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article for MaryamQ, women ...

Día 1,975, 11:33 Publicado en Belgium Bélgica por Ely.nea

MaryamQ came back in ebelgium and i promised to her this article.

Hey ! Music please ! ~~ Paolo Conte ~~

Women are on the game! Sure. It's our time. Open your eyes.

Men ! Warning ... If you like sexy picture of women : go away !

We can be so strong and that's why i want to say for all women in this eworld :

We deserve to have our special article.

@Maryam : you can make your choice, if your ehusband is not happy, he can send me a private message.

And if my dear Bruno is not happy, i will ask him to send you a whisper -_-'

She is a real warrior, who fought very hardly these last days, then she deserves a reward.

Let's go !

In Belgium, it's often raining, but sometimes it's pleasant.

And now this is a picture of 3 ebelgians before a battle.
~~ Cotarius ~~ NLSP ~~ JDLF ~~

And for french's women of course, the war is not finished !

Men, you are not happy to see this article ?

We are thinking the same when we see sexy pictures of women.

Have a nice day ! Don't forget to fight for ebelgium !

Elynea /mode bad girl.

My english is better !



Ely.nea Día 1,975, 11:36

Voted for Maryam o/

BrunoCND Día 1,975, 11:40

HAil MaryamQ!!!! Welcome back : )

Big Kisses to my love < 3

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 11:41

:p < 3

NicknameFromRonny Día 1,975, 11:56

Now we've got to link the player to the pic, right?

Jofroi is the hottest one.

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 11:57

Yes you must find who is on the picture with the flower :p

Cotarius Día 1,975, 12:35

Comentario borrado

Cotarius Día 1,975, 12:36

I don't say anything

MaryamQ Día 1,975, 23:36

; ) See how smart Cotarius is?

Cotarius Día 1,975, 12:35

Let me bow for the dangerous women.

They are the hottest

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 12:40

maybe she sent me your picture ^.^

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 12:40

i will put it tomorrow :p

Santiago Junior
Santiago Junior Día 1,975, 13:00

no woman no vote hahahaha

Viridi Día 1,975, 13:06

french superman


eagle one
eagle one Día 1,975, 13:40

Il est beau notre François, bande de jaloux ^^ Bon, ou est ma tasse, que je boive mon café, ah, elle est là

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 13:58

oh wiiii, il est trop sexy... ah non en fait, on vous le laisse : )

eagle one
eagle one Día 1,975, 13:40

Et votadooooooooo ^^

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Día 1,975, 13:52

/me bows for the best sister-in-law

MaryamQ Día 1,975, 23:38

/me hugs the best brother-in-law

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Día 1,975, 18:06

The revolution is coming:D

MaryamQ Día 1,975, 23:35

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Elynea! I'll take one of each, except Superhomme. and I'm looking forward to the next picture. Love to you! (and hugs to Bruno and kisses to Cotarius)

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 23:38

I will put it soon :p

MaryamQ Día 1,976, 11:14

Wow! Now everyone sees what a lucky girl I am! : D Thanks, Elynea!

Chihiroh Día 1,976, 00:12


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Día 1,976, 01:24

Nothing about how sexy I am?

Ely.nea Día 1,976, 01:28

so hot i can't put it here, i would have a forfeit point xD

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Día 1,976, 01:30

Good answer

Chihiroh Día 1,976, 01:45

How could we even describe your sexiness? X=

Ely.nea Día 1,976, 02:08

No indeed other candidates deserves to have a chance :p

Cotarius Día 1,976, 11:15

Woooow I look even better then in the mirror and i have a distorting mirror

MaryamQ Día 1,976, 11:17

You always look that great to me.

Djonydjo Día 1,977, 03:52

No one has asked me to take this pic while i was washing under the rain !! Yeah MaryamQ rocks ! Welcome back princess !

MaryamQ Día 1,977, 08:55

Same to you, my prince.

MaCeDoNa Día 1,980, 13:46


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