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[President] What's going on - update

Día 1,929, 11:42 Publicado en Philippines Filipinas por kb1992


This is the summary of the previous two weeks of presidential term.

1. Foreign Affairs:

Our two allies, Colombia and Argentina, with the other South-American country, Uruguay, participate in a new project known as CUA. I think it is natural that our relations with this alliance should be good.

Our neighbor, Malaysia, is in trouble because of Thailand's agression. Please notice that Malaysia was attacked when they have a training war with Singapore. I care about good relations with the neighbouring countries, we always had rather good relations with Malaysia, so I decided to endorse Malaysia in their war with Thailand.

Of course, we actually have commitments to our MPP allies, but if only we'll able to help, I recommend to fight for Malaysia.

2. Defense:

The supply system for players below level 30 still works, all you have to do is to fill this form:

Informations about this are regularly published in Minister's newspaper:

3. Culture:

We have the new Miss ePhilippines - Liana Paldrov. I congratulate and wish you win in the international contest 🙂

Official article here:

the President of the Philippines



Dark Panzer
Dark Panzer Día 1,929, 13:54


CobraaAn Día 1,929, 17:14


Its a training war with Malaysia! They need to give back region!


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