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[JJ4POTUS]Hello, Mr. Vice-President

Día 1,830, 07:28 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por Sir LeatherNeck
“The man with the best job in the country is the vice-president. All he has to do is get up every morning and say, "How is the president?"” ~Will Rogers

Vice-Presidents in this game are often generally overlooked. Some of them carry a high workload, some are just around for vote grabbing or advisory work. They often don't get the respect they deserve, no matter what they did in the cabinet. The same rings true in real life. eRep mirroring RL? Say it ain't so.

When I started this search, I had a few criteria. First, they had to be popular over the grid of parties. Well respected by all. They had to have the ability to shrug off party lines, to unite the people. Second, they have to be a good sounding board for ideas. A presidency is nothing without flowing ideas being discussed concerning policy in all departments. I need to know that my guy will be there to give me competent opinions.

Lastly. Needs to be a friend. Someone that can be trusted with the reigns if something were to happen to me. Someone who knows his way around the landscape that can make decisions I would make. That is an insane amount of trust for a browser game.

So I give you...

John Largo as the next Vice-President. Both myself and John humbly ask for your vote in your upcoming party primaries. We agree on most everything, from bonus reductions to severing the AFA's grasp on the top 5. I have no doubt we will work in unison.

Only through Unity can we become stronger.


n0s3 Día 1,830, 07:31

JJ. \o/

beerman616 Día 1,830, 07:41

JJ for POTUS! Excellent choice of a VP!

Oblige Día 1,830, 07:45


Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Día 1,830, 07:52


Simulare Día 1,830, 07:57

We have a VP? hell, I kind of forgot we even had a president.

George Griffin
George Griffin Día 1,830, 09:37

Ohhhh hot dayumm!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Día 1,830, 09:38

You guys would do a wonderful job. Good luck!

emdoublegee Día 1,830, 10:26

Great choice for VP!

KOSOVA Batoa Día 1,830, 10:26

Nice duo o/

BugsBunnyz Día 1,830, 10:47

Alleyrat endorses John Jay for CP!

DW.Frost Día 1,830, 10:53

Great Choice JJ !! GL : )

Andy Dufresne
Andy Dufresne Día 1,830, 11:19

You have my vote

DMV3 Día 1,830, 11:25

Good luck guys

bigcdizzle Día 1,830, 11:54

Sound choice for VP. Good luck.

HannyaTR Día 1,830, 12:00

Great choice for V.P.

MazzyCat Día 1,830, 12:03

YAY!!!! Go JJ and JL! 😃

DokJon Día 1,830, 12:08

V for Double John

Mr.Cypriot Día 1,830, 12:20


John Largo
John Largo Día 1,830, 12:22

Only through Unity can we become stronger.

Unbias Día 1,830, 12:28

I think you may have my vote in the next election.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Día 1,830, 13:13



Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Día 1,830, 15:18


Candor Día 1,830, 16:21

More crappers and less crap in the Oval Office! John's for the Executive!

GloveisLove Día 1,830, 17:56

This has my seal of approval. Good luck gentlemen.

Unum Día 1,830, 18:01

You had me at hello.

Thedillpickl Día 1,830, 21:45

Only problem I see is at cabinet meetings when someone says, "So what do you think John?".

av khan
av khan Día 1,831, 01:20


Tsahi K
Tsahi K Día 1,831, 06:14


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Día 1,831, 12:09

After seeing the other candidates articles, I've decided today that I'm exhausted with bullshit and I'll be voting John Jay and John Largo.

They are honestly our best hope this month and I feel that they'll spend the time to try to make things better, instead of spending time trying to pull the wool over our eyes like we are idiots, as so many others are doing/have done.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Día 1,833, 22:59

good luck

Syz2 Día 1,834, 10:11

Voted! JJ + JL!

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Día 1,834, 14:19

Good Luck o/

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