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Daily Terrible Joke (Day 1899)

Día 1,899, 16:30 Publicado en Ireland Irlanda por John Gormley

A wincing man walked into my shop and asked,"Have you anything for heavy breathers?"

I handed him a Darth Vader costume.



Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Día 1,899, 16:35

Behold The Victor! First!

Mann551 Día 1,899, 16:38

I was first, but I decided Kurgan hadn't been first for a while, so I gave it up to him. I'm so kind

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Día 1,899, 17:09 promised you will not tell that to anyone so i can finally brag around for being first.
I even bribed you with Ivann's naked pictures.

Waruda Día 1,899, 17:18

sense, bence, cense, cents, dense, fence, flense, hence, hense, pence, pense, spence, spens, tense, thence, whence

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Día 1,899, 18:02


Mann551 Día 1,899, 18:22

well, sometimes, you get stabbed in the back, sometimes not, but sometimes you do.

Bhane Día 1,900, 23:58

"Sense: this picture makes none"

It's a guy headed home from a sci-fi convention with friends. En route they wanted to refill their water bottle, but there was no rest stops nearby. However, they were driving by a lake, and he has a brita pitcher. So with his Darth Vader costume still adorned, he stepped out of the minivan, and waded into the shallows of the lake. Using the brita pitcher to refill the water bottle, he refilled the water bottle, so the group of friends can have fresh water to drink on the rest of their journey home.

This picture makes perfect sense.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Día 1,900, 00:54

Bhane speaks from experience....i bet Bhane is Dr. Who fan.....

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Día 1,900, 00:56

Mann551......wisdom of your answer confuses me...i must take a beer and contemplate over it....

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Día 1,900, 02:31

And Bhane i belive they are going to sci-fi convention, not from it.
When i was going to convention in germany with a bunch of friends masked as klingons i noticed most people arrived fully masked but when leaving many would took of some if not all of their masks.

And i would like to thank police at the borders being very friendly when cheking our passeports.
Our klingon faces didnt look quite as faces on passeports....

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Día 1,900, 04:29

Why was he wincing? The text makes no sense 😛

Ronan Donovan
Ronan Donovan Día 1,900, 16:17

.....And....I'm here!!!

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