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[Q&A] Outnumbered, and... doomed?

Día 1,871, 12:11 Publicado en Greece Grecia por Greek Ministry of Health

Salutations House of EDEN,

After the recent publication ‘EDEN - A new dawn’, we received several questions especially from younger players about the comments by doom preachers and wizards of eRep, stating that we are outnumbered by enemy alliances and that our days are numbered. Are they? A perfect first question in our planned series of Q&A articles, in which you as a common player can ask EDEN HQ anything to be answered as clear and open as possible - knowing of course this is not read by your eyes only...

Our answer:

First of all, what are these doom preachers talking about, when they say we are outnumbered? They refer to the number of active fighters in the different countries in the eWorld, as well as the actual damage they do - with the site egov4you as main source of information.

Currently, we have 3 larger alliances, EDEN, TWO and CoT. The latter two found each other in the delusional idea that the extinction of EDEN would serve their mutual purpose (though we all know, if they would succeed, they would just stab the knife in each others backs). Still, they decided to form a block against EDEN and together their countries do more damage than we do. A true fact.

Anyone who can count and has access to egov4you, can see the EDEN countries do about 30% of the total damage, against TWO/CoT with about 45% (15/30). Then there are non-allied countries with a historical bond with EDEN (about 10%), some with a sympathy for or dependence of CoT/TWO (about 15%) and a few who tend not to choose sides or focus mainly on their own part of the world.

Well, numbers count, but can you count on numbers?

1. Even within enemy alliances, we have many befriended players and MUs
In the past few months, we saw some major changes in the international alliances. Known enemies for ages seemed able to find each other in new alliances, and old time allies became enemies over pity differences or simple due to the fact that countries saw their Congress taken over by foreign powers. Well, CPs and Congress may call the shots; people and MUs still decide for whom they fight.

2. Alliance hopping seems to be the new trend
Some time ago we saw our long time ally USA (7% of total damage) switch sides and cuddle up with Poland and Spain. A major cause for the current imbalance of powers. But while a majority in Congress was in favour, many people in USA stood up and MUs refused to follow orders. USA is currently struggling to fight against the Serbian PTOers who are trying to take over their country for months now. Also, after a few months the USA-Brazil-Poland-Spain alliance dissolved because of inner conflicts, USA and Brazil both being neutral at the time.

So, new administrations, PTOs, internal conflicts in the alliances... the current balance is not as stable as some would like you to believe.

3.Not every alliance is a brotherhood
Wars are not by nature fought between alliances, but between countries. Especially if the foundation under an alliance is not one of brotherhood, but one of selfish usability for one another, soldiers are more likely to fight for medals, and do overkill damage for their own regions. But this is not just a problem for our enemy alliances, it is also a warning to us. In the recent past we have not been able to focus damage as we should. This is where we must and can make the difference. For that, we need the loyalty and dedication of every single soldier. We need you too. To fight for all of the members in our alliance and show what it means to be a true brotherhood.

Remember, this game is played by people, not by numbers. If EDEN’s days are numbered, it is not because of our numbers. It is because we have not been able to prove there is a difference between an alliance and the true brotherhood. Yes, we are outnumbered and we needed to regroup. But we have and we can win this, if we remain united. If we learn to see beyond our own occupied regions. Beyond our own enemies. And see how we can and will defeat our enemies in the end as we remain fighting along side our Brotherhood.

Victoria aut mors!

EDEN PR team

In the next Q&A: Brothers stand side by side, but sometimes internal conflicts cannot be avoided. In the next article we will address the new EDEN FA team, especially focusing on solving these issues.

Do you have question you would like to see answered by EDEN HQ? Please send in your question to your country’s EDEN Liaison.


DdyOlteanul Día 1,871, 12:13

Victoria aut mors!

TheYakuzini Día 1,871, 12:14

Victoria aut mors!

Ahileuss Día 1,871, 12:14

EDEN will raise again! o/////

Mr.gREg Día 1,871, 12:15


CRIS 99 Día 1,871, 12:18

Victoria aut mors!



Dellodas Día 1,871, 12:18

Victoria aut mors !!!


Feliks Edmundovic
Feliks Edmundovic Día 1,871, 12:18

Hail EDEN!

Zeeuwsmeisje Día 1,871, 12:18

Victoria aut Mors!

Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Día 1,871, 12:19

Hail Eden!

serhio buskez
serhio buskez Día 1,871, 12:19


M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Día 1,871, 12:19

Victoria aut Morse! o7

Thesmos Día 1,871, 12:21

Victoria aut mors!

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Día 1,871, 12:21


Dr.Chatzos Día 1,871, 12:21

L for Looser ?

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Día 1,871, 12:22

Good article. Unfortunately as we have seen in India with Croatia, certain governments put their own agendas about what is good for their alliance. Croatia had better hope that they finish off India quickly or else they will be wiped in turn. Then we will have the famous second front in place for China.

SexyCicko Día 1,871, 12:22


danis1982 Día 1,871, 12:22

Victoria aut mors

Phantom Menace
Phantom Menace Día 1,871, 12:22

Remain winning or loosing!

Geoland Día 1,871, 12:24


Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Día 1,871, 12:24

It's not the first time we're outnumbered... And we're still here!

Hail EDEN!!! o7

Kypcom Día 1,871, 12:26


Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Día 1,871, 12:27

Truth and Honour!

Osvetnik21 Día 1,871, 12:28

Victoria aut mors!



diuras Día 1,871, 12:30

Victoria aut mors!


tasos maximous
tasos maximous Día 1,871, 12:31

Victoria aut mors!



Boyan Día 1,871, 12:32

#jebeskrave is not about numbers but people indeed

hail the BONUSHOOD! hail the DAMAGEHOOD! hail EDEN!

Phaethon Ominosus
Phaethon Ominosus Día 1,871, 12:32

eDEN has done terrible mistakes.I hope the alliance will recover and organise a counter attack worldwide.Also,I hope she can undo some diplomatic decisions and rebuild a brotherhood.

Warmlion Día 1,871, 12:32

Your math skills are equal to your war skills multiplied by your diplomatic skills.

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Día 1,871, 12:33


General Lion 18
General Lion 18 Día 1,871, 12:34

Victoria aut mors!


Sztandar Día 1,871, 12:34

I hope EDEN never dies, this is way too hilarious o/

Sztandar Día 1,871, 12:36

Roger Griswald Day 1,871, 12:27
Truth and Honour!


Suster Toni
Suster Toni Día 1,871, 12:36

Victoria aut mors!

ChiMiner Día 1,871, 12:37

Victoria aut mors!



Kresimir Furyan
Kresimir Furyan Día 1,871, 12:38

There is no true alliance and no brotherhood with True Patriot medal!
Eden is dead! And any other alliance for that matter. Only gold, only resources count.

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Día 1,871, 12:41

sztandar we all know u hope eden will never die so u can have 70% of daily dmg to the end and hold your holy 10/10 xD

there is one word which can describe you... its female genitalia u know what i mean : )

Desperados51 Día 1,871, 12:43

Nice 2 read

Dio Levi
Dio Levi Día 1,871, 12:43

Truth and Honor!

Thersitis Día 1,871, 12:43

who wrote this ?
AggelosPnS ?

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Día 1,871, 12:47

Who trolls? LOLgarians ofc. Showing their true nature all over again...

This is a game, you pathetic people! And it should be about fun and making friends from both sides!

elbandido Día 1,871, 12:48

Why your military HQ and orders are not sincronyzed with rest of the countries MoD's plans and orders?

potato134 Día 1,871, 12:50

Eden is balkanhood not brotherhood 🙂

brendam Día 1,871, 12:53

Victoria Aut Mors!

Ruben           Lagus
Ruben Lagus Día 1,871, 12:54

Greeting from Finland! At least the new PR team is doing a good work. All the best to EDEN.

georgetam Día 1,871, 12:54


Excelsior.HMA Día 1,871, 12:55

Hail Eden.

mcmoox Día 1,871, 12:56

doomed it is...

MCMOOX je bio ovde!!!!

Wildrunner Día 1,871, 12:57

latter two found each other in the delusional idea that the extinction of EDEN would serve their mutual purpose

Who told you that? We don't want EDEN to die, zombie-EDEN is the best enemy of all times, without you the game wouldn't be the same you are the biggest source of entertainment for us all.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Día 1,871, 12:58

1 year ago EDEN was alliance that gathered most of countries around them.
Now you have more enemies than allies and I wonder what is the reason behind that...

ElvenCRO Día 1,871, 12:59

till the last !
EDEN \o/

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