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article for MaryamQ, women ...

Día 1,975, 11:33 Publicado en Belgium Bélgica por Ely.nea

MaryamQ came back in ebelgium and i promised to her this article.

Hey ! Music please ! ~~ Paolo Conte ~~

Women are on the game! Sure. It's our time. Open your eyes.

Men ! Warning ... If you like sexy picture of women : go away !

We can be so strong and that's why i want to say for all women in this eworld :

We deserve to have our special article.

@Maryam : you can make your choice, if your ehusband is not happy, he can send me a private message.

And if my dear Bruno is not happy, i will ask him to send you a whisper 😑'

She is a real warrior, who fought very hardly these last days, then she deserves a reward.

Let's go !

In Belgium, it's often raining, but sometimes it's pleasant.

And now this is a picture of 3 ebelgians before a battle.
~~ Cotarius ~~ NLSP ~~ JDLF ~~

And for french's women of course, the war is not finished !

Men, you are not happy to see this article ?

We are thinking the same when we see sexy pictures of women.

Have a nice day ! Don't forget to fight for ebelgium !

Elynea /mode bad girl.

My english is better !



Ely.nea Día 1,975, 11:36

Voted for Maryam o/

BrunoCND Día 1,975, 11:40

HAil MaryamQ!!!! Welcome back : )

Big Kisses to my love < 3

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 11:41

😛 < 3

NicknameFromRonny Día 1,975, 11:56

Now we've got to link the player to the pic, right?

Jofroi is the hottest one.

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 11:57

Yes you must find who is on the picture with the flower 😛

Cotarius Día 1,975, 12:35

Comentario borrado

Cotarius Día 1,975, 12:36

I don't say anything

MaryamQ Día 1,975, 23:36

; ) See how smart Cotarius is?

Cotarius Día 1,975, 12:35

Let me bow for the dangerous women.

They are the hottest 😉

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 12:40

maybe she sent me your picture ^.^

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 12:40

i will put it tomorrow 😛

Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Día 1,975, 13:00

no woman no vote hahahaha

Viridi Día 1,975, 13:06

french superman


eagle one
eagle one Día 1,975, 13:40

Il est beau notre François, bande de jaloux ^^ Bon, ou est ma tasse, que je boive mon café, ah, elle est là

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 13:58

oh wiiii, il est trop sexy... ah non en fait, on vous le laisse : )

eagle one
eagle one Día 1,975, 13:40

Et votadooooooooo ^^

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Día 1,975, 13:52

/me bows for the best sister-in-law

MaryamQ Día 1,975, 23:38

/me hugs the best brother-in-law

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Día 1,975, 18:06

The revolution is coming:D

MaryamQ Día 1,975, 23:35

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Elynea! I'll take one of each, except Superhomme. 😉 and I'm looking forward to the next picture. Love to you! (and hugs to Bruno and kisses to Cotarius)

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 23:38

I will put it soon 😛

MaryamQ Día 1,976, 11:14

Wow! Now everyone sees what a lucky girl I am! : D Thanks, Elynea!

Chihiroh Día 1,976, 00:12


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Día 1,976, 01:24

Nothing about how sexy I am?

Ely.nea Día 1,976, 01:28

so hot i can't put it here, i would have a forfeit point xD

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Día 1,976, 01:30

Good answer

Chihiroh Día 1,976, 01:45

How could we even describe your sexiness? X=

Ely.nea Día 1,976, 02:08

No indeed other candidates deserves to have a chance 😛

Cotarius Día 1,976, 11:15

Woooow I look even better then in the mirror and i have a distorting mirror

MaryamQ Día 1,976, 11:17

You always look that great to me.

Djonydjo Día 1,977, 03:52

No one has asked me to take this pic while i was washing under the rain !! Yeah MaryamQ rocks ! Welcome back princess !

MaryamQ Día 1,977, 08:55

Same to you, my prince. 😉

MaCeDoNa Día 1,980, 13:46


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