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(eIndonesia Embassy) 72 hour in eBulgaria , I learn about Folklore music

Día 1,819, 21:00 Publicado en Bulgaria Indonesia por Wong Alus

There are interesting things in eRepublik .ERepublik like media where people around the world gathered. This game is not just to make us dream of being president, members of congress, or tanker .. But more than that, the game is able to introduce us to people other parts of the world where we can learn .. Culture , art, the history of a country or anything

It's been 72 hour , I become ambassador in eBulgaria . I've learned a lot here. one of which is Folkore music

Music is inseparable from Bulgarian people's daily life and festive activities. Songs have accompanied them both in their work and holiday celebrations, in times of trial, joy or sorrow. Paradoxically, a Bulgarian would sing when in sorrow. Songs were created to any occasion - traditional festival songs (Christmas, Easter, St. George’s Day, praying for rain, etc.); working seasons' songs (harvest season, grape-picking, haymaking, etc.); feast songs, dance songs, refrains, and many others. Regional variations are not strictly delineated, but certain typical characteristics have formed several musical dialects: North-Bulgarian, Dobroudjanian, Thracian, Shopi, of the Pirin Mountains area, of the Sredna Gora region, and Rhodopian.
The distinguishing features of the Bulgarian folk song can be traced along three lines.

It is chiefly HOMOPHONIC. Even when there are two singing parties (choir and choir, soloist and choir), whether they alternate, or one of the parties is leading and the other one follows, the song sounds single-voiced.

ts RHYTHM and VOCAL WEALTH are of a calibre described by the experts as ranging from fantastic richness to primitive monotony. This is achieved by means of diverse time combinations based on EXTENDED TIME. This technique makes Bulgarian folk song unique, while extended time is its distinguishing feature, which is non-existent in the rest of the European music. It is most expressively used in the Rhodopian songs.

Bulgarians have a preference for the recitative: this is how traditional and epic khaidouk songs are commonly performed. Declamation is melodious, orderly or ornamented, and the melody largely conforms to the lyrics: Christmas carols are cheerful and optimistic; khaidouk songs are wide and free; harvest songs are drawled; the songs of the gourbetchii (seasonal migrants making their living abroad or far from their home places), are drawn out and melancholic.

The style of the Bulgarian folk song is defined as hard owing to the performer's strong voice. Women's voices, though, are clear and silver-toned.

Over 70,000 folk songs have been collected at the Folklore Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. What is more, today the folk song tradition is as alive as ever.
In addition, folk music has quite a significant place in contemporary Bulgarian composers' works.
Bulgarian folk songs and performers are liked and praised in many places around the globe.
The Bulgarian folk music has had a strong impact on modern world music too and has been directly used in a good number of modern musical compositions.
The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices is known and valued world-wide.

Here you can hear some examples of the Bulgarian folklore:
- "Ako umra il zagina" - "If I die or perish"
- "Ripni, Kalinke" - "Stand up, Kalinka"

Thanks for Sasha Vladimirovna , Who had introduced me to the culture of bulgaria ..

Благодаря на всички, които ми помогнаха 🙂



Pengemis Utara
Pengemis Utara Día 1,819, 21:50


DontPanicPls Día 1,819, 22:07

Good job 🙂

NO CARRIER Día 1,819, 22:48


buba4ko Día 1,820, 23:30

Did you get familiar with chalga music ; )
May be the next time you will provide us with information about indonesia : )

Wong Alus
Wong Alus Día 1,820, 00:00

okay .. i do my best to information about indonesia culture

si petung
si petung Día 1,820, 00:04

post sasha's pic or no vote ; )

neo_Ryan Día 1,820, 00:05

voted from Indonesia

Valentin Krastev
Valentin Krastev Día 1,820, 00:25


I am surprised ... One of our best friends in eIndonesia became ambassador to Bulgaria ...

Great article, my friend. But tell us about your music. You can start with the anthem of our tour - Aku Anak Indonesia.


Taekov Día 1,820, 00:25

Good job! This is what makes ambassador's work interesting for the others. It would indeed be interesting to know something more about your culture as well.

Wildrunner Día 1,820, 00:38

would be great to show us something from indonesia

greetings o/

Nniikkoo Día 1,820, 00:43

Very well!

lioshi Día 1,820, 01:44

show us what u got :>

dia761 Día 1,820, 02:07


Jeunny Día 1,820, 03:06


Satria Akbar
Satria Akbar Día 1,820, 05:00

voted kk

bate bobby
bate bobby Día 1,820, 05:14


n0l0ve Día 1,820, 05:14


ULTRABOTEV Día 1,820, 05:49

"Ripni, Kalinke" - "Stand up, Kalinka"

"Ripni" means "jump" actually.

Renegade90 Día 1,820, 07:04


Corsemish Día 1,820, 07:29

listen this 🙂

Corsemish Día 1,820, 07:35

and this is my favorite track

FallenBG Día 1,820, 07:39


Mr yOdA
Mr yOdA Día 1,820, 08:34


LitoII Día 1,820, 09:08

Another great article, mate! Keep walkin' 😛

Mas que un club
Mas que un club Día 1,820, 09:23

10x mate. You are number 1.

I don't know if you know this, but on the Voyager spacecraft, which were launched in 1977 has Golden Record which contain one of the most beautiful Bulgarian folk songs - "Излел е Дельо хайдутин".

Here you can hear it:

Mantap Mentonk kBuLampeQ
Mantap Mentonk kBuLampeQ Día 1,820, 10:34


Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Día 1,820, 11:04


hanibalbg Día 1,820, 11:21



khantervel Día 1,820, 11:24

I hope you will like everything in Bulgaria

Eraclev Día 1,820, 11:45

Vote from president of eIndonesia

Enjoy in bulgaria, they have a good guy..
And learn everything there so when you back to eIndonesia you can become eIndonesian MoFA



etljo stnov
etljo stnov Día 1,820, 11:53


Bardokva Día 1,820, 12:46


DGPEVO Día 1,820, 13:03

Yes.Great job

bgalex Día 1,820, 13:15


Milenium3 Día 1,820, 14:25

Congrats for the labour but I'm a bit disappointed... It's clear that the text is not yours, I checked it and it's copied. That's ok because the text is specific. The problem is that you have so few own sentences and the most important one, the final, is wrong. You have written the first letter in the word "Bulgaria" with lowercase... Shame, really shame...

Wong Alus
Wong Alus Día 1,820, 14:47

Nobody likes., Some are not liked. That's life.🙂 obvious since I knew Bulgaria . I wanted to learn everything about bulgaria . 🙂

K R I L I N Día 1,820, 16:14

next year my brother gets married in Czech Republik... and i'll go to Bulgaria to meet you guys!

imambonjol393 Día 1,820, 17:26


WA mantabsss,,

Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Día 1,820, 21:33

kasih dangdut aja, iwak peyek, iwak peyeeeeeek .....

Jorgihnio III
Jorgihnio III Día 1,821, 23:22

o7 mate.

Share us something about Indonesia as well!

Wong Alus
Wong Alus Día 1,821, 23:26

okay , maybe tomorow 🙂

LooseMisery Día 1,821, 02:23

listen The Magic Of Bulgarian Music And Voices 😉

Giozo Día 1,821, 03:26

Awesome article. Refreshing and interesting.

skeletiste Día 1,821, 03:53

This is not all.. Listen Chalga
Emanuela- Rom pom pom ;p ; )

buba4ko Día 1,821, 10:06

хахаха, Милен4ето разбива : )

Psihar Día 1,821, 10:33


Pelgarian Día 1,821, 11:26

Chalga is full of shit!...🙂

Raymond Aubrac
Raymond Aubrac Día 1,821, 12:04

Good job

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