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Dirty little secrets by Howly

Día 2,222, 07:41 Publicado en Slovenia Eslovenia por Ice Killa

Hello, good people of eRepublik! First and foremost I intended to leave eRepublik peacefully, but it seemed certain people started abusing my name for their own benefit blaming me for absurd things, so a response was necessary, and here it is.

Enjoy dirty little secrets written by me.

1. Did you know Kravenn supported the kick of Spain, but maintains I was the one trying to destroy TWO in the recent article after I said I'm leaving?

2. Did you know Iain Keers and Siddy Tramero talked about ethnic cleansing on TWO channels and came to a conclusion; Spain should have done some in South America?

3. Did you know SmoothZiga (current Slovenian CP) supported the kick of Spain, but after getting to power re-signed the Spanish MPP? This month he stated relations between Spain, Poland and Slovenia must improve - and so followed the disgusting article "To Spain and Poland"?

4. Did you know that I know a moderator who probably broke every law in the game and still has the position?

5. Did you know desert hamster stole 10k+ gold from Serbian treasury and maintains he is working for Serbian interests?

6. Did you know the current Slovenian MoFA advised Italian government how to beat Slovenia in a public interview - advising more unity for starters?

7. Did you know that after Slovenia publicly humiliating itself and signing MPPs with Spoland expecting help vs Croatia, the Spanish CotD during the battle of Styria and Carinthia stayed idle, while Poland focused on Netherlands having only 2 MPPs?

8. Did you know Strider (ex SRB CP) put martuxx as SoFA (foreign minister of TWO), later on the latter admitting he was set? The other candidate was SmoothZiga, the current CP of Slovenia.

9. Did you know Pierre Dzoncy (ex Poland CP) worked alongside Strider and Siddy and didn't mind Serbia usurping power in TWO?

10. Did you know majority of TWO countries supported Spain being kicked out, but Cookies lied about 3 countries proposing the kick? In theory the kick was possible and achievable.

11. Did you know Prophet009 admitted he was willing to abandon Spain?

12. Did you know the Slovenian government spent 1 million CC against Croatia this month and won exactly 0 battles? The blame for losing was put on me.

13. Did you know Portugal was willing to negotiate an agreement with Spain (opposed to what Spaniards claim) if TWO was present? Spain refused such demands and left the meeting before TWO representatives showed up.

14. Did you know Spain attacked Portugal when it had all resources (10/10) and had absolutely no reason to do so?

15. Did you know that during Pierre Dzoncy's mandate Poland threatened to leave TWO due to Spain being attacked by Slovenia as Spaniards were sitting on two chairs (ROLA and TWO)? The message was forwarded to Serbs and Slovenes via the leader of the alliance, it appeared Pierre was too afraid to show his real face.

16. Did you know the current leader of TWO gets drunk every so often and starts bashing Romania for no reason on TWO channels? RL insults are included as well.

17. Did you know that there were no plans to get rid of Poland from TWO, but Poles took the attack on Spain as an attack on themselves and portrayed it as an attack on Spoland without any strong argumentation?

18. Did you know that Prophet009 stated "Poland does not bow down to Belgrade"?

19. Did you know Prophet009 stated Poland had to apologize for signing the MPP with China, although proven wrong by Serbian officials?

20. Did you know Spain violated the majority of TWO charta in the last 3 months?

21. Did you know Spain made attempts to get Brazil to join TWO?

22. Did you know Poland and Spain did not consult Serbia or any other TWO country when signing NAP agreement with USA promising not to fight against Americans?

23. Did you know Slovenian officials were called traitors on TWO channels after pointing out Spain is doing actions against the interests of TWO in November?

24. Did you know HanibalLA was firstly a puppet of Strider and desert hamster but decided to rebel against them? I was informed about his intents and supported him as long as it meant getting rid of people like desert hamster and Strider.

25. Did you know Budalimir is most likely a puppet of desert hamster and Strider?

Might remember some more dirty little secrets and do part 2. I have absolutely no reason to lie since I'm leaving eRepublik and won't gain anything by telling lies.

Best regards,
Ice Killa aka Howly



The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Día 2,222, 07:43

Tis wet.

WARNING.69 Día 2,222, 08:19

Big vote on this artcle!

I knew that Spain is a dirty player.

Suckerpunch MKD Día 2,223, 17:17

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xDesertHamsterX Día 2,222, 09:57

Did you know Ice Killa tried to kick Spoland out of TWO so he could run things with his puppets in Serbia?

Now he is butthurt because his plan backfired and he lost all political power
: (

Sorry for spam Alex o/

xDesertHamsterX Día 2,222, 10:12

also, you saying that i stole 10k gold is insulting... i took a lot more...

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Día 2,222, 14:53


Ice Killa
Ice Killa Día 2,222, 15:10

Poor Serbia - and you are currently in power, correct?

xDesertHamsterX Día 2,222, 15:50

one of the reasons you are not : )

Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Día 2,222, 11:23

eSpain and barcelona SUCK!

Alphabethis Día 2,222, 14:21


xenophob Día 2,223, 14:09

Forget about bad blood win some Christmas prizes!

Santa Bunny is humping to town!

Suckerpunch MKD Día 2,223, 17:16

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Norsk_gr Día 2,222, 07:45

Este es como Kekos, dice que se va, pero aqui sigue.

Xiosif Día 2,222, 07:59

Que va, si Kekos está jubilado, habrá dejado de trabajar sus empresas 😐
PD: ¿Merece la pena leerme lo de arriba o confío en mi gobernantes oligarcas?

Norsk_gr Día 2,222, 08:01

Leételo, la mayoría es ciencia ficción pero es gracioso el chaval.

war 0408
war 0408 Día 2,222, 08:55

Estás celoso de la belleza de Kekos

Norsk_gr Día 2,222, 11:48

Yo también melofó, pero eso no quita que sea un Fermusito.

Sir Einstein
Sir Einstein Día 2,222, 10:05

If all the Spaniards were like kekos, Spain would be an honorable country.

Norsk_gr Día 2,222, 11:48

Que esto lo diga un portugués, creo que no le ayuda mucho xDDD

BeDva Día 2,222, 14:00

english plox

Suckerpunch MKD Día 2,223, 17:17

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elminjo Día 2,222, 07:45



Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Día 2,222, 07:48

"25. Did you know I claimed to have left this game but I'm still publishing daily?"

you forgot this one.

Voted because you say my name, and it makes me feel important.

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Día 2,222, 07:51

"Did you know Iain Keers and Siddy Tramero talked about ethnic cleansing on TWO channels and came to a conclusion; Spain should have done some in South America?"

Sure, you may feel important. But I'd rather say you are deranged.

Tittannos Día 2,222, 09:38

I also got one...
''Did you know Howly has stopped playing erepublik?''
(neither did I 😛)

T O N N Y Día 2,222, 09:38

At least he has the BALLS to say the truth? Tramero DETECTED

StrideR 83
StrideR 83 Día 2,222, 12:52

We're popular \o/ x D

TortaFrita Día 2,223, 05:55

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b u c a
b u c a Día 2,222, 07:49

typicall TWO style : )

Pedrito is Dark Side
Pedrito is Dark Side Día 2,222, 07:50

The truth hurts a lot, but it is eternal. Ice Killa , The Good Samaritan.

Alphabethis Día 2,222, 14:22

wipes are eternal, HAIL SPAIN.

Pedrito is Dark Side
Pedrito is Dark Side Día 2,222, 14:26

Wait for the 4 fronts, do not laugh too much. Want vaseline? or rennie?

klop123 Día 2,222, 07:50


googoodoll Día 2,222, 07:51

The other side of the coin.

mavasi usiro
mavasi usiro Día 2,222, 07:53


Mrischmasch Día 2,222, 07:53

I like watching porn with dwarves

jotapelx Día 2,222, 07:56

sitting by your side, or doing it?

Mrischmasch Día 2,222, 07:57


Johnnnie Día 2,222, 08:17


ReiLusitano Día 2,222, 07:53



Comrade.Gramsci Día 2,222, 07:55

nice killa 😃

Spite313 Día 2,222, 07:59


Ice Killa
Ice Killa Día 2,222, 07:59

Oh right, I completely forgot to mention how you hate poor people.

Spite313 Día 2,222, 08:14

Hate is for the weak.

Novljan Día 2,222, 09:59

So Ian, how right is right enough?

Spite313 Día 2,222, 16:27

Obviously the product of a poor education system when you can't read the name two centimetres above your comment correctly.

Severrus Snape Día 2,222, 18:40

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Novljan Día 2,222, 20:21

Oh Ian I would say sorry if I'd give a fuck. Though nice tactics bro. Any job offers from political campaign managers?

Fidel Castro reborn
Fidel Castro reborn Día 2,222, 08:01

Nice! Voted

MuzioClementi Día 2,222, 08:03

Ahahhahaah this is so funny

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