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BF: I'm first time in eBelgium )

Día 1,926, 10:02 Publicado en Belgium Chile por Michelle Freebird

Salutations for eBelguim !
and hello/halo to all my subscribers!
(I didn't write any article for 2 months 😮 )

Well, I believe Belgium is a beautiful country with a great people!
But in this moment, oh God, you haven't a girl to represent eBelgium in miss eRepublik! I wrote to mr. president Tony Clifford and he agreed with my candidacy 🙂

So, I'm Michelle in this game, I play since september 2009 and was a citizen of many glorious countries in eRepublik, such as eRussia, eIndonesia, eBulgary, eSlovakia and more... this time I came from eChile o7 and going to be a part of your community for a some (or more) time.

Few words to my friends, I surely will back to you, you are amazing 😃
Hail Fuerzas Armidas Zippystas!

And now i will tell about eRepublik contest.

There are a rules:
you must be at least a level 15 user. - yes, I am.
have the citizenship of the country she will represent. Exception for countries that are 100% under foreign occupation. - Yes! yesterday my citizenship's request was managed by McKitKat. Thank 🙂
have at least one photo that validates her as a eRepublik player and have between 1 and 3 personal photos, unaltered in a photo editor program.


My humble photographies)


second block



and 'extra' (who wonted body 🙁 )

non picture 🙁


proof's (help me chose one, please, too)

this my favorite 🙂


Let's saying I am cheater 😕
but yes, this is my photos, they are without photoshop (only one changed to black-and-white, that's all modifications) also don't forget that every girl would be the most beautiful in this contest 😉 So I'll be 🙂

about my eRepublik biography I'll tell you in the next article, or you can read it on forum. There are a few words, also)

What's more?

Goodbye, see me in the sky! Michelle Freebird.



frejzer Día 1,926, 10:04

Excellent set :- D

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Día 1,926, 10:06

thank 😃

Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Día 1,926, 10:07


Tensa Zangetsu san
Tensa Zangetsu san Día 1,926, 10:07

Michelle Freebird for Miss eBelgium! 😃

Tensa Zangetsu san
Tensa Zangetsu san Día 1,926, 10:11

And Miss eWorld, of course 😛

MVP24 Día 1,926, 10:09

Мишеля! (hug)

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Día 1,926, 10:12


Oleksandr Día 1,926, 10:14

Хоспаде, и ты сюда.

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Día 1,926, 10:15

where? here?

Yorick_sinister Día 1,926, 10:18

Ты хоть фотошопом что-ли, а то совсем бельгийцев напугаешь...

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Día 1,926, 10:27

зато вы уже пуганы фотками разных там...

Yorick_sinister Día 1,926, 11:24

... разных там Мишель?

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Día 1,926, 11:28

разных там патриоток

Yorick_sinister Día 1,926, 22:57

Вот так Мишель призналась, что она - не патриотка. ))

Tadeush Kosciushko
Tadeush Kosciushko Día 1,926, 10:18


Bojan Figaro
Bojan Figaro Día 1,926, 10:24

nice Michelle (inlove) !_))

NoOnexRO Día 1,926, 10:25

(smiling) You're a cheater only because you let the men to choose the pictures for you.
Other than that you are perfect for any Miss contest.

I welcome Belgium to the International Final. To me this proves how great this community can be. Beauty without frontiers.

NoOnexRO Día 1,926, 10:26

One more thing... Belgium has a national selection too. : )
And like any selection it will be hard to pick.

HutsulUA Día 1,926, 10:28


pianfar Día 1,926, 10:29

Good luck Michelle! Hail Zippy!

Bojan Figaro
Bojan Figaro Día 1,926, 10:42

Hail CUA!

Laurentiu L
Laurentiu L Día 1,926, 10:30

С закрытым ртом ты выглядишь лучше!

Ivan Sirko
Ivan Sirko Día 1,926, 10:36

мимими )))

Drugabuser Día 1,926, 10:46


Sun Chai
Sun Chai Día 1,926, 11:06

rolf )))

The BIack
The BIack Día 1,926, 10:51

who but you (:

Dandello II
Dandello II Día 1,926, 10:54


Arnie007 Día 1,926, 11:16

Comentario borrado

Dezzer Día 1,926, 11:17

"лицом прекрасным станет жопа пройдя все фильтры фотошопа" , але не в цьому випадку

carpet15 Día 1,926, 11:21

Але Оленка все таки краща :з

Sun Chai
Sun Chai Día 1,926, 11:28

You're simply the best! the wonder of the year!!!

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Día 1,926, 11:39

ok...I`m gonna be ok with this one. Sorry that I have try to compete with you 🙂

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Día 1,926, 11:54

nothing wrong, dear. Just if you wonted go for Belgium, I'll found some other country) we have many variants else)))

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Día 1,927, 11:23

No 10x, dear... I`m a dude...but sometimes I see my self as miss eBelgium.

jarekstryj Día 1,926, 12:06

єта шо-та!

wicent Día 1,926, 12:20

Наконец-то зажигательные фотки

NicknameFromRonny Día 1,926, 12:57

Good luck Michelle, and welcome in eBe!

ne1ester Día 1,926, 13:17


navigatorr Día 1,926, 13:59


Alexandross Día 1,926, 14:06

Welcome, and good luck, Michelle! 🙂

Plantago Día 1,926, 14:14

Вот за Мішельку в нижній білизні. 🙂

MsDuk Día 1,926, 14:20

даааааа!!! но корсет то зачем прячешь?

zvu4ka Día 1,926, 14:27

Мішелька хараша 🙂

s_e_a Día 1,926, 14:29

хто ж трусы показывает на первом свидании

Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Día 1,926, 14:37

воно не перше

KittyKet Día 1,928, 12:46

чого не сині? 😑

Dendraad Día 1,926, 14:29

I like what I see,

partidzen Día 1,926, 14:43

Симпатишная птичка )

3meu Día 1,926, 14:51

Гуд, ящитаю.

Kotovskij Día 1,926, 14:51

third photoset is from Odessa i think 🙂

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