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How to -really- beat Serbia? - Analysis

Día 1,871, 10:18 Publicado en Israel Turquía por Angie Varona

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How to -really- bet Serbia? - Analysis

Here we have a little analysis:

Current Situation:

This means that eSerbia is in some countries:
-Bosnia Herzegovina
-Saudi Arabia

8 Countries!!!

I think that never in the History of eRepublik one country have so much foreign territories....At least not that i can remember.

Anyhow....Serbia is a hugh country and the only way to beat them is in group.

Thats why we need a few brave players.

I think we should attack their energy supply on real life, i think they have a coal power plant and a few hidroelectrical plants. We can blow up the coal plant railroad, who supplies the coal to generate energy, and destroy the dam of the hidoelectrical plant:


Location: Obrenovac, Serbia
Date: Winter 2013
Involved Forces: The Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Collateral Damage: None

TPP Nikola Tesla is a power plant complex operated by EPS, located on the right bank of the river Sava, approximately 40 km upstream from Belgrade, near the town of Obrenovac. By far the largest one in Serbia, the complex generates around 16 TWh annuall, which covers almost half of Serbia's needs for electricity.

These power plants use lignite mined from the Kolubara basin as fuel. Coal is transported from the mines via a normal-gauge railroad about 30 km long capable of supplying a total of 37 million tons of coal a year.

A small group of Bosnian commandos will cross the border disguised as shepherds, and then bomb the train tracks that carry the coal to the plant. After that, they will kidnap the technicians in charge of the project, to torture them and remove information.

After that, the Bosnian commandos will travel to Belgrade to meet with members of the French intelligence in a secret operations center, which will report the results of the mission and sent the data obtained from the interrogations.
It's keyon the mission to get information from the technicians about the vulnerabilities of fuel-oil emergency plan, as this will be used in a future mission by the French forces stationed in the area.

Location: Iron Gate , Serbia - Romania
Date: Winter 2013
Involved Forces: Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, Esercito Italiano and Israel Defense Forces
Collateral Damage: Decline of international relations with Romania

The Iron Gate I Hydroelectric Power Station, located at East Serbia, and north of the city of Kladova is the largest dam on the Danube river and one of the largest hydro power plants in Europe. It is located on the Iron Gate gorge, between Romania and Serbia.
The Romanian side of the power station produces approximately 5.65 TWh annually, while the Serbian side of the power station produces 5.4 TWh.

Height: 60 m (200 ft)
Length: 1,278 m (4,193 ft)
Impounds: Danube River

Two platoons of paratroopers occupy the area, removing any defenses in the prey, both from Serbia and Romanian. The first platoon, from Italy, will land from the north of the Danube river, the second platoon, the Sayerets Matkals from Israel, will land on the south side of the river.

After destroying the hidroelectrical plant, the water will cover everything in a 100km radius, so its very important to get clear that some cities like Kladova will be sunk.

Finally, a spy from the French DGSE will destroy the fuel storage of the city of Belgrade by using C4 explosives, according to the key information obtained by the interrogations of the Obrenocac technicias kidnaped by bosnian forces, to prevent the government to run the fuel-oil emergency program inmediatly.

Are two short and fast missions, but Without energy, only a few serbians can login to eRepublik from their cellphones, iPads and Laptops, but just for 2 or 3 days until those ran out of battery.
Whit the entire Serbia offline, we can counterattack all togheter, and they are not going to fight us back, we estimate that all battles will we won without even oposition.

Between 10 or 15 days later, when the electricity comes back, even if all the Serbians start playing again, the more than 5000km2 of flooded grain lands from the east regions of Serbia -due of the destruccion of the dam-, will create a destabilization in the food market, combined with the millions spent on repairs on the power plants and the emergency purchase of natural gas from Rusia to run the electric emergency program, will lead to a unprecedented economic crisis in Serbia, causing many users to sell their computers and cellphones and to cancel their DSL fast connections because of the crisis.


Angie Varona


Rlx Día 1,871, 10:29


Vlad Gordin
Vlad Gordin Día 1,871, 12:07

Most real plan here 🙂

arik2420 Día 1,871, 12:41

Umad? 😛

Chukamika Día 1,871, 13:13


Eysh Día 1,871, 13:30

😉 loving it

449 MAE Air Wing
449 MAE Air Wing Día 1,871, 14:38

You should have covered this article with cat pictures, so outsiders won`t know what this is about.
Or unicorn pictures.
Or cats riding on ninja-unicorns.
Yea, that would be cool.

Angie Varona
Angie Varona Día 1,871, 15:23

Or cats riding on a ninja-unicorn that is riding over a 3-heads dragon.

John TG
John TG Día 1,871, 15:27


Rona1d Día 1,871, 16:14

XDDDD loled

Steveeven Día 1,871, 16:46

Israel in RL did something like this for humanitarian reasons. It is Operation Entebbe. However, to do this just for a game is not wise.

danis1982 Día 1,872, 00:21

hhahahhabien bien ahi man!

Israel Zangwil
Israel Zangwil Día 1,872, 01:44


LegiiKG Día 1,872, 08:47


xDesertHamsterX Día 1,872, 18:00

this plan has more chances of success then the one proposed in the other article by danis1982 : )

derslava Día 1,873, 23:46

LOL, good stuff, wanna smoke it too 🙂

dragan4s Día 1,873, 02:30

A small group of Bosnian commandos will cross the border disguised as shepherds LOOOOOL

no disguised needed xDDDD

elitpowers Día 1,873, 10:15


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