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January MoLA Report - Week 1

Día 1,882, 12:05 Publicado en United Kingdom Reino Unido por Department for Education

Law Proposals
Here is the list of Laws which Congress has voted on in the last week.

The MoFA prepared the following alliances for us. We have a mix of big and old countries to protect us and similar countries for mutual protection.

Slovakia - Accepted.
Latvia - Accepted.
Bulgaria - Accepted.
Indonesia - Accepted.
Hungary - Accepted.

In addition Lancer450//UKPP proposed an alliance with Australia. This was paid for by the proposer and went through the MoLA discussion/sponsor system. A vote was then started by the CP of Australia without telling anyone which was unexpected.

Australia - Accepted.

There was a miscommunication in that I thought that the MoFA would tell me if this needed voting down and the MoFA thought that it would be voted down automatically. Issues between Australia and Indonesia were then disclosed. I apologise for keeping proposals at arm’s length and will be taking more care in future to check them out.

TheSocialist//ESO proposed that the Minimum Wage be slightly increased from 0.1GBP to 0.5GBP which is basically a small tax increase on Military Unit Communes - Accepted.

Talon Karrde//TUP proposed that VAT be raised from 10% to 15% to pay for Government Programmes - Accepted.

Several Congressmen proposed undiscussed Income Tax cuts and rises - Rejected.

War & Peace:
Peace - Ireland:
Our Training War with Ireland is complete - Accepted.

War - Norway:
Keep up to date with the Media to find out why and what progress we are making - Accepted.

Other Votes:
Right click and paste broken links into your browser window. Several people, mainly TUP and UKPP members did not understand the concept of a Congress Vote and Bohemond//TUP tried to bias one of the votes by posting comments in the vote and not the appropriate discussion area.

1. Cap the Call To Arms Weapons Donations to lv36 (Divisions 1-3 only).
Proposed by Mick Cain, Discussion Link.
8 YES, 13 NO - Rejected.

2. Mr. Woldy is the King of eUK.
Proposed by multiple people, Discussion Link.
13 YES, 7 NO, 1 Abstain - Accepted.

3. Bank of England to start an Investment and Loans Bank for Citizens.
Proposed by John Maverick, Discussion Link.
14 YES, 7 NO - It is up to the CP & MoF to agree to and implement this.

Citizenship Passes
PM me if you would like to be a citizenship judge and have space to place your judgements on the spread sheet.
PM Nebojsa if you would like to be part of his citizenship committee on the eUK Community Forums.

The 16 Citizenship Applications which have been made in the last week can be seen here:

7 players entered the country after being rejected by all Citizenship Judges or didn't fill in the Citizenship Application Form. These Congressmen did not follow the system and now we are missing vital information about who is entering the country and may even have potential PTOers with us:

Sir Nick Griffin//UKPP
Bogdan Vladuca//UKRP

You judge if they made a good call or not. John Maverick was let in by Sir Nick last month without following the system and has so far been proving to be a pretty active and constructive citizen.

6 players entered the country after filling in the Citizenship Application Form and being accepted by the Citizenship Judges. Thanks to these Congressmen for doing the right thing:

Sven Goran Duran-Duran//PCP&NE
Dr Hugh Jardon//NE

56% of Applications were handled following the new system this is down nearly 30% so I hope that we get some corrections in. Only 46% of Immigrants passed the checks so we will do more work to improve, advertise and run the Citizenship System in the coming weeks. vMoLA Sven has taken over and will be dedicating his work to this 🙂

Future Updates
MoLA was based totally in game last term. Most people considered it a success and I was very happy in the job.

We got taken by surprise with some forum reforms which meant that we tried to base the MoLA both in game and on the Kumnaa Forums and tentatively move towards more integration and eventually advertising the forum. This has lasted just over a week.

It failed.

MoLA work has been damaged and I have had my energy and enthusiasm sapped. There is just too strong a coalition players there from the same parties who want to see the Government fail and will create and exaggerate issues to make it happen, you know who you are and what organisations you are in. It was just a waste of time dealing with petty and trivial issues stopping the real work from happening.

I will be reforming the MoLA back to the previous in game state with extra presence in the media and wiki. I will also be encouraging forum people to use the in game communication functions like Articles, as many of their complaints were down to them not reading Top 5 articles during their two days in the media.

If it all runs smoothly again I will then be looking at new projects for which I have a few ideas 🙂

- Sage Goku, Minister of Legislative Affairs


Jimbojoy Día 1,882, 12:13

Bogdan Vladuca is UKRP not TUP.

Jimbojoy Día 1,882, 12:13

oh, and Bob Save the King : P

Department for Education
Department for Education Día 1,882, 12:16


BigAnt Día 1,882, 12:16

good work Mr MoLA

WayneKerr Día 1,882, 12:19

Idea for you Goku, just do what needs to be done on the forum and leave it at that. Stop getting involved, cuz they push your buttons and they know they do. So rather then forgo the forums, just open a thread for the discussion and walk away from it.

Darkmantle Día 1,882, 12:19

"MoLA work has been damaged" - I don't see how considering you don't DO any work on the forums.

I also like the fact you had about 50% voting attendance. Pretty low.

You must be doing oh so good 😉

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,882, 12:25

Probally a mix of the topics being voted on and the voting method being "less official", which was changed in the first place because of feedback from forum people. We will look at that. Damned if you do and damned if you don't!

I did lots of forum work most of which was wasting time with your inane flaming Darkmantle.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Día 1,882, 12:30

I echo Wayne's words Goku. You are doing a great job and we appreciate all your efforts O7

BigAnt Día 1,882, 12:32

65% 4 weeks ago(Ingame). 78% 2 weeks ago(ingame). 53% this time(Forums).

makes your point invalid mantle

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,882, 12:35

To clarify thats all 3 votes done by googledoc/comments, but for the first two MoLA was ingame only and the last one was after MoLA was also operating on the forums.

The amount of time the forums wasted hurt the ingame functions of MoLA.

lancer450 Día 1,882, 13:09


Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Día 1,882, 13:21

Voted and supported.

Alphabethis Día 1,882, 13:44

voted and supported... you have to learn to calm down,... goku...and cold blooded

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,882, 13:57

I was fine to start with, the incessent negativity just wore me down. First time I snapped and posted a sarcastic comment I backed off which led to this.

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Día 1,882, 14:41

Spygon Día 1,882, 16:11

So my all parts of my accepted proposal has been ignored now good job.

Sir Nick constantly is letting people in illegally after i requested for stronger immigration controls that was accepted.But i guess having one person illegally enter running the MOLA he doesn't want to focus on that subject too long.

WayneKerr Día 1,882, 17:33

Sir Nick is following UKPP Congress rules to the letter... Nothing illegal about them at all.

Spygon Día 1,883, 00:15

Why have an Citizenship Application and judges if party rules just ignore them and why do we have an MOLA when some parties are like well the rules don't apply to us we can do what we want without them facing any consequences.

As this is showing that the UKPP don't care about the eUK and want to push the divide in the country bigger.

We all know that if this was a different party repeatedly doing this there would be uproar.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,883, 09:24

Why are you focusing on Sir Nick? Every major party bar PCP let someone in "illegally".

Onlys PPs can enforce sanctions.

Spygon Día 1,883, 11:45

Because he has repeatedly let people in. i can understand a rogue proposal once in a while but every month his name is in this report he makes a mockery of the citizen Application process and he is in charge of the party.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Día 1,884, 04:14

Forum activity may be lower because you tell people who listen to you not to use them... seemingly because people who use them don't listen to you. A vicious circle.

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