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eNPR supplemental [11-20]

Día 1,828, 07:32 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por fingerguns

All the touching dicks you may have missed!

Listen here:

I tried to fix the intro, I swear.

I have a feeling I'll finally get this right just as I'm wrapping up the month. I suppose I should go ahead and throw out there that I don't plan on hosting eNPR next month, even if asked. So I'm making these tweaks and trying to perfect a show that will soon be ending.

Perhaps it is because I know my days are numbered that I really pushed for last night's episode. There are lots of things we could've talked about, but I've wanted to do an episode all about Congress since I first started working on eNPR. Last night we did just that.

I personally think it was one of the best episodes of the month. If you only hear one show I've done, it should be this one.

Check it out and see if you agree:

First the countdown updates-

29 Days until the end of the world.


4 days until Congressional elections!

If you haven't yet spoken with your party about running, you better bust a move. Although you may want to listen to this episode of eNPR before you decide to jump in. It may not be what you think it is.

Pfeiffer considered leaving eNPR to call into evangelical Christian shows. Thankfully his 'peen is huge in the Congress realm' so he came back to us just to tell us what's up (and rub that peen on the show. It was gross, but informative).

Listening back to the show this morning, if you're playing the drinking game at home, tonight's word is 'PEEN.' Every time Pfeiffer says it, take a drink.

My apologies to your liver.

We kicked off the episode with John Killah, current Speaker of the House in Congress. He's also running for President, by the way. We didn't talk about that in the show, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

Congress these days doesn't look much like Congress in the past. How did this happen? What do we actually DO now???

Check out the answers here:

Congress as the Hunger Games! Wait...what?

After establishing that Congress is so limited in what they're able to do, is it a good idea to keep looking at Congress as the place to throw new players to see their worth so they can be considered for future Cabinet positions?

It would seem someone who really wants to help and actively do things to help the nation would be unbelievably frustrated by serving in Congress. I mean unless they fully grasp that their job is really just clicking the buttons they are supposed to click, that's not the job you want if you desire to make a difference.

So what does a term in Congress really determine about you? Your level of activity and availability and how well you follow instructions. That's about it. Useful, sure.

The only thing Congress really debates is the budget. And the only thing we really fund is the military.

Is this a recipe for disaster?

Idle hands are the devil's plaything, right?

Check out the convo:


Dr Luis joined us as the IES director to let us know about immigration rules and give us a behind-the-scenes look at the nasty world of citizenships.

For the average Congressman, most of your term is spent getting messages from foreigners begging for help getting citizenship. Some of them offer bribes. Some just come with sob stories or overblown patriotism and promises of loyal service. It's hard to always know what they're really after.

IES is there specifically to investigate all of these requests so we don't accidentally let in any baddies. You do not want to be the guy that screwed it up.

More on citizenship here:

Inwegen joined us...current VP of the eUS and potential future POTUS. Inwegen also has a long history with Congress.

So why is Congress so powerless? Could we gain power if we REALLY wanted to?

There are things Congressmen want to be doing to help the nation, but so many of those jobs already exist at the party level. Why go to Congress to do the work that your party is already trying to accomplish and could really use help with?

Hear more on that here:

Killing Time also joined the program. As a long-time Congressman and general bad ass, he has a really interesting historical perspective on things. He's witnessed the evolution of Congress from the beginning until today. So what does it take to be a good Congressman?

Don't screw up.

New player, jmurrib21 joined us for the last minute or so of the show, but unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to really chat with him. He wants to be a Congressman so we gave him a little bit of advice.

He stuck around for the aftershow (Cerb started talking in the aftershow, too). We were really glad to have him! We love motivated new players who are ambitious and want to know how to get involved. Since he's from Venezuela in RL, he's our new foreign guy. We love him. Add him as a friend.

I'm very happy with how this show came out. A lot of the questions I had have been answered, but in all honesty I can't say I'm satisfied with the answers.

The simple reality is that game mechanics have made Congress powerless (to do good...still very capable of doing bad) and unfortunately Congress itself has done little to stay relevant. There are Congressmen who complain that they want to be involved in foreign affairs, but when the State department begs for Ambassadors, these Congressmen don't sign up. There are Congressmen who complain that they want to be more involved in helping new players and boosting activity, but when their parties are struggling to put these programs together, they are nowhere to be found.

We need to recognize, as players, that we can do the things we want to do. But have to realize that we won't always get a medal for it. There isn't always an in-game title. But if we feel motivated and are interested in doing things internationally or working on improving domestic stuff, we CAN do that.

Before you run for Congress, know what the job is. If you're already in Congress, really think about what you're doing there and why it is important to you to keep winning the seat. Are you there to make a difference? HOW can you make a difference as a Congressman? Or if you're really just after the medal, are you okay with admitting that? Will that realization and admission change how you handle yourself in Congress?

The role of Congress keeps evolving. Where do you want it to go?

Tune in on Friday (maybe) for the next edition of eNPR at 18:00erep time (9pm Eastern)! I'm going to try and get an episode in there, but I realize that may be a bit too ambitious. If not, then on Tuesday the 27th. Congressional elections will be over and there will be POTUS candidates to talk to!! WOOOO

Listen live and chat with us #eNPR

It's not too late to hear Tuesday's episode! Stream or download here

Thanks for listening!

Oh, also in the aftershow, Pfeiffer posts a link to an image. <-there it is


Pfeiffer. Día 1,828, 07:43

mmmm peen

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Día 1,828, 07:48


EnterAwesome Día 1,828, 07:54

I wish I could have been on !
Nice job Fingertips!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Día 1,828, 08:04


Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Día 1,828, 08:05

Anyone that is expecting the end of the world, may send all of thier gold to me.
You won't be needing it, right.

Oblige Día 1,828, 08:19


Arm America #3
Arm America #3 Día 1,828, 08:20


KillAre Día 1,828, 08:20


nui04 Día 1,828, 08:20


Luuklag Día 1,828, 08:20


marcelbok Día 1,828, 08:38


UMFDIO Día 1,828, 08:53


Valicious Día 1,828, 08:53


BeachBunny Día 1,828, 09:31


Dinnyin Día 1,828, 09:33

Poor Twinkies 🙁 Although, PBR is going to buy Hostess and have beer and twinkies, or as college kids like to call it...BRUNCH! \o/

Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Día 1,828, 10:53

I enjoyed the plethora of guests who appeared and I thought the show had a lot of useful advice to newer players considering politics.


Finway Día 1,828, 10:55


Cerb, will U be in StarWars VII? : (

Inwegen Día 1,828, 13:12

Great episode last night. Thanks FG!

jmurrib21 Día 1,828, 16:18

It was a show with lots of participants and that made it fun.
Replies were stick to the point and helpful.

I'm happy I jumped into with my noob questions.

Thanks for mentioning: Yes, we need more Ambassadors.

Good job and thanks!
Proud and Horny!

Candor Día 1,828, 16:40

Congress mechanically controls taxes, citizenship, and MPP's, so we are all clear.

Atm meta allows them control of taxes and budget and self-governance.

Congress could concievably control pretty much everything if they desired to do so. Just so we are all clear, handing over MPP and citizenship is a choice Congress makes. Not necessarily advocating doing either, but at any point Congress can discuss either, no matter who says otherwise. They mechanically control both.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Día 1,829, 06:21

I have been saying that the real power is in Congress...not only do they mechanically control taxes, citizenship, and MPP's, but they also control the only Laws which have an actual enforceable effect on matter what happens in the 'meta-Congress' on the eUS Forum it has NO EFFECT on the game unless our Congress members allow it...Fluffer knows this, why do you think he wants access to every forum on the eUS Forums...?

fingerguns Día 1,829, 06:38

You guys should actually listen to the show before cluttering up my comments with obvious stuff.

Of course Congress serves a mechanical purpose. That is literally the only purpose they serve. That was the point.

Mechanically, the options are 'support the executive branch' or 'don't.' Most do. Most of the eUS is on the same page. It's not a bad thing.

But is mechanical power the only power they CAN have in a society that stresses meta? Can they do good rather than just not doing bad?

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Día 1,834, 05:39

here's a sub.

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