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December '12 MoLA - Final Report

Día 1,872, 08:41 Publicado en United Kingdom Reino Unido por Department for Education

Law Proposals
Here is the list of Laws which Congress has voted on in the last week.

We have three superpowers in Serbia, Brazil and Macedonia to keep us safe. Then we have four countries similar to us so that we can defend each other.

Serbia - Approved
Macedonia - Approved
Brazil - Approved
Chile - Approved
Lithuania - Approved
Estonia - Approved
Slovakia - Approved

These were close votes but Congress just about passed some moderate tax cuts.

Sir Nick Griffin proposed that this tax be reduced from 5% to 3% - Approved
Alfagrem proposed that this tax be reduced from 5% to 1% - Rejected

New Citizen Message:
President BigAnt wrote an updated New Citizen Message for our new players to read when they join the game.

Other Votes:
Proposed by myself and backed up by 19 sponsors, Congress voted to repeal all forum laws. These will now be replaced by the MoLA running his own Ministry!

Proposed by Alfagrem and backed up by 21 sponsors, Congress voted to advise the President and MoD to stop calling Legion the Official UK Government Military unit. This was a fairness issue with some citizens thinking that Legion got unfair higher status than other MUs, all feedback on Legion itself os overwhelmingly positive. This was a close vote so it is up to the Government to accept it or not.

Proposed by Alphabethis and backed up by 22 Sponsors, Congress voted to advise the MoD to pay for a UK MU to move to another country (such as Spain) to help with Resistance Wars and diplomacy. This is a big project, it is now up to the MoD to see if they can organise this.

Proposed by Ayame Crocodile and backed up by 28 Sponsors, Congress voted to ask this Government and all previous Governments to release all resources they made - such as polls. I belive that this Government will do this, so now we wait for the last Government to release their unreleased resources!

Citizenship Passes
The 23 Citizenship Applications which have been made in the last week can be seen here:

PM me if you would like to be a citizenship judge and have space to place your judgements on the spreadsheet.
PM Nebojsa if you would like to be part of his citizenship committee on the eUK Community Forums.

Three players entered the country after mixed advice form our Citizenship Judges, it is up to you to decide if these were good choices:
Cody Caine -> lancer450 (UKPP)
Ariovistuz -> Will Corbett (UKPP)
lukezoo -> Will Corbett (UKPP)

One player entered the country after being rejected by all Citizenship Judges, I will contact their PPs to discuss this:
John Maverick -> Sir Nick Griffin (UKPP)

Five players entered the country without filling in the Citizenship Application Form, I will contact their PPs to discuss this:
Caoticwtf -> Will Corbett (UKPP)
Not JMC -> Igor Pankry (UKPP)
Katelynne -> AlottaFuntz (New Era)
Val3s OBrien -> 5butjam (UKRP)

83% of Applications were handled following the new system AND only accepting players who a judge had looked over and approved.

70% of Congress voted to read the advice spreadsheet before letting someone into the country. The 3 who voted against will be checking just with the Citizenship Committee and the rest I assume are not active.

Congress Communication
I would like to spell out the exact tweaked proposal, discussion and voting system for Congress now that we have had the trial run:

1. UK Citizens can propose changes to the UK Government by either filling in a Googleform or making a Thread on the UK Community Forums.

2. For a proposal to go to Congress for voting it needs 10 UK Citizens to sponsor it. There has to be a discussion Article or Forum Thread for your proposal with 10 people sponsoring it in the Comments. The MoLA will help to advertise your proposals in the MoLA Newspaper once a week (Tuesday).

3. Congress votes will happen once a week (Thursday) unless there is an emergency proposal (PM the MoLA), Congressmen can vote either in the comments of a MoLA Newspaper Article (you will be mailed a link) or on the UK Community Forums.

4. There will be a weekly MoLA Report explaining what has happened in the previous week and any changes needed (Sunday).

Future Updates
If I am chosen for another term as MoLA, I will continue tweaking this system so that it runs perfectly and get the information into easy to find places such as the Wiki and Newspaper Banners. The system is already explained on the UK Community Forums.

- Sage Goku, Minister of Legislative Affairs


Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,872, 08:48

If you have proposed something in the last few days, please make sure that it has a discussion area with 10 UK Citizens supporting it in the comments - so it fits with the tweaked system.

They will be advertised next Tuesday and voted on next Thursday. Sorry about the delay, this is just because it's a new system being tweaked so that it works really well!

If you have an idea for the future of the UK, please write about it here:

Jamie2721 Día 1,872, 09:05

The proposal about sending a UK MU to another country like Spain sounds like madness

I can go to Spain and fight in a RW with a click of a button. I don't need to be in a special MU. all we need is communication so MU's can set their order to a specific battle if need be

Department for Education
Department for Education Día 1,872, 09:10

Publicity stunt for our allies basically.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Día 1,872, 09:11

Flatty -> Dr Hugh Jardon (New Era)

Again I apologise for this. In the forum Citizenship thread made by Flatty there was a post saying approved by the CP...not blaming our CP by the total fault for getting the signals wrong but I assumed he had been approved already.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,872, 09:14

Ah that was done under the old system so I'll delete that one, let me know if there are any other like these guys.

BigAnt Día 1,872, 09:53

Best MoLA of 2012

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,872, 09:58

And 2013! hehe

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Día 1,872, 09:59

Nice to see OV, ESO and TUP keeping a clean sheet.

Jimbojoy Día 1,872, 10:12

Did you seriously buy votes for this?! >_>

Lol at department of Work's comment?

At least Goku has been an active minister this month, even if he is a pest.

Spygon Día 1,872, 10:25

I still haven't had my approved proposal put into an kind of effect or even answered.

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Día 1,872, 10:36

Clean Sheet? In what sense, Danie...

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Día 1,872, 11:58

>"I still haven't had my approved proposal put into an kind of effect or even answered. "

New 'comitee' is advisory Spygon so not sure what effect putting them in front of the comittee to answer for their crimes will do?

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,872, 12:31

This article is basically putting them in front of the public for judgement, and I'll talk to them then their PPs later to find out whats going on. If they really liked the guy not much we can do though, but the public can vote them out.

lancer450 Día 1,872, 13:40

I was under the assumption that the Nebojsa Committee was something that was unaffiliated with the citizenship council that was set up to replace having just one person in charge of dealing with citizenship.

Also, it is UKPP policy that congress members exercise their own discretion when accepting applications for citizenship.

I would like to point out that I accepted Cody Caine BEFORE I agreed to read the advice on the citizenship spreadsheet, therefore, I don't feel as if I have done anything wrong in accepting Cody Caine's citizenship application.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,872, 14:42

There's not a problem with that Lancer. Nebojsa/Forum Committe said No and Wayne/Government said YES so you used your judgement and the public will decide if it was the right call.

I'm only worried about people accepting people without them even filling in the form really since then we have no info at all, this system is designed to fit with UKPP's policy.

lancer450 Día 1,872, 14:46

Oh, ok. I understand. Thanks for clearing it all up. I thought I was going to be reprimanded by the government or my fellow members of congress or something.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,872, 14:49

No, I'll just moan at Nick later basically and not about you! That is the limit of "punishment" hehe.

lancer450 Día 1,872, 14:50


Spygon Día 1,872, 17:46

So approved proposals can change when the MOLA choose to ignore them when they have been approved..So if crimes have been convicted in the past but the MOLA don't want to respond no problem guys you free.

Once again the new hidden proposals have shown that the MOLA is biased and will ignore approved proposals they do not agree with.

Welcome to the tyrants Euk

jamesw Día 1,872, 18:22

Whilst you're moaning at nick, can you stop buying votes for these articles, its getting ridiculous.

GameChanger Día 1,872, 19:01

I think these articles deserve to be vote
Bought. It provides important insight on the current political situation that would take ages to find otherwise

lancer450 Día 1,872, 19:46

I think government-created articles should be able to be seen by everybody in the eUK and the easiest way to do that is to buy votes. HOWEVER, I agree with jamesw when it comes to politically-driven articles and others that don't fall under the banner of the government or a specific ministry within the government.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,873, 03:55

I'm not sure what you want Spygon.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,873, 03:56

I was just preempting the CP vote buying spam by putting a Government article up.

This article is election neutral!

Spygon Día 1,874, 07:25

I would like an answer to this.

"So on my accepted proposal if the subject had been let into the euk unlawfully will they be able to be encouraged to be put in front of the citizenship committee and if they dont they will be seen as uncooperative to the euk"

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