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[MoFA] : Hungary , Romania and Iran !

Día 2,156, 12:42 Publicado en Iran Nueva Zelanda por Sor3naa
"The FA version for Iranians : "


Last couple of days , after this article , Hungarian people have been sending mails or messages ( or whatever else that you call them xD ) to Iranians about the issue of Romania betraying Iran and wishing to attack and conquer the country .

(You can see 2 of these mails here and here ! I've got to thank people who informed of these mails as fast as they got them )

Now I don't know If that's just Hungarian people wanting to help Iran (Which If true , we really appreciate it ) or they are just trying to pull off a plan against both Iran and Romania which of course will not be good for Hungarian foreign affairs in matter of their relationships with both nations .
It also battles me to see that all those mails are directed to Iranian people and not any govt member which I found weird cuz If the intention was the first possibility , Why didn't they try to contact Iranian govt ? It seems a lot like manipulating Iranian people into forcing the govt to get to what they wish for .

I should say , I really hope this is just a "parties fight" in Hungary or just bunch of people against their govt wills . I feel like Hungarian govt needs to clarify all this by writing an article addressing all three countries involved .

As to explain about Romania and their plan . We had couple of meetings with them to talk about the plan and their and our interests . Romania is not doing anything against our will and both govts are trying to get to a plan in which both countries benefit and It has been mentioned that this plan is gonna work and happen if only and only all 3 included countries reach an agreement !

(Don't forget we need your help : )

Cheers and thanks for your time
Ministry of Magic ( ahem ahem , sorry foreign affairs xD )
Sorena !


Sor3naa Día 2,156, 12:43

Shout : [MoFA] : Hungary , Romania and Iran !

Gladiator H
Gladiator H Día 2,156, 12:45

fkre azizani ke english balad nistan ham bash 😐

Sor3naa Día 2,156, 12:45

Albus farsisho neveshte ! 🙂

Gladiator H
Gladiator H Día 2,156, 12:48

deghat nakardam ras migi 😃

mard irani
mard irani Día 2,156, 13:15

حرف گلادیاتور کاملا صحیح هست

M naz
M naz Día 2,156, 12:45

First denied 🙂
Shirni bede 🙂

Navid.Demon Día 2,156, 12:45


Valahian Día 2,156, 12:46

I think is just a troll tentative from Hungary
Hail Iran!

Mousavian Día 2,156, 12:47


Kia 70
Kia 70 Día 2,156, 13:03


Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Día 2,156, 13:03

Let's kick the Hungarian Pest first, and Buda afterwards 🙂
Fight for Ukraine against Hungary!
Thank you Turkish fighters, Iranian fighters and most of all Romanian fighters!

szeku Día 2,156, 13:54

nu, ty takoj umnyj, sto...

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Día 2,156, 13:59

Не сци, Ungvari fiú, будуть і у вас веселі дні. Ще трохи повпирайтесь проти України дикими ультиматумами щоб ми остаточно на протилежний бік перейшли.

szeku Día 2,156, 15:01

troski daleki vid mene Uzhorod.

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Día 2,157, 00:39

Murloc detected.

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Día 2,157, 03:50

szeku, varos?

szeku Día 2,157, 03:51

ugadaj 🙂

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Día 2,157, 08:18


Utat Día 2,156, 13:06


Amir GH
Amir GH Día 2,156, 13:19


wwindboy Día 2,156, 13:22


I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Día 2,156, 13:29


arash irani3
arash irani3 Día 2,156, 13:29


dandeey Día 2,156, 13:33

aval shayadam 16om ,
ki midoone????

Prince of Wallachia
Prince of Wallachia Día 2,156, 14:05


Romanian Liberator
Romanian Liberator Día 2,156, 14:22


JohnCV Día 2,156, 14:24

hungarian "scambags" 😁)

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Día 2,156, 14:44


Kaad Día 2,156, 15:29

Rebalance that game!

kerteszalex Día 2,158, 14:15


Albus Día 2,156, 15:41

We are looking forward for an article from Hungarian govt about the situation


JustNosfe Día 2,156, 15:45

mene hozo bitzicli!

The last awake KOALA
The last awake KOALA Día 2,156, 16:06

Peace Fucker (Ahem Ahem sorry Fighter)


HUpakolas kishuga Luci Ewing
HUpakolas kishuga Luci Ewing Día 2,156, 22:30

I was the Hungarian citizen writing those mails! I wrote it to 4 or 5 Iranian people on my friends' list and to a guy who asked about it in a pm. I didn't write to Iranian gov. because I don't know any of them.

Iranian friends! Your governments plans to sell your core lands to Romania! Hungarian government plans to give away our Russian colonies to Romania for free! Seems both of us are going to be betrayed by our governments!

I hope that the people of Iran and Hungary can rise up together against this shame! We will have four battles where we can stop these combined foirces of our governments and Romania:

1, Field of politics where we can get them cancel this agreement.
2, RW-s in Russia against Hungary
3, Direct battles Romania vs Russia
4, Direct battles Romania vs Iran

I can read in history books that once Iran and Hungary were poweful allies fighting against Romania. We both had colonies in North America and China (Hungary had Heliongjang, Iran had Liaoning; aka HelloKitty and LionKing) Maybe we can rise up together to greatness again? Or will we sell our regions to colonists? It's up to us!

I will keep informing Hungarian people on the situation and wish to stop this madness!

Yours: Luci from Hungary

Lord.jax Día 2,156, 22:43

r u drunk 😃

Valahian Día 2,157, 00:38

change your dealer bro

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Día 2,157, 00:42

change your dealer as soon as possible 😃:D he betrays you

Darkslowstar Día 2,157, 01:18

I dont know what you are smoking, but this shit is dangerous. you should change your dealer 😁

Persej Fyromski
Persej Fyromski Día 2,157, 12:57

I need the number to this dealer that is so much spoken off.

Tuzerjanos Día 2,158, 05:56

Minden román megfog egyszer halni,Luciám! o/

Lord.jax Día 2,156, 22:43


W.A.R.R.I.O.R Día 2,157, 00:01


4iran Día 2,157, 00:05


Slider Día 2,157, 00:53


Arrlo Día 2,157, 00:58

ho ho

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Día 2,157, 01:13

that was just a troll from a few citizens , this isnt so important 🙂


Hail Romania
Hail Hungary
Hail IRan

Hail BrotherHood

Lord of Alamut
Lord of Alamut Día 2,157, 01:22

viva iran mofa

droppecy Día 2,157, 02:11

I doubt there is any plot against any of our countries.. we have to maintain our relations and just mind our own business and about our government selling core lands to Romania come on shit doesn't make sense at all..
Its that simple: we share the same goals and enemies so lets just all be friends 🙂

Viva Iran
Viva Hungary
Viva Romania

Sor3naa Día 2,157, 08:13

Selling is not an option , we might rent but selling is not even possible in this game ! xD

droppecy Día 2,157, 12:32

Point made then, thank you 🙂
It's still great of you to keep everyone posted .. cheers 😃

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