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Hello brothers!

Día 1,733, 06:25 Publicado en Estonia Finlandia por rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa
no woris
i am coming in peaces ( not that peas like fruit)
i want kongress medals in estonia so i will have wanting vote in this country
of course i am shoot with q7 every day for estonia and Q3 trainign also

How long iam heres
I was think 3 months here, then i stay or leavigns .

My music
I like lady gaga it is me favourite songs specially boker face 😃

Washing hands

Super good stuf ffor washing hands only 4 euro per bottle and lots of bacter kilelr alcohol.

All join my new military unit, you can choose daily order to be anywhere you like, I do not give out any weapons or food at all.
Anyway, I guarantee it is the best MU, that estonia has.


Jermu Kaaleppi
Jermu Kaaleppi Día 1,733, 06:26

bo-bo-boger fase :DDD

kjork Día 1,733, 06:27

wha the fuck ಠ_ಠ

exsxx Día 1,733, 06:29

why did chicken cross the road?

rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa
rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa Día 1,733, 06:30

because there was vodka on the road :DDddd
ebin servattu
ebin served

kjork Día 1,733, 06:30

Tervetuloa Tallinnan suomalaiset

POLAND PLS Día 1,733, 06:40

i aproval this messaging

Arisilan Día 1,733, 07:13

what a load of bs

I.See.Wiener Día 1,733, 07:17

Vergi for washing hands yeah right : )

Margus oolb
Margus oolb Día 1,733, 07:23

Soomlastele antakse kodakondsust tere mehed olete küll.

Margus oolb
Margus oolb Día 1,733, 07:25

Tahaks näha seda eeesti banaani idiooti kes seda tegi.

Pedersprii Día 1,733, 07:38

Ma armastan raaavvvcci ❤❤ Ta on hea mees.

same englishes: ravc is a great pudro pödre and great lovers of curs.

svenskans: raaaaavcccc spädrös spudros ebin :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Viskaja Día 1,733, 07:50

You are not welcome here.

Margus, Sina vana mängijana võiks teada, kuidas näha, kes on soovijale KK andnud. Antud hetkel oli näiteks tegu soome multiga.

Margus oolb
Margus oolb Día 1,733, 08:00

Justin Biebr oli see naljamees nojaa

rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa
rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa Día 1,733, 09:46

Thank you for all the love and caring for me, i think i maybe publish articles every 2 days from this happines

damiendk Día 1,733, 12:37

Kino peab ju saama.

Pealik Día 1,734, 01:10

Hello, sister!

Supinoks Día 1,734, 02:51

Hello! Learn some English! K thx bye!

Mihkel Haud
Mihkel Haud Día 1,734, 05:09

I'm only pedobear in eEstonia you dirty f***!

Martin Tamm
Martin Tamm Día 1,734, 06:57

Mis krdi sitt see on...

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Día 1,734, 09:10

See on Soome pask.

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