being honest with what is and isn't working well. I'm not whitewashing it and pretending all is fantastic, but it's not as bleak as you put it. I leave behind something to build on, where I was handed over literally nothing by my predessesor.

Some of you may take it as a victory but remember the media war, I am free now to confront your destructive antics.

Delete acc
Delete acc Día 1,896, 23:11

You done a great job ! x3

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