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08/01/13 Petitions to Congress

Día 1,876, 11:25 Publicado en United Kingdom Reino Unido por Department for Education

What is this?
We have had 4 petitions to Government since the last Congress vote. In this article I am going to list and then give you the chance to sponsor them! The petitions with more than 10 sponsors will be voted on by congress.

If you have something you want to propose to Congress, the Government or anyone else then please fill in this form:

You can see the results here:

One random player who sent in a petition will be gifted 16 Q7 Tanks.
One random player who fills in the sponsor form (see below) will also get 16 Q7 tanks.
The winners from the last article are AlottaFuntz and Alphabethis.

How does this work again?
Before we start I would like to spell out the exact proposal, discussion and voting system for Congress:

1. UK Citizens can propose changes to the UK Government by either filling in a Googleform or making a Thread on the UK Community Forums.

2. For a proposal to go to Congress for voting it needs 10 UK Citizens to sponsor it. There has to be a discussion Article or Forum Thread for your proposal with 10 people sponsoring it in the Comments. The MoLA will help to advertise your proposals in the MoLA Newspaper once a week (Tuesday).

3. Congress votes will happen once a week (Thursday) unless there is an emergency proposal (PM the MoLA), Congressmen can vote either in the comments of a MoLA Newspaper Article (you will be mailed a link) or on the UK Community Forums.

4. There will be a weekly MoLA Report explaining what has happened in the previous week and any changes needed (Sunday).

Rejected Petitions.

John Maverick proposed that the MoF should start loans to new players.

"A government run loan system. It would be much easier to start moving in the game with some sort of loan. Making 20 GBP per day is horrible and very dull to start out with. You need to join a MU in order to get any more benefits but that forces you to fight.

A system would need to be in place that would allow the government to seize companies if they are not repaid by X amount of time. No draft yet, I'm not sure how the government would seize the company later."

This is a great idea but there is not enough information to take this further at the moment, I have asked our MoF Carlini to look into providing some details and implementation. His initial thoughts are "Gold loans in training ground sales".

Please propose this again with more information if you don't hear of any movement on this in the future.

John Maverick also proposed that we look at getting at the wealth of dead players.

Dead citizens currently hold a high amount of wealth. Can we somehow collect this wealth before it gets wasted and lost in the eGrave? No article or draft, just a way for the government to raise necessary funds for different beginner based programs.

Again a great idea lacking details. I'd like to open this up to eveyrone else to see if anyone has any ideas, I have a few which I may propose for next time!

Pending Petitions.

Mick Cain has proposed a level cap on the MoD Call To Arms scheme.

"I would like to petition a change to CTA. In my opinion CTA is a good thing for player retention however a good 50% of the people who claim it do not or should not need it. The CTA scheme costs the eUK a vast amount of money therefore I would like to propose a level cap on those who can claim.

Anyone above say level 30 should by now be self-sufficient and have been playing long enough to know the game and not need retention. Obviously the level cap is open to debate but I think my proposal makes sense and will save the eUK a lot of cash that can be used elsewhere.

Example of the CTA Scheme."

Congress does not control the MoD so this will be an advisory vote to the Government. If it passes it is up to the CP/MoD to see if they can implement it.

Lancer450 has proposed that we MPP Australia.

We should sign a MPP with eAustralia.

I have also been in contact with the MoFA and CP of eAustralia personally.

You can discuss and see more of this idea here:

The Congress of Australia and either the President of Australia or the President of the UK also need to agree to this for it to happen. They will be contacted if this passes.

Anonymous has proposed that Mr. Woldy is confirmed as not being the King of eUK. After legislation was scrapped it is unclear if he is or isn't King and it is causing drama, the proposer wanted to remain anonymous to avoid this drama.

Please write articles explaining your point of view on this.

How to Sponsor
Please paste this form into the comments section. Delete anything you do not sponsor. If you paste it then you support it! You can delete your comment and repost it if you change your mind.

1. Level Cap CTA
2. MPP Australia
3. Woldy is not the King.

- Sage Goku, Minister of Legislative Affairs


BigAnt Día 1,876, 11:38

* Inb4 more baww

"Anonymous has proposed that Mr. Woldy is confirmed as not being the King of eUK. After legislation was scrapped it is unclear if he is or isn't King and it is causing drama, the proposer wanted to remain anonymous to avoid this drama."

Jimbojoy Día 1,876, 11:41

Woldy is my King!

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Día 1,876, 11:42

Woldy is my king!

Frerk Día 1,876, 11:43

Woldy is my king!

fagyan Día 1,876, 11:44

Woldy is my king!

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Día 1,876, 11:46

hue. Goku's vendetta against me has denigrated to this, yay! The King hasn't been named in legislation for months, all that's been removed is the procedure for appointing a new one - oops!

I'd also like to thank anyone showing their ongoing support, Woldeh is mah Kung too!

GameChanger Día 1,876, 11:46

Woldy is my king!

Madacaion Día 1,876, 11:47

Woldy is my King!

Aces man
Aces man Día 1,876, 11:48

How about a national referendum on the king issue?

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Día 1,876, 11:49

Woldy is my King!

Alphabethis Día 1,876, 11:50

sponsored : Mick Cain has proposed a level cap on the MoD Call To Arms scheme.

WayneKerr Día 1,876, 11:50

Woldy isn't my King!

Piran Día 1,876, 11:50

Woldy is my king!

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Día 1,876, 11:50

1. Level Cap CTA
2. MPP Australia
3. Woldy is not the King.

N W G Día 1,876, 11:50

Wasnt it mentioned in previous articles that "Anonymous" people could not actually make propsals ?

Spite313 Día 1,876, 11:52

None of these proposals is within the power of congress, so sponsoring is pointless.

John F Baker
John F Baker Día 1,876, 11:52

Woldy is my King!

Kravenn Día 1,876, 11:52

Woldy is my king!

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,876, 11:52

The person PMed me, I know who is was so I know it's a serious proposal. I think that wanting to dodge hate mail is a good enough reason to let them stay private in this case.

karaj22 Día 1,876, 11:53

Woldy is my King!

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,876, 11:53

Iain actually Congress can vote on MPPs, they just need to get a CP to propose it.

Spygon Día 1,876, 11:54

Woldy is my King!

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Día 1,876, 11:54

Woldy is my King!

Horice (:

T White II
T White II Día 1,876, 11:54

1. Level Cap CTA √
2. MPP Australia √
3. Woldy is my eKing. √

Bogdan Armand Sibrand
Bogdan Armand Sibrand Día 1,876, 11:55

Woldy is my king

Lucie Howell
Lucie Howell Día 1,876, 11:58

Woldy is my king

LongShotzZ Día 1,876, 11:59

1. Level Cap CTA
2. MPP Australia

Smiler22 Día 1,876, 12:03

woldy is my king !!!!

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Día 1,876, 12:04

Woldy is my king!

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Día 1,876, 12:05


Woldy is my king.

Ullok Día 1,876, 12:07

Woldy is my king!

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Día 1,876, 12:08

Can we make a clearer distinction between Congressional Proposals (proposals where votes are taken in game via mechanics) and 'requests' made by Congress for change in Government Programs like CTA, etc?

That way we'll know what Government changes were 'requested' by Congress but rejected by the Executive.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Día 1,876, 12:09

You mean like I already wrote under each proposal?

C B Fry
C B Fry Día 1,876, 12:10

Woldy is my King!

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Día 1,876, 12:13

Cheers Goku, I missed it.

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Día 1,876, 12:18

Woldy is my king!

l a n e r o n
l a n e r o n Día 1,876, 12:26

Woldy is my King

Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Día 1,876, 12:28

1. Level Cap CTA

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Día 1,876, 12:29

Down with the King !

Power to the People !

Saiwun Día 1,876, 12:31

1. Level Cap CTA
2. MPP Australia
3. Woldy might be the eKing of the eUK, he clearly has supporters.

Even in RL a country has its government: (Sorry if you don't thinks this is appropriate)

Crustymango Día 1,876, 12:39

Woldy is my King!

Bohemond4 Día 1,876, 12:42

Woldy is my king!

ApronChef Día 1,876, 12:44

If the people who oppose Woldy got to know him, you'd know very well he acts only in the best interest of the eUK. He costs us nothing to keep as king, and he showers us with gifts on a regular basis, including his delightful support for new players.

Long Live King Woldy.

Tuval Día 1,876, 12:45

Woldy is my king!

gsfdgfs Día 1,876, 12:47

Woldy is my king!

CheetahCurtis Día 1,876, 13:01

Woldy is my King!

Sigfred Zachariasen
Sigfred Zachariasen Día 1,876, 13:01

Woldy is my King!

Count Drakula
Count Drakula Día 1,876, 13:02

Woldy is my king!

Darkmantle Día 1,876, 13:03

Woldy is my King!

lancer450 Día 1,876, 13:15

1. Level Cap CTA
2. MPP Australia

"None of these proposals is within the power of congress, so sponsoring is pointless."

Actually, the eAustralian Senate has already passed their proposal to pass a MPP with us on their forums. Our Congress should be able to do the same despite who the CP of the day is imo.

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