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(Official British Army) Updates and Dispatch: ,Day 1,912

Día 1,912, 01:26 Publicado en United Kingdom Reino Unido por Sir Winston S Churchill

(Official British Army) Updates and Dispatch: ,Day 1,912

Attention !

Instead of handing out 8 every 2 days we will try 4 each day for this week !

Claim 4 Q7 just by commenting below and voting ,All British Army members will receive 4 x Q7 Weapons

Just comment "Be The Best" and you're vote number, and your tanks will be with you soon !

Stand at ease !

British Army Structure


Commander Don Dapper
2nd Commander Friedrich Barbarosa
2nd Commander Ewan Dougall
Regiment 1 Captain – Elsworth
Regiment 2 Captain – BaskB
Regiment 3 Captain – cenodekaMKD
Regiment 4 Captain – Daniel Catalan
Regiment 5 Captain – Taurum
Regiment 6 Captain – Hollenboar
Regiment 7 Captain – Treacherous

MOD Battle Orders

Today British Army Captains, please set the Daily order to fight for Hungry V Romania

Fighting conditions : Weather report dry with some cloud , bight spells for most of the day

Remember fighters if the bar is over 55% try not to drop and waste your damage wait unil the next round !

Stat's day 1911

Kills 3237
Damage 3 million
Active Fighters 90
Top Damage Alan Warwickshire 4.3 million

Nice going chaps !

We also took part in the joint strike on sunday more info can be found here

Thanks to Butjam and R Feist for supplying the prize's.
Photo of the day

THIS SHOWS THE FRENCH FORIEGN LEGION, I love there uniforms and their hat's they look very dapper !

Want to collect regular supplies ? Want a very active fighting team ? Then Join the British Army today !

We are looking for brave men and women to come and defend there country, its doesnt matter what party you are from , everyone is more than welcome and each fighter is treated the same. Join Here for supplies !



Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Día 1,912, 01:32

Be The best v2

registrs Día 1,912, 01:40

Be The best v3

North Scale
North Scale Día 1,912, 01:47

Be The Best v4

Eddy Vuylsteke
Eddy Vuylsteke Día 1,912, 01:47

Be The Best v3

Billyscaff Día 1,912, 02:04

Be the best v5

Cbgd Día 1,912, 02:08

Be the best v6

Rugobert Día 1,912, 02:21

Be the best v7

sancteandrea Día 1,912, 02:32

Be the best v8

Giordy River
Giordy River Día 1,912, 02:43

Be The Best v9

PaulMoadibe Día 1,912, 02:46

Be The Best v10

Harry Paget Flashman
Harry Paget Flashman Día 1,912, 02:51

Be The Best v11

Cakradara Día 1,912, 02:53

Be The Best v11

TTXXX Día 1,912, 03:24

Be The Best v12

jakofipa Día 1,912, 03:51

Be The Best v14

Morg00n Día 1,912, 04:05

Be The Bestv15

Bad Carrot
Bad Carrot Día 1,912, 04:40

Be The Best v16

EniKokona2013 Día 1,912, 05:21

Be The Best

Thane Palludore
Thane Palludore Día 1,912, 05:32

Be The Best v17

Geordie Ripper
Geordie Ripper Día 1,912, 05:45

Be The Best v18

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Día 1,912, 06:18


NT Games
NT Games Día 1,912, 06:25

Be the Best v19

DrFeherKonrad Día 1,912, 07:26

Be the Best v20

gzvp Día 1,912, 07:37

Be The best v21

Evilpaperclip Día 1,912, 07:45

Be The Best v22

dBigMac Día 1,912, 08:19

Be The Best v23

reti red
reti red Día 1,912, 08:20

Be The Best v24

Rogusan Día 1,912, 08:54

Be The Best v25

Elshi Día 1,912, 09:18

"Be The Best" v25

KearoB Día 1,912, 09:54

Be The Best v26

GNimmo Día 1,912, 11:03

Be the Best V28

Treacherous Día 1,912, 11:30

Be the Best V29

Jorge Gonzalez von Marees
Jorge Gonzalez von Marees Día 1,912, 11:30

Be the Best V30

Bardokva Día 1,912, 11:38

Be The Best v31

K.P.Tatschner Día 1,912, 11:44

Be The Best 32

Rakurules Día 1,912, 12:12

Be the best v33

hollenboer Día 1,912, 13:19

Be the best v34 o7

Hugo Lilly
Hugo Lilly Día 1,912, 17:52

Be the best v35

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Día 1,913, 06:48


Louis Philippe
Louis Philippe Día 1,913, 15:02

Be The Best v36

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