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[Presidential Campaign] Do not be fooled by fake nationalism

Día 1,930, 20:28 Publicado en Philippines República de China (Taiwán) por Al Raposas

Raposas and LAKAN-KBP urges you to vote for the Presidential Elections on March 5, whoever the official running candidates are.

LAKAN-KBP standard bearer Al Raposas expressed his grave concern upon the nomination of kmm225 by four of the top five parties in the Philippines (KMP and the RD-led coalition), of which Raposas comments to kmm225 as Macedonian at heart. He calls for the citizens to remove the shroud of fake nationalism from the other candidates. Raposas said:

”In his proclamation article, kmm225 seemingly announces victory as he announced when he is going to open the Cabinet positions in his administration. How dare he, my mandate is not beaten yet. Such arrogance is no Filipino trait. I cannot comprehend why my former comrades at KMP selected this citizen to be President of this country, when I thought that the prestige I gave them in November 2012 is enough to win their approval. Am I not winnable? If so, let us show them the power of the people! I know that I am not alone in this endeavor, and it is a Filipino trait to fight even if the odds are against them, just like the standoff in RL Sabah.”

Raposas was the only KMP member that served under the socialist administration of Eldarion Sionnodel in November of 2012. Raposas also boasts the use of the original Filipino script in his campaign materials so as to emphasize his commitment to serving the Philippines. He continued:

”Hear me, the presidency of a country is not only in fighting experience or battle statistics, it is also in the heart to serve the Filipino people. I have been serving the country for five months, in all the in-game Cabinet posts and the Congress as well. Is this not enough to prove my dedication for the Philippines so as to elect a foreigner who only showed up now? I don’t even know what plans he has for the country. I acknowledge, though, that foreigner presence in the country helps our Foreign Affairs, so please do not mistake me in this. Citizens, Filipinos, do not be blinded by old and defunct politics, because the future lies in the reforms we will do today! Stop bulok (bloc) voting.”

Running mate and Miss E-Philippines Liana Paldrov presents the audience, now visibly smaller since kmm225 announced his mandate, a rough outline of the platform of the Raposas mandate. Paldrov calls for the other two candidates to not plagiarize platforms to induce confusion in the elections.

• Ministry of Defense Supply Program Expansion: Recipients will now reach citizens up to Level 34, Military Units under the government shall have no limit in experience level to be recipient.
• Hunger games: a food-raising contest for citizens above the Level 34. Food accumulated would benefit the recipients of the MoD supply program.
• Let’s Take The Initiative Program: launching of a national initiative program which would entertain proposals that are not in-game, like E-Palarong Pambansa or a national religion. This is aimed to increase non-governmental citizens’ participation in national affairs.
• Individual Stimulus Package: allows citizens to apply for funding from the government to buy permanent infrastructure like mines or plantations
• Expansion of the National Armed Forces: as of today, only PSF forms our official armed forces. The Raposas mandate is determined to absorb more units under the government’s fold.
• The Military Unit Requirement: if you are a Philippine citizen, your military unit must be in the Philippines. Otherwise, you will not be covered by any subsidy from the government.
• Veterans One-Time Big-Time Allowance: in commemoration of the fourth year of the Philippines in the New World, we will provide veteran citizens a one time allowance from the government to express our gratitude to their work.

The Ministries that will be perpetrated if the Raposas mandate is elected are the following:
• Ministry of Defense (in-game)
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in-game)
• Ministry of Education (in-game)
• Ministry of Finance or Governor of Central Bank (in-game)
• Ministry of Culture and the Arts: in adherence to our commitment to promote Philippine culture, arts and national patrimony
• Ministry of Transportation: the government shall subsidize moving fees for citizens who need to finish their daily orders

LAKAN-KBP officials:
President: Liana Paldrov
Secretary General: juancda
Spokesman: Luzon Saisuke

Erepublik Wiki profile of Al Raposas.

So far, LAKAN-KBP numbers stabilized at 10 members, 4 members short to include the party in the top five. Help us have a candidate this coming March, join LAKAN-KBP now!


Sang Jahus Jarzani
Sang Jahus Jarzani Día 1,930, 21:15


Neverstoperz1 Día 1,931, 01:34


Neverstoperz1 Día 1,931, 01:34


Neverstoperz1 Día 1,931, 01:34


Neverstoperz1 Día 1,931, 01:34


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Día 1,931, 03:14


kb1992 Día 1,931, 04:36


Luzon Saisuke
Luzon Saisuke Día 1,931, 05:18

for a new philippines 🙂

Kristijanmkd93 Día 1,931, 06:05


Makedonec 1992
Makedonec 1992 Día 1,931, 06:56


Al Raposas
Al Raposas Día 1,931, 07:26

My fearless forecast:
kmm225 - 95
tolgaksk - 36
Al Raposas - 11

Chopp Día 1,931, 10:40

Good Luck mate!

Eldarion Sionnodel
Eldarion Sionnodel Día 1,931, 11:48

Al Raposas is the future of ePhilippines if he is not win the presidental elections this time he will be the winner in his next run.

Don't worry and keep working for philippines.

And for the RD-guy you will be lost maybe not today but tomorrow the real filipinos come and get the power for themself.

For Tolgaksk we are the past of philippines i think we did really good but the people really don't want us anymore.

This is a real fearless forecast

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Día 1,932, 05:21

If ever I would to choose between you Turks and the Macedonians, I would rather choose your community because in terms on what you have done for the country, Turks have done so many good ones.

Meanwhile what have the Macedonians done? When they got the power they just put a year long embargo. Nothing else. He could have adjusted the tax rates, lower the minimum salary and other things but that's what he did.

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Día 1,932, 05:22

RD will win and ePH will become another lame nation.


Liana Paldrov
Liana Paldrov Día 1,932, 05:54

I'm not RD, right?

Liana Paldrov
Liana Paldrov Día 1,932, 05:55

Why then do you shout our mandate's name with RD? XDD

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Día 1,932, 05:57

actually, i think rd will win cp and eph will go back to lameness

Revilo X
Revilo X Día 1,932, 07:11

Good Luck Kabayan!

juancda Día 1,932, 18:46


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Día 1,963, 20:48

Actually, picking a cabinet before the elections is normal here. As the CP only has one month to serve, it would be better to already have a plan before.

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