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Interview with eJapanese citizens || Interjú eJapán polgárokkal

Día 1,846, 05:37 Publicado en Hungary Hungría por Anorna Sharnath

Minasan konnichiwa.

(A magyar verziót itt olvashatod.)

I have been working on making an interview with some important eJapanese citizens. Finally, after weeks of planning, I mustered up my courage to write letters to them, and they were kind enough to reply to me, and so the interview article has been born. This will be divided into 3 parts, as I have made 7 interviews and it would be too long to cramp them into one article.

I would like to make a suggestion as well. If you are not an ejapanese citizen, but you would like to become one, you will be able to apply for citizenship. At the moment, the Japanese immigration law is under debate by their congress, but I hope it will take effect in the near future, and those who would like to go out there and help them, or just want to be there and hang out with the nice people, that live there, will be able to do it.

Now then, lets move on to the main part, which are the interviews themselves. In this first part I will show you the interview I made with Koppányi Ferenc, the new/old CP, under whose rule Japan freed itself and got back 4 territories and Oraizan, who was the MoFA last month and also the opponent, in the latest CP elections.

The first interview is the one, I made with Koppányi Ferenc.

-For starters, I would like to congratulate you on your succes in the presidental election. You won it with overwhelming advantage. What do you think, how did you achieve such a good result?

Koppányi Ferenc: My first presidental cycle began with eJapan wiped from the maps of erepublik, and at the end, we got back 4 regions. So yeah, I have achieved something 🙂 In August the CP at that time went mental, and attacked Taiwan (eROC). This resulted in the obvious outcome: we were wiped. After I have been elected in a close match last month, I started working on how to liberate eJapan. For this I needed outside help, and to be honest with you, I was really lucky. A polish MU - named TerazMy - knocked on my door and said to me, that they will free us from the eROC on the polish independence day. After that Brasil and the USA attacked Taiwan and now we are in a better position to talk with them.

-Could you say a few words about your current cabinet?

Koppányi Ferenc: I am working with old players that i truest. Geezus and Darshu are my closest buddies. Both of them are hungarians irl. For the others, I gave them some symbolic positions, because i don't want to see them in the opposition. I am still searching for a new MoFA, as I lost my faith in the previous one.

-What are your plans for the future?

Koppányi Ferenc: The most important thing is to get new and active players which would also help with our economy. But we need to pay attention to certian groups, that would like to immigrate to eJapan with large numbers, and that could mean trouble for us. Also we need to pay close attention to the USA-Brazil vs eROC wars, and if the time is right, get some more regions back.

-If there is anything else you would like to add or say, please feel free to do so.

Koppányi Ferenc: I would like to give an advice to TWO-CoT countries. They should deal with the coratians in Asia, and then do something about China. Without breaking the might of the chinese, nothing can start in the long run.

Once again I would like to thank Koppányi for his time and his answers.
Now lets see our other guest, Oraizans interview.

- Hello Oraizan! Could you tell us something about yourself?

Oraizan: I'm a Swedish girl currently residing in Canada. My job IRL keeps me very busy. My main hobby is playing video-games. Most recently I was playing Dota 2, but asied from Battlefield 3 I mostly play single player games. I've been in eRepublik almost 4 years now, and eJapan for a majority of that time. (I've spent some time in eAustria for ATO efforts, to help friends)

- In the CP elections, you were the only real opponent to Koppányi, even though you lost, you still managed to get 32% of the votes. Do you plan to nominate yourself again, in the next month? If yes, what do you think you need to do, in order to get more support?

Oraizan: I recieved many more votes than I should have as official support left me at 36 max, and I recieved 57 so I call this election a success. My main concern was that nobody was camaigning, not even the president at the time who ran again. Activity is important for us, as it's hard to find citizens that put effort into our country. My second concern was more important, that we did not have a legitimate candidate on the ballot for second place. The current president is hungarian, if hungary was to have a natural disaster IRL and he lost internet, we would be stuck without a president and likely cabinet. (as most of the cabinet is also IRL Hungarian) If there is anything to change, it is that I must candidate and campaign sooner. I only started 3-4 days before the election, and it did not give people enough time to work out who to support.

-Now that you are out of the government, what do you plan to do? What do you think, what does your country need the most at the moment?

Oraizan: My main focus this month is my party. You can find more information here: but it's outdated. We're a global party so I'm working on setting up forums for our citizens that aren't in eJapan. We are also teaming up with another eJapanese party to start a national radio show. We're also starting a program to advertise and bring in new players for eJapan, hoping for Japanese speakers and/or IRL Japanese mainly. This is to stop them from being a minority.

- The second to last question is about my country. You were also the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the last term. So, what do you think about eHungary?

Oraizan: It was not my first time in FA, and also not my first time working with eHungary. I have been many titles here in eJapan, MoFA being my strong point. But also (as I said above) I was in eAustria at a time where they were constantly fighting off a PTO. At the time I had to work with Hungary for land swaps, but also debate over Burgenland. eHungary was always kind to small countries and in my experience they have been very reasonable and kind to me. Thus, I have nothing but respect for eHungary and it's government's which I have worked with.

- And lastly, if there i anything you would like to say or add, please feel free to do so.

Oraizan: I am not in government this term so I do not speak for them, but I can say one thing. eJapan is very greatful for all the help we recieved this past month. I personally worked very hard for the freedom of eJapan, possibly the hardest out of the citizens involved. To have so much support from prominent countries like eHungary, leaves a very good feeling with eJapanese citizens, and myself. Thank you for being our friend this past month, and please continue to stay our friend for many years to come. Thank you for the interview Shiranui94, and thank you for giving me a chance to express my gratitude.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Oraizan for putting up with me and my questions 🙂

I hope the readers liked this article. If you are interested in the other interviews I made, stay tuned, they will come out in the next week.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to Koppányi and Oraizan for answering my question.

I wish you both luck. And to the readers to have fun in the game.


Shiranui 94


Zodiarque Día 1,846, 05:54

This is a great article... Each response says a lot about the respective authors and their ways to act and think...

Nice job. Keep up with the good work and may our friendship last for a thousand years !!

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Día 1,846, 06:40


Darshu Día 1,846, 06:41

We'll see.

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Día 1,846, 07:07


Hakaisha Día 1,846, 17:56

Ah quite interesting thank you.

Shirobu Día 1,847, 23:24

Nice interview, see you next week.

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Día 1,850, 04:53


Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Día 1,854, 06:11


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