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[EDEN] Heroes fight like Greeks

Día 1,889, 06:51 Publicado en Greece Grecia por Greek Ministry of Health

Salutations House of EDEN,

After an impressive struggle against the strongest enemies in eRepublik, we proudly announce you that the country of Greece is back on the world map in its full glory. First of all we want to congratulate the Greek players on their well-deserved victories. They gave it all they’ve got and are now rewarded for their fortitude and efforts.

“Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks !” -Winston Churchill

But this is also a victory to share and celebrate together as a brotherhood. Together we stood there, fought side by side, with our EDEN brothers and allies. Together we proved that superior numbers do not equal superior tactics and cannot compete with the will to fight for the freedom of our brothers.

Although we trust that most of you will know and understand the importance of holding our grounds in Greece, we asked the Greek MoFA and our liaison in Greece to share with all of you how this war went down. Since this is their moment (as we are confident all of our members will one day have) we will now give them the stage.

Victoria aut Mors !

EDEN PR team

Χαιρετισμούς στην αδελφότητα της EDEN από την Ελλάδα !

The people of Greece have always adhered to the principle of brotherhood as a member of EDEN and assisted our allies as best we could during our peaceful times, and hail all allies we have beside us to this day. This day, that brings us great pride and victory over our shared enemies.

The War Chronicle
After months of enjoying peace and prosperity in the New World, FYROM and Bulgaria, along with leading members of TWO alliance drew plans to occupy Greece. An epic 2-on-1 struggle began, with the Greeks outnumbered but holding their ground to make enemy plans backfire. They managed to free all colonies controlled by the attackers and capture some of their original territories without losing a single region.

Then, the TWO alliance, seeing the inability of Bulgaria and FYROM to subdue Greece, came into play. Several Natural Enemy laws ensued by Serbia, Hungary and Poland, making Greece fight a 5-on-1 struggle (good odds for any Greek, yet even then numbers count). On the days that followed, several regions were lost in an attempt to delay the enemy and organize a better defence strategy against overwhelming numbers but to no avail.

Almost two months after the war began, Greece succumbed to superior numbers, thus starting a period of occupation by FYROM, Bulgaria and Serbia. Still, Greeks can never live enslaved. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Greece liberated region after region and NE’d FYROM. In the days that followed, Greece managed to liberate all core regions and started an invasion of FYROM’s original territories, bringing us to where we are today.

The war has been demanding, both on our supplies and our nerves. We’ve lived through a full range of emotions, from the sadness and disappointment of defeat to the joy and exultation of victory. We’ve seen allies come to fight beside us in important battles, and we’ve fought others alone. We’ve seen prios both favorable and unfavorable over the course of two months, and we’ve doubted the outcome of the war at times.

But we’re Greeks, and we know that the Gods help those who help themselves. We’ve done most of the hard work, and help has come through when we’ve needed it. Today we stand strong once again, with our original territories liberated. The greatest “thank you” MUST go out to our brothers, Turkey, who never left our side and who showed self-sacrifice, when necessary, to help us win crucial campaigns. We cannot neglect to thank the rest of the EDEN alliance for assisting in our victories, as well.

Hail Greece!
Hail Turkey!
Hail EDEN!
Victoria aut Mors!

eGreek MoFA Team
eGreek EDEN Liaison



Zeeuwsmeisje Día 1,889, 06:57

Victoria aut Mors!

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Día 1,889, 06:59


Ursidae Polar
Ursidae Polar Día 1,889, 07:00


Despot Tiranov
Despot Tiranov Día 1,889, 07:00

Victory on Mars!

The Hierophant V
The Hierophant V Día 1,889, 07:01


Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Día 1,889, 07:01


Dellodas Día 1,889, 07:03

Victoria aut Mors!

kushtrimzz Día 1,889, 07:03

Victoria aut Mors!

Iakobos L
Iakobos L Día 1,889, 07:03

We're back, we're here to stay!

Lord Vaako
Lord Vaako Día 1,889, 07:03

Hail Greece!
Hail Turkey!
Hail EDEN!
Victoria aut Mors!

Istanbul Día 1,937, 05:40

Vayt gaza geldim

Gepard007 Día 1,889, 07:03

Victoria aut Mors!

Demonaire Día 1,889, 07:03


Petrelaias13 Día 1,889, 07:04


Finishimm Día 1,889, 07:04


DrThanatos Día 1,889, 07:06


lef-7 Día 1,889, 07:07

Victoria aut Mors !

Congrats to every fighter of EDEN that helped in these epic battles!

Meitnerium 109
Meitnerium 109 Día 1,889, 07:07

Victoria aut Mors!

satlak Día 1,889, 07:09

Αυτος που το εγραψε η ειναι μεγαλο τρολ η εχει πολλα κιλα σκατα στο κεφαλι του.

Chivass Día 1,889, 07:13


Mr yOdA
Mr yOdA Día 1,889, 07:14


Top 5 fighters for Macedonia: 65 000 000 dmg
Top 5 fighters for Greece: 239 000 000 dmg

and 5 points for Macedonia 🙂

XENOFON knight of Bel Sten Día 1,889, 07:16

Comentario borrado

Meletis Día 1,889, 07:16

Hail Greece!
Hail Turkey!
Hail EDEN!
Victoria aut Mors!

johnias Día 1,889, 07:17

Hail Greece!
Hail Turkey!
Hail EDEN!
Victoria aut Mors!

SpiridonMitsos1908 Día 1,889, 07:18

Mr yOdA wrote wrong... you mean

Top 5 fighters for Fyrom: 65 000 000 dmg
Top 5 fighters for Greece: 239 000 000 dmg

and 5 points for Fyrom ''

thank you, and i forgive you for your mistake

Mr yOdA
Mr yOdA Día 1,889, 07:19

Do not rush to enjoy : )

The.Clairvoyant Día 1,889, 07:20

Borisov, learn Turkish and let us worry about our wars.

georgetam Día 1,889, 07:22


danis1982 Día 1,889, 07:22


xam xam
xam xam Día 1,889, 07:23

EDEN is dead

mdjole Día 1,889, 07:25


DrethGar Día 1,889, 07:27

Hail Greece!
Hail Turkey!
Hail EDEN!
Victoria aut Mors!

myrmid0nas Día 1,889, 07:28

Victoria aut Mors!

nimnul Día 1,889, 07:31

Congrats to Greece!

elbandido Día 1,889, 07:48

Hail Greece!


Doge N7
Doge N7 Día 1,889, 07:49

Be affraid TWO, EDEN is coming up

EleytheroSatanogria Día 1,889, 07:52


Vaggelisker Día 1,889, 07:59

Hail Greece!
Hail Turkey!

Apostolos6 Día 1,889, 07:59

Hail Greece
Hail Turkey
Hail Argentina
Hail Eden

theconqueror86 Día 1,889, 08:06


jorgejunior Día 1,889, 08:09

Wooowwww, what about me?? do i fight like a greek??!! hummm i don't think so!. Anyway, i've fought for the greeks yesterday and win a BH only with 25kills.

EDEN, please, put an eye on the portuguese people and don't forget about us!

Hail Portugal!

la fayette 91
la fayette 91 Día 1,889, 08:18

HAIL EDEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wildrunner Día 1,889, 08:18

I say Macedonia, when is the party, Iaswn? : )

invaluable Día 1,889, 08:21

Victory on Mars!

epssia Día 1,889, 08:23

Victory on Mars!

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Día 1,889, 08:23

EDEN ???
Is this aliance still existing ... damn they got 5 countryes with out congress and its still existing ?

Davorsk8 Día 1,889, 08:23


3a 6upaTa Te yTenax
3a 6upaTa Te yTenax Día 1,889, 08:27

Victory on Mars!

Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Día 1,889, 08:31

EDENosaurus is dead

susususk Día 1,889, 08:36

Macedonia > Former republik of "gimmiii some euro plzzzz" nation

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