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[POTUS] A Side of ATO with that please!

Día 1,923, 15:11 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por John Killah

You ever get the feeling we should be over here, and not over there

How are you America? Todays quote – You got a bit of red on ya.

If you can get the quote (Don’t google ya cheats), post what the film is in the comments, and you might just win some cash :3

The Ambassador Program

So, you always hear of this program needs your help, that program needs your help. In truthfulness, every program we run usually needs more people, not just because we’re always in need of people, but because new players bring in new ideas and new motivation to the department they join. So I thought for this article, I’d highlight a department that is ALWAYS in need of new blood.

The Ambassadors program has returned with a vengeance this term after languishing last month under an inactive director. Under Black Baroness’s stewardship, the program has gradually revived itself with ambassadors from our great nation spanning the world to all manner of countries to help our ties and to learn more about how that country operates and what their people are concerned about at the moment.

I do believe Israel Stevens put it best when he described it – Join the Ambassador program, meet hot chicks!. Just think of all those Russian women the US Ambassador to Russia must meet day in and day out … wouldn’t you like that to be you?!

All joking aside, a lot of people who have had ambitions to get ahead further politically in this game and have done so … they’ve had at least one term as an Ambassador and they’ve always looked back on it and said they enjoyed it immensely! And why wouldn’t they when you get to meet so many new people from different cultures! I’m going to be honest, I haven’t been an ambassador and it’s a regret for me … Maybe I’ll go do a month or two of it in a few months time when I’ve recovered from PotUS.

Now, admittedly, there’s the chance you won’t get the nation you would like, but don’t let that get you down! There are plenty of other lovely nations out there that you should consider! – Why not visit the Taj Mahal of India while eating a Chicken Tikka Masala? Or how about climbing the mountainous terrain of Peru? Maybe try some Shiraz from the Chilean Vineyard (I’m drinking some right now, absolutely fantastic wine).

So how can you get involved? Simple – Message Black Baroness and let her know you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador. What can go wrong!?

Last chance saloon for Operation Gangnam Style?

I’m going to be brutally honest, this is looking like the last shot for this operation. Since the campaign began last month under Fingerguns, we expected things to be a walkover … Couple of weeks, have South Korea and Japan free and whole … Job well done, pat ourselves on the back. Oh how wrong we were, how much we underestimated the ferocity we’d be facing.

We’re now 37 days into the campaign (over a month already?) and we have very little to show for it. We’ve been beaten back quite a few times … out-manouvered constantly by Taiwan as they hide behind SK to prevent us for advancing … It’s frustrating to everyone, I know I certainly hate losing the latest “NE Race” (The nation that proposes the NE first will get initiative if it passes) by a mere 7 Seconds.

There is only so much the nation can take and we’re already tipping back into the state of boredom because of the losses. So it comes down to this … Do we make this our final push? Are we all that sick of the battle that another loss here would be the end of the operation because it’s too much hassle? I know how you feel.

So how ‘bout it America? Do we make this one last show of force? Or do we give it everything we’ve got, and show Taiwan how to really fight like men instead of winning a battle and going into hiding because they’re too scared to wage a real war? I know I’m willing to drain every ounce of energy I have to win, will you?

ATO Tiem!

Congress Elections are just around the corner, and it’s the same as ever – The AFA are going to try and seek a dominance in our elections. It’s never an easy battle and it’s always a downright dirty fight … as you can see by the AFA moving people to The Shoe Party (formally known as the EAU) in order to knock out the #5 party (Which happens to be AMP at the moment because of all the people we’ve moved).

But first, there is still the issue of the AMP being knocked out of the Top 5 by EAU, giving the PTOers a HUGE advantage. Now, this isn’t about me being worried about my party being knocked out, this is about me being worried about a legitimate Top 5 party being taken out and replaced by another PTO party. I’d be feeling this same worry if it was the USWP or the WTP.

So I appeal to you all – If you can, please move to whichever party is in danger (#5 party) and keep them above the Shoe People. And tomorrow, remember to vote for either The Federalists, The USWP, The WTP or The AMP! Just not the AFA.

And with this article, we swiftly approach the end of my term. I know that several detractors have questions on my term, and why I’m not doing this or that, and why am I so British?

The last week has, quite frankly, been pretty terrible for me and the administration. It has not been helped by the fact my work week tripled in hours so that was less time I could spend, I could give you all reasons and excuses as to why the term has been failing, but lets face it, the simple fact is I’ve not worked hard enough and shit has piled up.

So what has been the next move? Step my game up. Ask any cabinet member or advisor … I received a lovely kick up the ass and I’ve been reacting to it. Everyone’s been put to task and will continue to do so, even myself. No more slacking from this cabinet.

Keep it chillin eAmerica!



John Killah
John Killah Día 1,923, 15:12

First Denied for ATO!

LitoII Día 1,923, 16:40

I didn't know u r British \o/

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Día 1,923, 15:12

John Killah, you are awesome sir \o/

ElvenCRO Día 1,923, 15:16

\o/ vote! o7

Shoi12 Día 1,923, 15:20

NE Serbia plz

MDejzi Día 1,923, 15:21


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Día 1,923, 15:33

You are not even American.

jadiv Día 1,923, 15:51

and it is an embarrasment to those of us that are that your are too 🙁

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Día 1,923, 15:54

RL nationalities are not erep business. Learn to be reasonable about that. As far as I know your party is composed of a lot of people from other RL nationalities and I don't see you complaining. I should show them this comments and shouts to see what they think... We might get some interesting reactions.

jadiv Día 1,923, 16:04

Dr Luis Sentieiro, I think that AJ would like to change my RL nationality, or at least he supports challanging it.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Día 1,924, 23:38

Well said, Luis! Proud to be an eAmerican from RL Australia! o/

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Día 1,924, 08:57

WOW!!! So, you spout off about how the 'elitists' have taken over the country while spout off about elitist rhetoric. Fail is fail.

AFA wants us to accept people from outside the country because you brought them in... And you make comments like this. A mirror is a mirror.

A video clip comes to mind... The Grinch when he yells, "I am an idiot!" and the echo says, "Your an idiot!."

Winter Night
Winter Night Día 1,924, 09:19

Dude, do you know any other useful quotes from the Hollywood that might help your propaganda? This Grinch thing is getting a little old, besides it's not very original either. 😉

SinaAria Día 1,924, 09:32

Give more answers and less bitchin Winter Night.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Día 1,924, 09:37

Winter you are soo easily baited it is no wonder RGR controls you...

My point exactly... Same crap from the RGR peanut gallery every month. Elitists this... Elistits that... and yet he makes comments like the one above. Just as a point of interest Winter Night, I assume since you approve of his statement above that you are a RL eMurican.?.?

Kortanul Día 1,925, 23:39

From one who relies on foreigners being brought under your wing by the boatload, that's amusing.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Día 1,923, 15:33

and LoL at Elven still supporting you despite the US not wanting to ally with Croatia.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Día 1,923, 15:55

Elven is an eUS citizen and he supports USA. You are no one to condemn him for that.

Mr.Cypriot Día 1,923, 15:38

eUSA policy fail again.
can't protect eUSA against ATO.
Every month AFA is more stronger.

Darian Dracona Día 1,924, 09:19

Comentario borrado

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Día 1,924, 11:55

you spelled PTO wrong

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Día 1,925, 00:32

every month AFA is more weaker or better stagnant. makes sense the same in english or serbian.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Día 1,923, 15:52

You so British JK! ; )

WhydoIbother Día 1,923, 16:42

Sean of the Dead, a great zombie movie. You've got red on you.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Día 1,923, 16:50

7 Seconds? Geez. It's like you're not even trying. : )

Sadanaga Día 1,923, 17:24

Ha, talking about fighting like men when you pick on a much weaker country. Yeah, let me tell you, that's quite manly. 10/10 logic

fingerguns Día 1,924, 05:58

Yes, so much weaker. That's why we walked right through it. Oh wait...

the tormented one
the tormented one Día 1,925, 04:31

" talking about fighting like men when you pick on a much weaker country"
Pots calling Kettle lol

Sadanaga Día 1,927, 14:39

we pick on weaker countries, after all this is a game. The weak did what they could, the strong did what they must. The difference between eUSA and eROC is that we don't go on about how great and manly we are because we don't have over inflated egos. we get what we can and use our situation to the best of our advantage, simple as that.
@fingerguns not our fault you can't organize that damage influence you have over us. BTW, theres something called strategy, you know, the thing where we use Jeollanam-do as a choke point to avoid a protracted war. Maybe you should actually you that brain in your skull for improvised strategy instead of doing the same thing over and over again and coming up with clever operation names. BTW, you said you would dismantle us piece by piece, and wiped us off the face of the earth. if that's not visions of grandeur not to mention an over inflated ego I do not know what is.

the tormented one
the tormented one Día 1,928, 23:15

" The difference between eUSA and eROC is that we don't go on about how great and manly we are because we don't have over inflated egos. we get what we can and use our situation to the best of our advantage, simple as that."

NO, but instead eRoC bitched and moaned and continue to bitch and moan about how other people still owe you everything. eRoC can do no wrong!!!! EVER!!!!

emdoublegee Día 1,923, 18:16

Still the man!

Tyrannocopters Día 1,924, 00:39


Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Día 1,924, 05:52

Nobody chills better than Chilly mothereffing Willy:

Mister Y
Mister Y Día 1,924, 05:59

I voted AMP, and you?

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Día 1,924, 08:28

ty JK;-) AMPers are awesome ;-D

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Día 1,924, 09:14

Your term has been failing for two very simple reasons:

First, you were Fluffys choice!

Second, because your cabinet consisted of the most incompetent losers you could ever pick (just like the mexican-portuguese immigrant luis something)!

You proved to be the best chef in recipes of FAILURE!

GTFO now and never come back!!!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Día 1,924, 09:25

Lool xD

Winter Night
Winter Night Día 1,924, 09:21

VOTE \\\\\ A F A ///// Tell the elitists what you think of their ruinous policies that they excuse by pinning the blame on admins and AFA!

SinaAria Día 1,924, 09:33

Stay but vote for AFA. lmao.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Día 1,924, 09:41

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,923, 15:33
You are not even American.

Vote for AFA to fight the elitists... Your own party figure head is a bigot, racist and elitist all rolled into one...

If that is what you are for... Have at it....

As a point of interest Winter Night, are you a RL eMurican? Did you get bless by RGR?

Winter Night
Winter Night Día 1,924, 09:43

Darian, I don't know what eMurican is. I am a real life American, yes. Did I get blessED by RGR? No, as far as I know he's not a priest so he can't bless people.

LordRahl2 Día 1,924, 09:43

Who opposes free speech?
-The AFA elitists.

Who opposes democracy?
-The AFA elitists.

Who supports poll taxes?
-The AFA elitists.

Who rejects freedom?
-The AFA elitists.

Who are the oppressive tyrants?
-The AFA elitists.

Who would Ronald Reagan reject?
-The AFA elitists.

Winter Night Día 1,924, 09:46

Comentario borrado

Winter Night
Winter Night Día 1,924, 09:47

There you are, you great poet, you great supporter of democracy! Ha ha ha

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Día 1,924, 09:52

Facts Winter... I know they elude you, but you can do it.

No comment on how bad that statement by RGR is???

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,923, 15:33
You are not even American.

It is right up there, where he will probably have a "comment deleted" sign soon.

Stick to the facts. I can do it right here in this comment list. RGR proves time and time again, does not care about anybody. He uses people from other countries, which I find vile. And then makes his true feelings know, which we are just to ignore and continue to believe the AFA rhetoric about the "others" are elitists. Not the AFA...

Step outside and look in. RGR is ruining for the rest of you. Take off the blinders. Until then AFA is nothing but a PTO party for RGR's enjoyment.

Winter Night
Winter Night Día 1,924, 09:56

Facts... like the little fact that citizenships were given out left and right yesterday in violation of the same rules the elitists say AFA should abide by.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Día 1,924, 10:06

LMAO!!! Still nothing to the comment of RGR above proves you wanting to deflect.

The rules were in place before AFA came into existence. AFA came into existence and decided it did not want to follow the rules, so thumbed it's nose at the present government and the rules that have been set forth.

AFA and The Shoe People pulled in all the foreigners they could to try and push out a party for the sole purpose of gaining more seats for AFA.... Problem with that theory is this, if you push 200-400 people out in a party that has been there for months in a matter of 2 days, do you consider that a PTO? And fill that new party with as many foreigners as you can just for that sole purpose...

People really should get more informed on game mechanics for this reason exactly.

Good luck your glass house man...

Winter Night
Winter Night Día 1,924, 10:42

So you find it funny that the government does not follow its own little made up rules but expects its enemies, as it has labeled the AFA, to fully follow them? Correct me if I'm wrong, but your answer seems to go along these lines: AFA doesn't follow them, neither should the government. Thanks for admitting that it is perfectly acceptable for our current rulers to break rules as long as as these violations serve their interests.

Well, are you American? If you're not, then you and your friends shouldn't be calling AFA out on having non-real life Americans in their midst. And don't give me any of that "but I work for American interest, I'm not here to PTO America" either. It sure feels like USA has been PTOd when a large percentage of its citizens (AED) who fight for it don't get supplies while others who toe the government line do.

Your glass house man? What? See, this is why I find it hilarious that you elitists make fun of AFA members whose English needs improvement.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Día 1,924, 11:08

Again... No comment on RGR's from above... You really don't like to talk about the current situation with your party... As such you deflect to try and make is seem like it is the elitists who are out to get you... ooooohhhh..... aaaaaahhhhhh.....

Yes. I am a real eAmerican. I served the country in the RL USMC. Now with that out of the way... Can I get you to respond to the racist remarks by your leadership or should I just take your deflection as a no comment:

From above:
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,923, 15:33
Report You are not even American.

Lets put your idiocy in perspective: The government does follow it's own rules, and people who wanted to come keep AFA and TSP from pushing another party (again a deflection on your part) that has been there in top 5 for months in just 2 short days by allowing in tons of eForeigners for the sole purpose of gaining more Congressional seats at the direction of your leader who was the one that made the comment above... were allowed to come in. As a reaction to a PTO that has been here and obvious for some time. Obvious because the AFA fluctuates 500 members every election...

People get informed.... These drones are just hoping you don't and will follow them blindly based on an appeal of emotion.

So... Can I get a comment on the original post of RGR's? No... Point made.

Winter Night
Winter Night Día 1,924, 11:52

Comment on what, my friend? "You're not even American" is a racist comment? You need to look up the definition of "racist," and you need to work on your sensitivities. Don't be so fragile.

I have no intention of writing books to illustrate a simple point to you, Darian. The point is, the government broke its own rules. Even if we were to say, for the sake of argument, "AFA is breaking rules by indiscriminately handing out citizenships," it would seem now that our current rulers are trying to fix one wrong with another.

Since you're so well informed, Darian, then enlighten us please on what these evil AFA PTOers intend to do with our country once they take it over. We just need to have a clear understanding from the government and its "informed" supporters on what exactly to expect and what we should be concerned about.

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