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[smeekileaks] Russia, Hungary and Romania

Día 1,898, 14:02 Publicado en Greece Canadá por delete this
Goodevening fellow eRepublikans,

Right now there are NE proposals from Romania and Russia against each other and I am here once again to ruin the ultra top secret (lol) military plans of ONE, TWO, THREE (?).

Apparently this past week some meetings took place between the governments of Russia and Hungary regarding a possible Romanian-Russian war as well as the fact that Hungary wants to rent Russian regions. A "road" that allows Romania to pass all the way through russia is "hinted at". This road would then let Hungary and Poland to reach China by following Romania from behind.

In the first meeting below we see how the renting of North Caucasus was discussed as Hungary wants the OIL bonus, and as we all know TWO is all about the bonuses. They decide that the best plan is to let Romania take North Caucasus and then Hungary will take if from them, the CP of Russia will then be able to convince his congress to approve the rent of the region to Hungary. We also see how Russia is practically begging for help because they are scared of their own shadow. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

In the second meeting, a few days later, we see how it is decided that Hungary will take North Caucasus region from Romania. They hint at the possibility of Poland and Hungary swapping through Russia.


<rajk|afk> let me introduce ourselfs
<rajk|afk> dnw_599 the CP, rhual an advisor, and I'm the vCP
<overmind88> hi2all, i'm - MoD, Antropophag - president, Axithe - our prime-minister
<overmind88> romania wants get path to russia, right?
<rajk|afk> It's not a secret
<overmind88> but it's hard when you wiped
<Rhual> Romania disturbs us day n' night for a pass

<rajk|afk> they wanna swap into the russian borders and away
<Rhual> in the last 1.5 month
<Antropophag> Actually we don't care, Romanians come to Russia or not
<Axithe> I jusr wonder why they want to attack us.
<Rhual> look
<Rhual> they are in a cage
<Rhual> since the timisoara treaty with us
<Rhual> so they are looking for a way out of it
<rajk|afk> their people wanna get some fun in the far east
<Rhual> and looks that as the only one
<rajk|afk> and this is the easiest way for them
<rajk|afk> if we let them go
<rajk|afk> but personally i don't care what they want
<Rhual> me neither
<Ava_bnc> neither me: the best question in this what Russia want
<Rhual> <Antropophag> Actually we don't care, Romanians come to Russia or not
<Antropophag> Yep
<overmind88> we want war
<rajk|afk> with Romania or what?
<Axithe> I wouldn't say that we eager fighting against Romania.
<Axithe> However, if they attack us first
<overmind88> I do not see real possibility for war with romania
<Axithe> we have no other choice.
<Axithe> besides do our best to kick them out of Motherland
<Rhual> as i mentioned above, they are thirsty for a way out, so they just practically demand this from us
<Rhual> but as you see atm, its not possible for them
<Antropophag> We do not offended if you miss them. It will not be a problem and will not worsen our relations
<Rhual> good to hear
<Axithe> You inquired us before making decision. It does you credit.
<Rhual> so we are working on their erasal, its not a secret
<Rhual> to close the war
<Rhual> btw
<Rhual> as far as i know Ava_bnc has talked about the possibility of the oil renting
<Rhual> and the reply was positive
<Antropophag> >>and the reply was positive
<Antropophag> rly?
<Ava_bnc> not exactly positive, but leaving the question open
<Ava_bnc> to discuss
<Antropophag> Yes, that true
<Antropophag> As far as you know we have swap with Bulgaria, for help him moving capital
<Antropophag> And we lose many MPPs
<Axithe> frankly, we're finally done with all those swaps and training wars
<Rhual> thats done
<Rhual> already
<Rhual> the capital moving i mean
<Axithe> we fed up with them
<Antropophag> We do not want more swaps
<Ava_bnc> as far as i know yore tired with long lasting TW-s
<Ava_bnc> but if we speak with Bulgaria too
<Ava_bnc> we can manage the war in one single battle
<Rhual> but it would be solveable easier now, if Bulgaria closes every border between us and liberates NC, so it would be a 1 battle war
<Rhual> the renting option is remained to discus
<Rhual> if its possible
<Axithe> we just want to put an end to swaps at least for awhile and renew our MPPs
<Axithe> to be prepared for the probable war
<Antropophag> If the Turks conquered the Caucasus, for example ...Or Romania, then rent is possible
<Axithe> yeah, it makes sense.
<Rhual> <Antropophag>If the Turks conquered the Caucasus, for example ...Or Romania, then rent is possible
<Rhual> u sure?
<Antropophag> >>possible

<Antropophag> In any case, this should be discussed with the Congress
<Rhual> and the 1 battle war option is not good?
<Antropophag> It's another day without MPP, sorry, but now it's really not good
<Ava_bnc> arranged together with bulgaria it's also can be done
<Ava_bnc> and if we are quick
<Ava_bnc> we can manage it without loosing MPPs
<Ava_bnc> for example you can start MPPing with countries like USA etc
<Ava_bnc> bcs we don't have MPPs with every CoT member
<Antropophag> So, can we count on your support during the probable war with Romania?
<Ava_bnc> what kind of support you need?
<Antropophag> Direct war?
<Ava_bnc> hm: do you mean that to follow Romanians from the back?
<Ava_bnc> or to deal with them in the core regions?
<Antropophag> >>deal with them in the core regions?
<Antropophag> this

<Ava_bnc> well we can make a direct war too against the core regions
<Ava_bnc> but just after the congressial elections
<Ava_bnc> bcs our priority is to keep deleted ukraine
<Ava_bnc> pride power permawipe
<Antropophag> We need to think and discuss it all. At least until the evening.
<Ava_bnc> and what do you think about this option:
<Ava_bnc> about NC
<Ava_bnc> <Ava_bnc> arranged together with bulgaria it's also can be done
<Ava_bnc> <Ava_bnc> and if we are quick
<Ava_bnc> <Ava_bnc> we can manage it without loosing MPPs
<Ava_bnc> <Ava_bnc> for example you can start MPPing with countries like USA etc
<Ava_bnc> <Ava_bnc> bcs we don't have MPPs with every CoT member
<Antropophag> We don't need every CoT. Chile and Bulgaria are the most important
<Antropophag> And you have MPPs
<Ava_bnc> yep: with them yes
<rajk|afk> If we choose this option
<rajk|afk> I think I can pay for the MPPs
<rajk|afk> as individual of course
<Antropophag> Money is not important
<Antropophag> I really do not sure that the Congress approve this lease.
<rajk|afk> and what do you think what would be acceptable for your Congress?
<rajk|afk> What would you like to earn with this bargain?
<rajk|afk> you said no money
<rajk|afk> so MPP's? or what.
<rajk|afk> It is just a discuss, but these are important questions to to go on
<rajk|afk> I just care about your opinion of course, nothing official
<overmind88> mpp impossible atm i think
<rajk|afk> between us?
<overmind88> yes
<rajk|afk> yes, you're right
<rajk|afk> it's a quite early for that

<Antropophag> Well. Let's talk. I want to run noNE law as soon as possible. Do you understand why? You can look at our list of MPPs)
<Antropophag> I not against renting, I am against swaps
<rajk|afk> I'm totally understand, I hate it too ..
<Antropophag> So maybe later? If Romagna capture Caucasus
<Ava_bnc> well technically we can choose between some options
<Ava_bnc> this BG thing with one single battle
<Ava_bnc> and to take it from RO or TR
<Ava_bnc> and there are a biger chance to congress approve the renting of NC if we take it from RO or TR?
<Antropophag> Yes, all right

<Ava_bnc> and the second question what do you need in exchange for NC if we rent it, and you don't need money
<Antropophag> I'm do not refuse of money for the rent, I mean compensation for MPP.
<Ava_bnc> aha: understood
<Ava_bnc> so let's summarize: for Russia is the best way if we take the region from RO or TR
<Ava_bnc> and if we offer a reasonable cc then congress will probably approve the rent
<Antropophag> Yes. And if you take the Caucasus from Romania, you can continue the war in their core regions. By doing this you will support us in the war.

<Ava_bnc> and how much is the possibility for the approval from the congress for the rent?
<Ava_bnc> i'm just concerned about the second: if we giveing RO the road, and then taking from them NC
<Ava_bnc> those there a possibility to congress don't approve the rent
<Ava_bnc> and we can take NC just for a couple of days?
<Antropophag> I think that in this case, I and my government will be able to convince Congress.

<Antropophag> >>we giving TO the road
<Antropophag> No, you just could not stop them, kekeke
<Antropophag> RO*
<Ava_bnc> yep, that can be the picture for the population
<Ava_bnc> if we want to keep it secret
<Ava_bnc> but... we alredy gived out official article about the will of Romanians
<Ava_bnc> so the population is alredy aware what they asking from us
<Antropophag> Again. We do not ask you to skip the Romanians and do not ask to keep them. If they come, we will fight.
<Antropophag> And if they come and you NEing them, take Caucasus and continue the war in their core regions it will be OK.
<Antropophag> In this case, we can rent you the Caucasus, I think.
<Ava_bnc> well if it is the only option, to rent NC, and the quick one battle option with bulgarians is off from the table
<Ava_bnc> then our only option to be able to rent NC, is to give them the road
<Ava_bnc> if i understanded you well
<Antropophag> Maybe there is another option. BG NEing Ukraine, Ukraine take Caucasus, then you take it.
<Ava_bnc> hmm...
<Ava_bnc> well it's maybe longer lasting option if we choose this way
<Antropophag> I propose to think and meet tonight or tomorrow. One-day war is unacceptable to us, are willing to consider other options.
<Ava_bnc> ok
<Ava_bnc> as i see anyway we need to speak with BG too
<Antropophag> Yes, ofc
<Antropophag> Thanks for your time. I hope we will come to a solution that will suit all
<Ava_bnc> thanks for your time too, and for your good will to take in consideration our intentions
<Ava_bnc> i also hope we will be able to come on a soultion, which is good for both of us
<Ava_bnc> we will keep in touch with the new informations
<Antropophag> Goodbye all! see you later


<Ava_afk> so: Gluttony is dSG of TWO
<Gluttony> yea I know
<Ava_afk> Rhual, is our alliance lialiser oldman
<Ava_afk> Istencsaszar is our eternal adviser
<Gluttony> basicly we lead Hungary regardless of government
<Gluttony> to summarize

<Antropophag> I am - Russian CP, Axithe - Prime Minister
<Antropophag> We can start or wait for someone else?
<Gluttony> nope
<Gluttony> we can start
<Gluttony> our cp is not necessary

<Istencsaszar> and here is the next hungarian CP too
<Gluttony> yea
<Gluttony> and that is more important
<Istencsaszar> so we can start
<Ava_afk> so the topic is Romania again
<Ava_afk> as we mentioned they wish to attack RU
<Ava_afk> and they asking for the road again

<Ava_afk> now they are deleted, it was the punishment, for breaking the contract
<Ava_afk> but they are again in will to go against RU
<Ava_afk> what's russias plan for the rest of the month?
<Antropophag> And you want to to miss them?
<Ava_afk> we don't miss them: they are boring
<Antropophag> We have some plans about Iran saltpetre
<Axithe> Antropophag asks if you're going to let them get to the Russian border.
<Ava_afk> well: we can let them go to the border if we can manage to this road become organized
<Axithe> actually we were going to get few regions from Iran.
<Ava_afk> valahian is not the best person to be trusted, so we thinked about some deposit in another country for security
<Axithe> overmind88 is the Russian MoD
<overmind88> yes i am
<Ava_afk> and when do you planed to begin this iranian operation, and how much time you need to do it?
<Gluttony> well we offered you easy swap to those saltpetter regions in September
<Antropophag> We plan to start tomorrow, we need at least a week
<Axithe> Obtaining the bonus regions itself is not the main point. I don't remember the offer like that, though.
<Ava_afk> well, last time when we speaked, you sayed you have nothing against some RL war fun with RO or TR
<Ava_afk> and now there are a possibility to have it with RO
<Ava_afk> we thinked the romanian card is still in the pack for RU
<Ava_afk> so we had some meetings with them

<Axithe> ofc, but we haven't just sat on our hands. As a result, we have developed some plan that tbh didn't include romanian invasion
<Ava_afk> well we sawed the NE law against Iran voted down so we thinked youre still interested in this war
<Antropophag> Iran has asked for time to think about renting
<Antropophag> Tonight, they must give an answer
<Ava_afk> well tonight we also will have another meeting with RO, about the method of the road
<Antropophag> How soon RO will be at our borders?

<Antropophag> And will you give freedom to Ukraine?
<Gluttony> no
<Gluttony> Ukraine will never will be free
<Ava_afk> ukraine is alredy deleted
<overmind88> it's good
<Ava_afk> we will give some regions for them later
<Ava_afk> bcs Moldavia asked for it
<Ava_afk> to be able to play a little bit
<Ava_afk> for TP
<Axithe> I guess your going to let Romania swap through UA core regions?
<Gluttony> it's yet undecided
<Gluttony> if we allow them at all
<Gluttony> we don't know yet
<Gluttony> so neither the when, nor the how is decided consequently
<Axithe> I'm asking about it just to make sure that we won't get attacked from two sides.
<Axithe> or more
<Gluttony> lot depends on what Romania plans to do
<Gluttony> I can't say anything specific
<Antropophag> So, maybe let's meet tomorrow?
<Gluttony> they might actually do this by force even if we don't agree
<Axithe> I thought it depends on you, but if you say so
<Gluttony> well partially it does
<Axithe> well, in the previous meeting Antro explained under what circumstances the rent is possible.
<Gluttony> problem is we got the impression whenever we can provide certain circumstances you require
<Gluttony> you find another excuse
<Axithe> not really. The conditions listed by him were pretty clear.
<Gluttony> might a request that log?
<Axithe> Antropophag: could you please repeat your words concerning the rent of Caucasus?
<Gluttony> I thought so
<Gluttony> anyway
<Axithe> Thought what?
<Antropophag> We can rent the Caucasus, if Hungary will take him from Turkey or Romania. Without swaps with us.
<Ava_afk> well we thinked RU are interested in having garin bonus, that's why we offered the way with another enemy country, with ukraine
<Ava_afk> but after the refusal of this method
<Ava_afk> we beginned according this: We can rent the Caucasus, if Hungary will take him from Turkey or Romania. Without swaps with us.
<Ava_afk> to orgaznize it with RO, even we have many doubts in trustworthyness of current RO leadership
<Axithe> what's the point of the additional grain bonus provided that permanent furious RWs would take place?
<Axithe> also, FRM cost almost nothing
<Axithe> and it would only get cheaper
<Axithe> so there's no economical reason to get a grain regions from Ukraine.
<Rhual> by this thought, why anyone need bonuses, or getting 10/10?
<Rhual> why do you need saltpeter then?
<Axithe> cuz weapons are different thing
<Rhual> we will rent deer from Belarus
<Rhual> its for the population
<Rhual> and for the newbies
<Axithe> Belarus is not Ukraine at all
<Axithe> not even close
<Axithe> UA will fight against us as if we were Satan itself
<Ava_afk> we done it:
<Rhual> yes, renting and keeping occupied are different
<Rhual> giving u Ukraine was just an option
<Rhual> grain i mean
<Axithe> Anyway, I wasn't in charge when those decisions were made afair.
<Axithe> Let's get down to the present
<Axithe> Now I think everyone here is aware of the rent conditions we offer.
<Rhual> not everyone, just you
<Axithe> <Antropophag> We can rent the Caucasus, if Hungary will take him from Turkey or Romania. Without swaps with us.
<Rhual> yes
<Axithe> what exactly isn't clear?
<Ava_afk> Axithe, as we sayed now there is a possibility to arrange romania
<Axithe> so?
<Ava_afk> and to beginn with road, and rent
<Rhual> sry i missunderstood a word in you sentence
<Ava_afk> so: if this stands: We can rent the Caucasus, if Hungary will take him from Turkey or Romania. Without swaps with us.
<Ava_afk> we can make the road for romanians
<Ava_afk> and if we think about
<Ava_afk> it wont interfere with zour saltpeper plan too
<Ava_afk> because for the swaping we also need around 1 week
<Ava_afk> to do it completely
<Antropophag> Also, I think we can be attacked Turkey, if we start operation in Iran.
<Rhual> Turkey is busy with Bulgaria
<Rhual> they wont drain themselves
<Antropophag> Turks are crazy
<Ava_afk> well, if it is an orgazied rent with Iran, then i think TR wont do it against
<Ava_afk> if you agree with Iran, then Iran need to speak with the Turks to not interfere in this rent
<Antropophag> Iran can refuse rent
<Ava_afk> if they refuse it, then it's even better from the view of the romanian war
<Antropophag> I offered to meet again tomorrow, when you talk with RO, and we with Iran
<Ava_afk> we can meet tomorrow too, but as i see if everybody needs around a week to do what is need to do
<Ava_afk> then the iranian rent and romanian war is not hiting each other
<Ava_afk> because the road and the iranian rent is in time a week
<Ava_afk> so if iran accept the rent, then it's can be done in a week
<Ava_afk> and also we need a week to swap romanians to the border
<Antropophag> You've exactly decided that you will give way to Romania?
<Ava_afk> so in timeline we can do it at the same time
<Ava_afk> well as i see and as you sayed it is the only possible and playable way to rent NC
<Antropophag> So, you give way for Romania only then to get the Caucasus?
<Ava_afk> well, it's kind a unique story we gived out articles about the possibility of the renting of the oil
<Ava_afk> back to half year alredy
<Ava_afk> and the popultaion is waiting for the succes of this meetings
<Ava_afk> and from other hand
<Ava_afk> they are very desperate against romanians
<Ava_afk> so it will be a very big job to communicate with them
<Ava_afk> that we want to give anything for romanians
<Ava_afk> i hope they think this deletion was enough
<Ava_afk> and we need to cooperate with them
<Ava_afk> if they are so eager to get that oil
<Ava_afk> so, there will be a lot aof discussion
<Antropophag> We can attack Turkey, if you help us. Then we will go to Iran and you are in Turkey. Without cooperate with Romania
<Ava_afk> for now the romanian card have a bigger possibility then the TR
<Ava_afk> the reason is simple: we are not alone involved in the romanian war
<Ava_afk> and poland don't need a big drain with occupation of the core regions
<Antropophag> Ok, I understand
<Ava_afk> as i remember somebody sayed then if we take NC from a hostile countrie, than we can get it cheaper, then through swap
<Ava_afk> around which price you thinked for a month?

<Antropophag> I think you will discuss about price with the next president of Russia)
<Ava_afk> if we beginn with the process of swaping, then we need to agree about the rent too
<Ava_afk> the whole swaping is because the rent
<Antropophag> I think the swaps is because Romania wants war with Russia
<Ava_afk> well we dont love romanians
<Ava_afk> if we swap them then thats not because we want to give them fun
<Antropophag> But you love oil and don't need drain for Poland in RO cores
<Ava_afk> it's just because we don't see another way to rent NC
<Ava_afk> and yes: we love oil

<Ava_afk> maybe if you get +1 weapon bonus, and also the fun for the citizens you will have biger chances
<Ava_afk> and a good communication minister is necessery in a government: we learned that with pain
<Antropophag> In Russia, the big problem with the good ministers
<Antropophag> All ppl lazy and no one wants to do anything
<Ava_afk> well people i need to go now
<Ava_afk> i will be back later: around 2 hours
<Antropophag> Ok

I will not comment on anything else, I will let you all draw your own conclusions, but with all this talk of "swaps" and "roads" I have one question in particular to a "certain" country... QUO VADIS?

The SG of COT,
The SG of TWO,
The next CP of Russia,

smee again.


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Fun stuff.

<Antropophag> I think the swaps is because Romania wants war with Russia
<Ava_afk> well we dont love romanians
<Ava_afk> if we swap them then thats not because we want to give them fun
<Antropophag> But you love oil and don't need drain for Poland in RO cores
<Ava_afk> it's just because we don't see another way to rent NC
<Ava_afk> and yes: we love oil

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SG of COT is the boooooooooooottom of the barrel.

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"<Gluttony> basicly we lead Hungary regardless of government
<Gluttony> to summarize "
"<Gluttony> our cp is not necessary
<Istencsaszar> and here is the next hungarian CP too
<Gluttony> yea
<Gluttony> and that is more important"
just epic!!!
and rusia hungarians puppet?? reverse than real life status. funny ...

but smee the title shoul be: hu with ru about ro!
🙂 they talk about romania not with romania.....

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<Antropophag> Turks are crazy

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