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Hungarian-Bulgarian Friendship 2.

Día 753, 06:25 Publicado en Hungary Reino Unido por Tabitha Maganti
This is the second version with another picture which is not offending serbs!

A valódi életben a Magyar-Bolgár barátság igen erős,de az oláh támadásnak sikerült össze kovácsolni e két nemzetet eRepublikban is.Mind a kettőnknek vannak eredeti területei romániában (nekünk Erdély és Bánát ,nekik pedig Dobrudzsa).

In real life Hungarian-Bolgarian friendship is very powerfull,but in eRepublik the wlach attack brought us closer.All the two of us have original lands in romania (We huns have Transylvania and Bánát, bulgars have Dobruzha)

Itt az idő rúgjuk seggbe az oláh kecskepásztorokat,és szerezzük vissza ami a miénk!
Lesz még Bukarest Magyar falu!
Újra Magyar zászló fog lebegni a Kárpátok fellett!
Előre bolgárok meg se álljatok Dobrudzsáig!
Egy videó a végére <a href></a> nézzétek meg

P.S: A bolgár Megasztár a legjobb
<a href></a>

Its the time kick the wlach goathsheperds in the ass and reclaim what belong to us!
Bucharest will be a Hungarian village!
Hungarian flag will float high above the Carpaths again!
Bulgarians Dont stop until you reach Dobruzha!
A video for the end <a href></a> whatch it

P.S.:Bulgarian Idol is the best 😃
<a href></a>

Long live Hungarian-Bulgarian friendship!

Köszönöm az olvasást
Thanks for reading



What Bulgaria ? There's no Bulgaria on the map ! Soon , very soon Pannonia will be again romanian land !

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 06:33

It never was romanian 😃 pannonia was hungarian and it will be again

Hunyady Día 753, 06:41

Comentario borrado

Radar.2 Día 753, 07:18


O nesimtire ca asta nu credeam ca o sa vad. Si nimeni nu a comentat nimic. Ce RUSINE.

BernathImi Día 753, 07:24

Jaj-jaj, csúnyát mertek mondani gyönyörű, nyájas népünkre... (Lokátornak) 🙂

Vlad Dumitru Gherasim
Vlad Dumitru Gherasim Día 753, 07:28

Hunyady: Take your pills and go to sleep. Your doctors know you are escape from sanatory.

Kiri II
Kiri II Día 753, 08:03

Mate, you and all your hungarian friends who commented on this article are nothing but some frustrated kids who don't know on which planet they live on... so f*** off and please learn to respect your fellow eR players. Oh and yeah... Long live Trianon 4th of June 1920 😉 If it weren't for Trianon, Budapest would be now in Romania...

Kmerse Día 753, 08:07

Romanians were only shepherds among the hills of the Balkans when Hungarians formed their kingdom. There is not any connection between Romanians and the Dacs, it's a scientific fact. Accept it, it's true.
Anything else is history.
And please, Hungarian mates, really respect your eRep coplayers, and forgot about real life problems outside.
We'll kikc their ass later in reality 😛 (just kidding)

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 08:09

Fuck trianon!
if it werent the soviet army Bucharest would be a hungarian town

kojakk1984 Día 753, 08:19

@Kmerse: where did you come up with the ideea that romanians are not dacs? are you .....?

Adytzu90 Día 753, 08:22

@magyar are you so sure? When Romanian army entered the war and cross the mountains , your army reatreated so fast , like rabbits

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 08:27

After first world war in Hungary the communists took the power and they took the weapon from we didnt have army ,romania great sucksess conquering a coutry with no armies.Btw you even wasent our enemies u backstabbed us.For a Hungarian man Honour is respectable but in Wlachia lies and stealing is good

Kiri II
Kiri II Día 753, 08:28

it's a known fact that the hungarian army was only good at massacrating civilians 😉 without the help of germany hungary wouldn't exist today. oh and another thing... we liberated you from communists in 1919... so please show some respect

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 08:33

U attacked hungary when the war started(then we had armies ready to fight not like in the end when u conquered hungary ) tell me what happened?We pushed back romanian armies to the black sea 😃 and u became neutral so please shut up

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 08:35

We hungarians never massacred civilians like you ,ask yourself how is there so low number of hungarians in transylvania ?becaouse you massacred them !

Kiri II
Kiri II Día 753, 08:37

you didn't germany did. read a little more mate. you army only killed some romanian civilians. your glory days were in the middle ages... honour for a hungarian means killing 40 thousand romanian civilians? or what? this discussion is useless... have a nice day! ps: we colonised romanians in the areas where hungarians lived... no hungarians killed mate 😉

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 08:40

Hungarians didnt kill 40 000 citizents where u read this BS?

Radar.2 Día 753, 08:40

Looool. 2 nationalist arguing on the internet. Hilarious.

Popcorn anyone?

Vlad Dumitru Gherasim
Vlad Dumitru Gherasim Día 753, 08:40

@MagyarHarcos1848: Ha, ha, ha. I personally eat at breakfeast at least an hungarian.

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 08:42

Romanians please vote this arcticle 😃

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 08:44

Vlad i dont understand what u wrote

Kiri II
Kiri II Día 753, 08:46

1940 Treznea massacre c.93 Treznea, N. Transylvania, Hungary Hungarian army massacred Romanian &amp; Jewish civilians
1940 Ip massacre c.100 Ip, N. Transylvania, Hungary Hungarian massacre of Romanian civilians in Northern Transylvania.
<a href="" target="_blank">[..].htm</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]acre</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]acre</a>
these are just 2 🙂 end of discussion

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Día 753, 08:52

It writes about 300 civilians u said 40 000 its not even close
Btw you killed many more then 300 when u occupaid Transylvania.

Kiri II
Kiri II Día 753, 09:00

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
And while they tarried there some while, Tuhutum father of Horca, as he was a shrewd man, when he learned from the inhabitants of the goodness of the land of Transylvania, where Gelou, a certain Vlach, held sway, strove through the grace of Duke Árpád, his lord, to acquire the land of Transylvania for himself and his posterity. (…)
—Chapter 24 of The Deeds of the Hungarians - Of the land of Transylvania

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