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[Norway Embassy] Interview with eRomanian vMoFA - Kaze san

Día 1,902, 04:38 Publicado en Norway Noruega por Nills Holgerson

Hello Norway,

Today I prepared for you an interview with the controversial vMoFA of Romania. A lot of you know him, not a lot of you love him 😃... Kaze san

So here it is:

Hello mister vMoFA

Hello mister ambasador 🙂

I was looking forward to interview you. Do you have some spare time?

Yes I have! Would you like a cookybar ro relax?

Oh yes...thank you...I just looove coockies

Or a beer, wine, whater 😁

The cookie is fine....thank you...Can you tell me some things about you? Who is the person behind Kaze San?

Well I`m a cruel person, in RL I'm a firefighter, still studying at the University in Iasi, Romania and...that`s about it! And my real name is Vlad!

For how long did you play eRepublik?

Well I am playing for about 2 years and I`ve acomplished quite a lot!

Tell me more about those acomplishments

Ambasador Coordonator, ambasador and vMoFA for eIsrael eSingapore and eEgipth. Now I`m Commander in Grande Norge MU in Norway

I see you like the Foreign Affairs very much and it is clear you have a lot of experience...Are you planning to continue with this direction or you have some other plans?

Well I love this job, I want to get my chance and proceed as MoFA and make the world a better place... 🙂

You are now vMoFA in Romania...Paul T. Craciunescu is MoFA...what happend with the old MoFA...Schmidt?

Well, he had some personal problems and had to quit the job! But I want to thank him for the wonderful job he did!

I understand! accepted the job offer from Paul T. Craciunescu...and the job is aproaching the end...what did you do until now?

Well I want to say a thing, i acceptet this job only to help Paul, until now I was concentrating on my MU in Norway, and trying to make friend`s there ... well, trying a lot 😁)

I understand...I wont like to go into many details about the MU...maybe in another interview. Is this ok with you?

Yes it`s oky. I still have to make some report`s for Paul .... lot`s of work! wish me luck in the next mandate of vMoFA!

So you are planning for another one ?
Do you think Valahian is on for the 3rd CP mandate?

Yes I am, as long as the offer still stand`s
He did a great job under hard situations, personale I`d be happy to win the next mandate, because he's already running for another on. I allready have offers frome other countries and parties in Romania, but we will se... depending what kind of a man the next CP and MoFA is!

I see you have a back-up plan That's great
What can you tell me about the curent situation in Romania? I saw the war against Russia is not going very well...what was that all about?

Well al great leaders have a a back up plan 😃. It`s just a Training War. But realy the country is a resorce hangar!

Really...only a TW? It sure didn't look like that from the direct battle

We have a plan about that but that doesn't include conquering Russia!

Ok....from what I saw...the plan is down for the moment. Do you think Romania could have achieved more if they had allies fighting for them?

No the plan is on, but still remains a secrete!

Well...if it's a secret


What do you think about Romanian-Norway relations? Do you have any plans towards our countries?

No! We respect Norway as our alies, but we have no problems with them, and quite not so much to talk

Ok...You are living in Norway though...Why did you choose us?

Well I love a country that`s not so crowded, and had some opportunities in your beloved country like have a top 5 party make a MU...I want not to be considered a PTO`er. Cuz i`m not and will never be a PTO`er

Yes...I saw you had some problems with this matter...Time will reveal your true intentions
Romania had a referendum about leaving EDEN...what was that all about?

Valahian depends very much on the people and listens to their opinions and problems and depending on eden`s situation we had to make a referendum and see what is the people`s opinion

Well...I think this is all...Do you have something to transmit to Norwegian people?

Yes, hello I have no friend`s...I desperately need friends please all the friend`s call me...and "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds-Albert Einstein"
Thx for the interview, I have to go because my gf is giving me the " I`m going home" look

Thank you very much for your time...I hope we will meet again next as an ambasador and you as vMoFA...or MoFA...Good luck Kaze San

Thx the same Nills!

Thank you for your attention...more interviews coming soon 🙂

Have a nice day,



Per Jostein
Per Jostein Día 1,902, 06:05

"Well I`m a cruel person... And my real name is Vlad!"

Vlad the Impaler??

Btw, Eu pot sa vorbesc si romaneste. As vrea sa o zi cunuoaste Romania!

t0trag Día 1,902, 06:57

nice per jostein using google transolate... 😁 )yes that`s me i admit i had 1!

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Día 1,902, 08:33


Nills Holgerson
Nills Holgerson Día 1,903, 00:23

let's focuse on the info in the interview...maybe next time I'll make a double interview with Per Jostein and Kaze you can fight like gentlemen :😃

t0trag Día 1,903, 06:05

😁 nice on! like a talk show...but we would have to be polite, cuz it`s diplomacy!

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Día 1,903, 07:07

Haha. That would have been a great show.🙂

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Día 1,903, 07:34

@Kaze san: If you are for real eRomanian vMoFA I expect apology from your cp and Romania for that insult to Norway!
As we all know you have illegal Norway citizenship!
And you admit many times that you are our enemy > , , , !!!
I think that our cp must send pm to Romania cp because it is
intolerable that someone like Kaze san can be Romanian vMoFA !!!
And if Romanian government don´t dissociate itself from Kaze san than our cp should even send pm to EDEN commanders to decide what brotherhood is that when one country support PTO of her ˝allies˝ !

At last MU what logo you have at your avatar( Semper Pro Patria ) should be in all PTO blacklists !!!
Is Singapur country of that MU ?
>PP list : , , ,

t0trag Día 1,903, 14:36

Valhalla, what i do in my personal time is my problem! Try to give a pm to our CP and you`ll se the effects... it`s still the same, because i AM NOT A PTO`er, and i have profeo of that like you have, that i didn`t say fore sure that i`m a PTOer you understud only what you wanted to!

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Día 1,903, 16:04

I only understood that the whole of Norway(Perhaps not lvl 20 players that are active every 20 days) wants that you take Romanian cs back because you have got our illegal !!
It is not your free time it is our state law!!
If your cp keep you after we send him pm that only means that our countrys are not allies and that we should dismiss our MPP with Romania!

t0trag Día 1,904, 02:07

bull sheet Back from Valhalla! searesely ... !

t0trag Día 1,904, 02:23

an Back singapore os sould to SPP! you paranoia fooles

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