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Ian E Coleman: New Newspaper

Día 1,828, 18:38 Publicado en Ireland Irlanda por Ian E CoIeman

Hello eIreland,
Just a notice that since I'm now starting from scratch, I've created my new newspaper where all of my future articles will be published.

My first contribution to my new paper will just be to re-publish a number of old articles for safe keeping. I'm thinking mostly, this will just be any guides and information articles that are still relevant.

Once that's been done, I should have fresh articles on the way. I've been wanting to do an article outlining the eRepublik political spectrum, so that may be my next new project.

For anyone who's curious, you can view my old newspaper The Coleman Global here. I'll be continuing to label each article "est. 2010" since that's still how long I've been an author here.

Thanks for reading!

Ian E Coleman



Sean Power
Sean Power Día 1,828, 18:41

Waiting for the hundreds of votes from the m*lt1$......
Just kidding 😛 Glad to have you back dude o/

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Día 1,828, 18:52

Thanks Sean. It's good to be back too.

collinfigures Día 1,828, 19:02

Welcome back Ian! I'm happy about this, you're one of the best people in Ireland.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Día 1,828, 19:12


Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Día 1,828, 19:29

Thanks Fineo. You've been making an amazing start to your own career as a citizen and author. Keep up the good work!

@Kurgan ???!

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Día 1,828, 22:30

lol^ voted and subbed.

James Keiller
James Keiller Día 1,829, 01:09

Welcome Ian. Great to see new players.

moomoohead Día 1,829, 02:12

welcome back. what happend to you old account?

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Día 1,829, 02:56

lol James, v+s welcome back man

Klynn Día 1,829, 08:57

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Día 1,829, 14:15

welcome back ian

Artaxerxes Pavonis
Artaxerxes Pavonis Día 1,829, 14:32

So um, why the Permaban?

John Gormley
John Gormley Día 1,829, 14:38

Welcome back! V+S

Kurgan, keep silent!

orangejuicemmm Día 1,829, 15:48

So is this the 1st edition?

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Día 1,829, 15:55


MR. HANK SCORPIO Día 1,830, 23:35

Welcome back friend.

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Día 1,830, 11:50

welcome back ! x2

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Día 1,830, 16:53

welcome back \o

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