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Hello eUSA

Día 1,846, 01:34 Publicado en USA India por kapahii

Hi Guys n Gals,

i recently joined eUSA, but in no time i got used to all the activities here, this is the most recent things i have been upto, i became the eUS Ambassador for eThailand, i completed the flight training program successfully, made some new friends, posted out in forums.

The only thing that was shocking was theres no activity at the IRC channel of eUSA, yes that was really very shocking, even eIndia has much more activity regarding the IRC.

But otherwise i am enjoying out here in eUSA, i am looking forward to experience a good game here with you all eAmericans.

In future, i would like to play a bigger role in the politics, first would be to get into congress 😉, then i will see where i can get after that.



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d 23 Día 1,846, 05:38


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oekeinos Día 1,846, 08:47


DrunkenDutch Día 1,846, 10:12

yeah the eUS channels are kinda boring ...
most people just dont seem really interested in social contact
just click attack click work and thats it

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Día 1,847, 03:59


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