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[TRM] Start of The Reformist Movement

Día 1,975, 09:57 Publicado en Belgium Bélgica por General Varus

Me, Maresal Lengas, and Capitanul CZC want to introduce to you our new project for the political life. We had struggle to won the elections (ironic), because we wanted to start this new thing, here in eBelgium.
Our new project is called The Reformist Movement (Mouvement Réformateur, MR) and it consist in a party. A center-right one.

From now one, The MR have to become, and we are full of hope, one of the largest political formation Belgian and it will fight to gain its position.
The Reformist Movement is a party that through his members, we like to call them reformers, try to bring a new vision of the game, to the citizens of eBelgium.

We like this country and we want to give it as much as we can, we will spend as much time as possible trying to build a Belgium that will march proudly anywhere.

We have a channel on mibbit for our party, you can join clicking on , all of you are welcome, but keep in mind that the main idea is to respect each other and to have a nice time in game.
We want to grow the community of eBelgium and for that we want to bring more players with this project. We need every player that have something to give for his country. Belgium is now my country too, I respect it and I’ll fight with honor for it.

Anyone who want to join will bring us a big smile and a hope for a better Belgium. Just contact me or Capitanul CZC and we’re ready to go on our nice journey.
You have to fill a form just to get to know you better, this will not affect any of us in any mode. Just click for it here
We’re looking for active players, doesn’t matter the level or the experience. These things come by time.

Our priority is to form a nucleus of peoples with who to lead this battle to victory. We want to earn congress seats and CP in order to proceed with our new reform, even in the organization of the army.
We follow to unify the current population, because only in this way we can develop further the country, through collaboration and attracting new players.

Regards from the party president of The Reformist Movement,
Maresal Lengas,
and it’s vice president,
Capitanul CZC

REMEMBER! To be among us, in The Reformist Movement, is a privilege, not a right.



tommot Día 1,975, 10:37

Please try to refraim from buying article-votes.
Good articles are being pushed away because of it.

I do like the nice presentation.

General Varus
General Varus Día 1,975, 10:51

If you like the presentation i can call it at least 50% a good article. By the way i dont think something very important was out.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Día 1,975, 11:29

No need to buy votes in a little country... If you've too much CC, sent it to gov for the war effort

Ely.nea Día 1,975, 11:39

welcome and good luck in the press for the futur.

Rican Día 1,975, 15:59

be careful mon ami

SX80 Día 1,975, 11:43

Welcome the initiative, but wondering what this reform will be. What changes do you propose?

General Varus
General Varus Día 1,975, 12:50

@SX80 go on forum, you'll see some points : )

Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Día 1,975, 12:57

nice article voted

General Varus
General Varus Día 1,975, 13:08

Thank you! : )

Rican Día 1,975, 15:58

all of the party members have new names and they all erased all their old articles or deleted their newspapers.


General Varus
General Varus Día 1,975, 22:29

We took this party with an amount of peoples. Me and Capitanul CZC are the only new ones. Stop acting like you try to discover the water in a desert.

Jeiry Día 1,976, 01:27

Really, you shouldn't bring a real-life party (no matter which one) into the erep' life. Not a good idea at all.

General Varus
General Varus Día 1,976, 02:14

And why not?

BelgiumGeneral Día 1,976, 08:07

Maybe because this is a game? I thought it was an eRep rule, not to bring RL political parties to this game

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