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TOP UK MU's and what they offer

I have got together a list of what i believe are the eUK’s Top 12 MU’s
I was not asked to do this but would like to thank all those that provided information for this article.
This in no way is to get people to chop and change MU’s but to advise people of where are MU’s are at and help New players choose where they want to join.

DISCLAIMER if you aren't happy that your MU isn't here then prove to me why they should be and i will include in next article. My article are always a bit of FUN so don’t take any offense if something is incorrect. A lot of these MU’s aren’t recruiting so please message Commander before joining

You can view the MU’s by clicking on the image's or message the commander by clicking on their name.

Commander - Carlini8


The Legion offer Commune’s at 10cc a day
There top tier receive 16 Q7’s tanks sent daily
Food and Weapons are available on request
5 Q7’s reward for any medal earned
No organised strikes

Commander - Don Dapper


They have some commune work for players
Q7 Supplies are handed out via the media and on the shout bar normal levels from 5-16 q7 but supplies are unlimited (Info may need to be provided if requesting a large amount of supplies)
All members receive 400 food a day
Strike’s held every Wednesday

Commander - alittlec4


TUP offer no commune
Free Food to anyone that needs it
Occasional Weapon hand out’s
No organised strikes

Commander - Garth Lidlington


The Navy offer commune’s at 10cc aday
They receive 14 Q6’s tanks Daily on a weekly drop
Food and Weapons are available on request
Strike are on a Sunday 3pm - 7pm Supply Package of Q7 tanks and Q5 food

Commander - FragUK


Tank Nation have no Commune however
If you increase your Military Rank, your XP level, get a TP medal or you win a CH-BH medal.
Division (1) National Guard - 10 Q7 Tanks
Division (2) Soldiers - 15 Q7 Tanks
Division (3) Special Forces - 20 Q7 Tanks
Division (4) Tanks - 20 Q7 Tanks
They have Daily Food Drops and random food and weapon drops, and supplies available if requested
They have Strike’s every Saturday

Commander - Firefox30


Dentist offer communes at 1cc
Supplies are 10 Q7’s a day sent weekly
Food is available on request
20 Q7’s if Military Level up
Hold strikes on a random basis

Commander - Nathaner


Sentinals have a commune at 50cc
Supplies are 15 Q7’s a day sent weekly
Food is also sent
Currently no strike but they are working on it.

Commander - Irv Noyb


Liberty have no commune however
They have a daily aupply drop of 10 Q7s and 600 energy for all members
No organised strikes

Commander - Sir Botham


People’s Army offer a commune at 0.10 cc
Supplies are 472 Q5’s food and 74 Q7’s weapons sent each Sunday
A daily call to arms of 4 Q7’s weapons 10 Q7’s if the person is in the PCP
Sunday call to arms of 6 Q7's and 20 Q7’s if the person is in the PCP
Food and Weapons available if requested.
No organised strikes

Commander - Jack Jockson


The Cavalry have job’s at 35cc
That’s it rest is independent

Commander - Rory Winterbourne


Funky have no commune however they offer
8-9 Q7’s a day or 20 Q6’s
Top 3 Fighter ever day are rewarded with 5Q7’s
Food and Weapons are available on request
There is a competition between Regiment 1 and Regiment 2 for the most kills each week the regiment that wins gets cc to help supply their members with even more
They have strike’s every Sunday

Commander - jny123


Imperial Guard have different level of commune’s
Supplies are 30Q1 weps and 100Q1 food, this is soon to improve. They are sent every week on a Friday
Food and Weapons are available on request
They have strike’s every Sunday all attendees receive 10Q7



mick cain
mick cain Día 1,912, 07:59

good info for new players,well done

LongShotzZ Día 1,912, 08:13

Well done D! : )

kdoggroundtwo Día 1,912, 08:27

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Keep Calm
Keep Calm Día 1,912, 09:07

Nice one. Well done. o7

WayneKerr Día 1,912, 09:46

DC supply is weekly...

D I W Día 1,912, 09:55


lancer450 Día 1,912, 10:17

Nice job. : )

Sven Goran Duran-Duran Día 1,912, 10:24

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Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Día 1,912, 10:25

nice article, voted

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Día 1,912, 10:29

Strength and Honour

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Día 1,912, 11:06

Great info...good article \o/

Cindy021 Día 1,912, 14:14

v23 o7

FragUK Día 1,912, 15:53

nice, good info o7

Bohemond4 Día 1,912, 22:30

good article, voted

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Día 1,913, 06:51

Thanks Good Stuff !

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The Legion o>

Thanks, voted.

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